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739 12th May 2022 Spirit Children and how they function

In this meditation Geoff (G) and Sharon (S) are shown scenarios to sense. Geoff either talks via “Instant understanding” or one of the Guides/Teachers takes over and talks through him.

 S: I got this this morning…. I’m downstairs with the dogs and I get how a baby is born. It’s not a good baby or a bad baby. A baby’s just born, which is how we are. That’s who we are. So to start, to explain to people you’re not born bad or wrong, or evil or whatever. You’re just born. So it’s the thoughts, feelings, emotions, the upbringing, the beliefs, the systems, the everything that make you bad, wrong, good, evil, whatever. And then you label it as bad, wrong, good, evil, whatever. But it was just like this whole realization, if people just had to realize, look at everyone as a baby kind of thing.

G: You’re right, and people educate according to their experience and their beliefs.

S: Yeah, absolutely.

G: And that what changes all the time and that’s what creates evolution. There are circumstances where for example, that person will be a drug addict but had a good life as a baby, but that is chosen lessons.

S: Yes, that is choice. Even when I went into writing my children’s books and stuff or meditations, whereas, you are a perfect being, whatever, even if, even if you aren’t perfect. We are all here to teach each other to learn something. So if you are imperfect, you are the most beautiful gift to others. And to yourself..

And I just got…I get all this information. I’ve got to… I think I’ll just record it. I’ll keep my phone on me.

I’ve forgotten where we were.  I’m so open to it. Just…

G: Children growing and developing.

S: Yeah, developing. There are going to be those that have got something wrong with them.. And that’s okay because they are teaching other people non-judgment and they’re also teaching themselves to receive no matter what. There’s no wrongness in them.

That’s just how they’re you know, if a flower blooms and then one gets like this, there’s no wrongness in it. You don’t say, oh my God, look how ugly that flower is. You know, the flower, the other petals don’t go like, Ooh, argh.

G: It’s the way we see it,

S: It’s the way you perceive it.

G: If you saw cripples as being ugly.

S: Exactly.

G: How the Romans saw Christians as being slaves.

S: And there’s some people that can’t even look at someone that’s in a wheelchair in the eyes.

G: Yeah.

S: Majority of people will not look them in the eyes.

G: Remember that thing I wrote about Sherri’s little girl?

S: Yeah.

G: Button. Remember that?

S: Yeah.

G: Wheels up and the wellies. Now, that’s the sort of story you could write for kids. Because I know, you know, the baby communicates, no the spiritual body and the physical, the soul goes into the womb backwards and forwards for the first few months.

Yeah, that was a great conversation. You’ve just got to tune in and you’ll be able to talk to other babies.

S: Yeah,

G: We’ve done a couple of other meditations where the kids have been down, when babies have been born, and also how spirit kids oversee us, helping young kids. We got a few of them.

S: And we got that I would work with Mothers and children. It was a closed book at the time. Excuse the pun. But I think it might be once I’ve done a little, a few of those.

G: Well, if you think what you’ve just done in the past three months, look at the next few years and it’s going to be unreal.

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