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737 8th May 2022 Understanding energies in Ukraine war.

In this meditation Geoff (G) and Sharon (S) are shown scenarios to sense. Geoff either talks via “Instant understanding” or one of the Guides/Teachers takes over and talks through him.

G: I think, let’s go to our peace center. There’s somebody on the other side, other side of the river, and it’s not Mom, it seems to be something a bit different. It just looks like an entity in three pieces, gray, brown and black. Just like a cocoon shape, standing upright. There are three colors. I have no idea what it is.

So, let’s go across and have a look. I don’t know if this is right, but it seems to be three different types of emotions. Black is fear, gray is hostility, and brown is where everybody’s doing the same thing, so you just follow on. What would that be called? Suppression? Maybe dominance, dictatorship? Conforming to society.

S: Yes, conforming.

G: Okay. Fear is easy to understand. Hostility, that’s easy. Then you get this third one where, it seems to be where, like at the moment, everybody’s flowing in the same direction because you know, you hear of a disaster in another country that’s over there. You don’t worry about it; you’re just carrying on in your own particular world.

S: Yeah.

G: So it’s not actually doing what you should be doing. I’m trying to see how these three would fit together. How we would use them if we would.

Okay. If we take a situation where there’s a war, for example, all three would be in a war, like Ukraine, at the moment. You’ve got hostility, you’ve got fear.

S: Yeah.

G: And you’ve got this third one, which is, it’s very difficult to describe. It’s like a group energy defending, that’s another way to put it. Or all the leftover people in one particular group. Okay. So you’ve got three groups. You’ve got the groups that have fear, the groups that are hostile. So they would be the Ukrainian soldiers, as an example.

And then you’ve got all the rest of the people, who are either of those. Okay. That would fit.

S: Yeah, I was going to say, people are going to have to slot into one of them. One or the other.

G: Yes, you’re right.

S: But you won’t have anyone being none of them.

G: No, you won’t. So, if we go over there now, supposing we sought of stand in the middle of Ukraine where there’s no fighting going on, but everybody around you is… okay, this is different than I thought. Fear. I first of all assumed the Russian soldiers attacking Ukraine and so on, in Ukrainian and so on, the public would be fearful.


And then the opposite with hostility going in the opposite direction. But the fear is not there on the front line. The fear is throughout the country. So the fear is a group energy. So these are all mass energies. So, now we can understand the first two. The third one would be people who haven’t made up their mind, they’re either afraid of the soldiers or they are hostile against them.

S: or they don’t know what to do.

G: So first, I can understand you not wanting to be hostile. But not wanting to be afraid or falling in the afraid category, fear category.

So if you’re fighting a war, you want to dominate the people. You dominate them with fear.

That’s all there really is, isn’t it? Fear and domination. If you are defending, you have the hostility that’s attacking the fear. And you’ve got the rest of the group, the rest of the country, fearful. We missing something?

They are going to tell us we need the white energy from the ocean in a minute. (Last night’s meditation)

S: Yeah lol. Is that just not everybody, just the general population?

G: I sort of fits the general population, doesn’t it? I mean if you think if we were now in the middle of, let’s just take it, we’re in Bloemfontein and the Russians are attacking Cape Town and Durban.

S: Yeah.

G: You’d feel afraid they’re going to eventually get there.

S: Yeah. There’s a dose of fear.

G: Others are dead already. So you could be very fearful.

S: Yeah.

G: So let’s just relook at the three. Fear is if you’re on the front line being attacked, you’ve got fear, and then you’ve got a different fear of being in Bloemfontein, where Russians are attacking the borders, then you’ve got hostility. Hostility would be attacking the Russians. And it’s the Russians that are hostile, creating fear.

Okay. Fear is a negative energy.

S: Yeah.

G: But what’s going to happen if the Russians attack? And they start murdering all the people, etc. They’re becoming very hostile, etc. What happens to all the people there? What are the people going to do? Are they going to cower and run away? Or are they going to eventually lose it and attack the Russians?

