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735 6th May 2022. Adding your energy into your garden – Babies being born and their energy

In this meditation Geoff (G) and Sharon (S) are shown scenarios to sense. Geoff either talks via “Instant understanding” or one of the Guides/Teachers takes over and talks through him

I have a long indoor green house and it’s very long, a few hundred meters, and I’m walking down the center and either side there is bush. And the bush, although it’s cut square, seems to have tomatoes. So it’s a very uniform way of making tomatoes. And it goes on for a long, long distance.

Now, in a way, this will work the same way. The person who is growing the tomatoes, supposing they have a real passion for growing them and they grow the most perfect tomatoes. Then the offshoots from all of those will be that perfect DNA or perfect strain if you like. Whereas if it’s just a commercial industry where there are lots of staff and they’re just growing tomatoes and so on, obviously the tomatoes don’t feel that amount of energy.

S: Mmmm.

Spirit: And they won’t produce such a big yield. They certainly won’t taste as good, and it’ll be just the opposite.

S: So when they say everything’s energy, everything is literally energy and everything else is thriving off the energy. That is the energy.

Spirit: Absolutely.

S: And holy shit. Lol.

Spirit: Everything is energy flow more than anybody realizes.

S: Yes.

Spirit: The whole universe is put together just through energy.

S: Vibrational energy.

Spirit: Absolutely. Now you can imagine how many different energies there are. How do they are all interlinked with each other?

S: Yoh. But I can see it. It’s just flipping… Everything is live wires.

Spirit: Yes, it is. Yes. And all these live wires, the energy changes as people evolve and grow and experience.

And you’ve got them in all different dimension, all different planets

S: It’s like vibrational lights, just lights, interacting and moving and just responding and reacting, and building up and attracting and…

Spirit: Good, now let’s look at a human being born. So let’s say the world is complete energy from one end to the other, and you’re going to drop into this huge bowl of churning energy.

One human being. And the human being arrives and in the midst of all of this energy. The first thing it picks up, as you know, is the energy from the plants around it. For some reason it’s shielded from all energy close by, and when you think about it, it will be protected by the parents because they’ve now got this beautiful child which has just been born, which they love to the extreme and their energy protects, envelopes this child. And doesn’t allow external energies to get in. And as you grow, as a parent, as you know very well, you protect your child from outside influences, you try to add in your own influences, which are of course much stronger than outside in most cases. Sometimes they do get addicted to whatever it might be, but you can understand that.

But in general, you protect them. So now you see all these new souls entering into Earth, and this huge pool of energy, and you see that some are being brought up perfectly. Some just the opposite and some in the middle. So again, you have positive, negative and the balance.

S: Yes

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