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738 9th May 2022 Giving us a week off to let go of past and get healthy

S: So as I close my eyes and I see lots of high up energy, so I’m like what’s that all about, so I start moving my head, and I move my head faster and as I start moving my head, everything starts moving.

G: Keep going.

S: Everything is just energy. Your knee and your body are just energy. So we need to focus on moving. Both of us. I need to do my yoga; I need to exercise. We need to walk the dogs. We need to move. Not just you.

G: yeah, it doesn’t take much 20 minutes’ walk, 3 days a week.

S: Yep, and it’s all gone.

G: Okay, we aren’t getting anything tonight because of my snotty nose. What they are saying is that we have been through a lot and we’ve been holding things in etc. It’s far easier for them to talk to somebody who is fit and healthy and so on. It’s much easier to send energy through them, connect to them and all sorts of things. And at the moment, we are not in the best condition. Especially me, and it’s because we have been holding everything in. And you’ve been holding everything in and keeping it to yourself as well. And once we let go, which we are doing, is just letting another piece of the puzzle go. And now we are sort of free to do our own thing. And so our bodies are unwinding and you are going to get all this crap coming out of your system for a few days. And what you have to do is take your time, get rid of it. It’s an ideal time and opportunity before you start the business. Don’t worry about the money side, that’s all handled. just take a week to yourself. Just get over all of this, hand over everything you need to. Take a break. Get comfortable. Get healthy again. And then you will be able to move an awful lot faster than what you do. You will be a lot more comfortable. You will have the energy to go out and exercise and do all the things more often. Which is exactly what’s needed. So, those are your instructions.

S: Yes sir.

G: Ah, it seems to be a Mam.

S: Oops, sorry, yes, Mam. My apologies.

G: Lol. They are showing me 3 or 4 long pieces of wood. Thin pieces of wood, about as thin as your wrist. And on top of this, the opposite way, is like a tree trunk. And we are trying to lever this tree trunk off these 3 spindly branches of wood. And they say ‘it’s not too difficult, it just looks worse than its is’. Don’t worry about it. What we must stop is bringing in the past, where we believe things won’t work and the badness etc. get rid of all of that. Your new life is starting. And as you have seen in the past few months as we have said the money will be okay and it has been. And when things have come right, because you have been guided. You go through these particular things, your experiences. We want to get you in fit condition. So that when you start work you can do it very comfortably and it will just get better and better. And it will be a natural progression to improve all your skills at the same time, remaining healthy. And you will have enough exercise, enjoyment in the outdoors to do, so you will have no problem there. And that’s all I have to say.

Thank you and goodnight.

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