So that fear, if we magnify that fear, it would become a very strong energy. That they would then want to attack the Russians.

S: So are both the energies just, not just linked by the brown? Connected by the brown. Like one is connected to the other. One creates the other. One feeds the other. Fear, hostility, hostility, fear.

G: Possibly. Also we always look at three, positive, negative and balance.

S: Yes

G: So if we go… Fear would be the negative. Hostile, would that be positive? Because you’ve got two types of fear. You’ve got the attacking fear, then you’ve got the overall fear.

S: Yeah.

G: So maybe that’s the black and the brown. And the gray is hostile. Hmm.

S: Yeah. Because the one fear is not reality based, meaning they are not under threat right now, but, they’re fearful of it. So it’s not in their reality right now. It’s not in their face.

G: Yeah.

S: Fear for others that are going through the fear, it’s in their face. Then you’ve got the guys fighting who are fighting with a complete amount of fear because will I even live, whatever. So there’s lots of different fears.

G: And the fear that the guys are fighting with, makes them hostile.

S: Yes.

G: Because they have to fight. So they become hostile.

S: Yeah.

G: Okay. Imagine if we’re in the middle of this war right now and we’re, as spirit overseeing the whole thing and seeing all these groups of energies, what would we do to try and pacify the war?

We know we can create energies. So what energy would we create? You know the answer.

S: There was a blanket of a color.

G: Yeah, lol.

S: Blanket the area.

G: Okay. What happens to negativity? Into the rivers, down into the sea.

S: Yeah.

G: Now we want a huge amount of energy to come out of the sea, to blanket Ukraine.

S: Yep.

G: What color would that be? Lol.

S: White, lol.

G: Good God.

S: Uh, that’s so funny.

G: Yeah. That would fit.

S: Yeah.

G: I’ve got somebody doing a little rain dance here.

S: Lol.

G: That’s very interesting.

Okay, let’s just go down a bit closer to, let’s go down to a town where there’s, it’s under attack. There is some war. And just get the general feeling of people there. Because you’re bound to have an immense amount of fear there.

And the fear will all link up. Where you’ve got a town, for example, that’s being bombarded by the Russians for a couple of weeks. And everybody there is fearful. They create this fearful energy.

S:Mm-hmm. It builds up.

G: And it all builds up into one big, strong amount of energy. And that will, should result in hostility, shouldn’t it?

S: Yeah.

G: So, eventually they’re going to say, fuck it we’ve had enough. Now we have got to go and sort something out. Mmmm. Okay.

Now if we look at another town, where there is, let’s say it’s right in the middle of Ukraine where the Russians haven’t reached yet, but they’re fearful that the Russians will get there eventually. Let’s go down there and see what energy is being created there.

It starts to create this fear energy, but it doesn’t get to the enormous stage of where it turns into hostility.

S: Yeah.

G: It’s just the general fear.

S: Apprehension.

G: Yeah. And that’s just slowly going to sort of get worse and worse.

S: But it’s building up. So, if they were to get there, the hostility could occur faster?

G: Yes.

S: Because it will have built up to such a huge amount of energy.

G: Makes sense. Yeah, there are bound to be groups, like us already working there. That have been around for a lot longer than we have?

So, let’s just see if we can see anything.

Okay. I can see, sort of an overall picture. So, you’ve got various spirits looking down on this Ukraine. You’ve got, I can see various pathways going throughout Ukraine. Different color pathways and different colors, bringing different energies to do different things. Now Spirit can’t work direct, they’ve got to go through people like us. And when they go through somebody like us, what happens is we just say to them, you can use any energy, colors you want, just go ahead and do your thing. So, that’s not a problem. They can work that way, but only, they can work more on… I was going to say, they can only work on limited areas. But it’s not true, if they work through you, for example, where you can cover a blanket area simply by thought and they can do exactly the same thing. So what they’re saying is, yes, that is all possible. We can use that when we need to sort of gate keep, to keep a lid on things, to keep a correct balance, etc.

But you’ve got to know that these are all lessons within lessons and people need to learn and, the people need to learn, and the, the governments, the countries, everybody else has to learn as well. So it’s all these lessons going on at the same. So we have to let so much, anger come out, so many atrocities, so that they won’t be.., so that they won’t happen again.

S: Yeah.

Spirit: So the people can be brought to book and so on. So it’s a bit of a juggling process, but what you’ve got is a lot of spirit, which are on a higher level than the people on the ground at the moment, and they’re able to control it much more because they have far more intellect, experience and so on. So for them, it’s not too difficult. For what we see on the ground, where we see, you know, mass murderers and bombings and missile attacks and all sorts of atrocities.

They’re only part of the atrocities that go on every single day all over this earth. It’s just that they’re now, being brought to light in Ukraine to emphasize what is going on there.

S: Yeah.

Spirit: But like we were looking at the other day, at South Yemen, where atrocities, far worse, go on every day. It’s just mass graves and murders and genocide and so on.

S: mm-hmm.

Spirit: So, where it’s deemed to be necessary, to create an understanding, a lesson and a balance at the end of it.

S: Yeah.

Spirit: We will only try and allow so much to be let out or acknowledged by the media. So they can print, publish, and get it out to the people. So it’s very much a juggling act.

S: mm-hmm.

Spirit: Of keeping everything where it should be.

S: Yeah, I was about to say, that we can’t mess with the war, you know, with energies and things. But we can provide energy for what’s required or needed.

Spirit: Yeah. And the energy goes to, basically the people who are thinking the right way.

S: Yeah.

Spirit: When somebody turns to think the right way, it’s permissible, acceptable to give them more energy to get to go in that direction faster because you need to make all these positive changes to be able to evolve.

S: Yeah.

Spirit: So it’s just a matter of time period it takes to evolve. So it’s quite acceptable to do that, it sets them in the right direction.

Spirit: Now, looking just above the whole country. And again, this is all symbolic. I can see a very nice, warm area, just above, which is where people cross over. And of course when people cross over on the other side, it’s quite comfortable, everybody’s happy and so on. So the people who cross over, they’re quite okay.

It’s the people on the ground that are missing, the people that have crossed over. That’s where the grief and so on, lies.

S: And the anger.

Spirit: Grief creates anger, creates hostility. Mm.

G: The problem with the war, is there must be a conclusion and unless there’s a conclusion, where both sides are happy with it, you’ll always have one party which is dominated. And that anger will never go away.

S: Yeah.

Spirit: That is the problem with wars these days.

S: And it builds up energy.

Spirit: Yeah. New generations do change things. The prime example of that is Germany, where 80 years ago, they believed in dominating the world.

S: Yeah.

Spirit: These days you’ve got a totally new generation. They have a much greater understanding. But then similar things are happening in different countries. Russia again, being a very good example.

Sigh, so the whole world needs good. A good sort out

G: I think why they showed us this tonight is because, with the change, a lot of this is going to be happening. And it’s not going to be little bits and pieces, it’s going to be in all countries, changing their minds, getting wiped out, becoming positive instead of negative, all sorts of things. I mean, half the world now at the moment is in turmoil of war. And all that is going to suddenly change, to start going in a better direction.

S: Mm-hmm.

G: There’s someone here saying, you mustn’t worry about time. On the other side, let’s just say they’re 10 times smarter than we are here. So they think a lot quicker and of course time, when they think through thought, there’s no verbalization, so time moves much faster. So the days go much quicker. They get through far more work and so on, or to put it that way, than we would in one of our 24 hours.

And when they say, okay, we’ll come and finish this tomorrow or the next day or whatever, it can be a week, a month, or year. It doesn’t make any difference because over their all-time is now. And they try and keep it as close as possible, but for them it’s not too serious.


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