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740 12th May 2022 Children create their own playground to observe at their level. 

In this meditation Geoff (G) and Sharon (S) are shown scenarios to sense. Geoff either talks via “Instant understanding” or one of the Guides/Teachers takes over and talks through him.

G: Oh, we got someone here, which is nice. 

S: The energy feels clearer tonight, than ever before.

G: Right, I have dimly lit streets. It’s like, I don’t know, a hundred years or a couple of centuries ago. The streets are like back alleys, so they’re only really maybe six or eight feet wide. And the houses are sort of joined together, either side. There’s no gaps in between.

S: It must be England. Lol.

G: Yeah. It looks like it. And you can go down one and it’s a dead end, and then you turn right, it’s a similar sort of thing. It’s a bit like when you have car chases. There’s a reason we’re here.

We were talking about children, and it’s full of children. And they are in all the buildings. That of course doesn’t make any sense, but hopefully it will in a minute.

Okay, let’s go into a building and these are all spirit kids.

They were listening to us saying just now that we’ve done meditations where they’ve watched what we’ve done, etc. And this is one of the things that they’ve created in their world. When they’re at the age they’re at, this seems to be between sort of, I don’t know, 5 and 10.

Spirit: First of all, they don’t need that much looking after. It’s not like letting a five-year-old wander around the streets on the planet. Up there, it’s totally different, so they’re allowed to do that. Because the main spirits can see what they’re doing, but they’re allowed to experience different things.

What they’ve done is they’ve experienced certain things on Earth, before they passed over for various reasons. And now some of them are continuing their growth as a child. To finish what they were doing, the lessons they learned in spirit. And the others decided to stay on a bit longer, to learn more from past, past experiences of others.

And what they’ve done is they’ve seen a lot of different things and they; they know that they’re not allowed to be in the big world. So what they do is they create these back streets with houses and what it does is it overlooks, it looks like Broadway, you know, so a main street with lots of taxis going backwards and forwards and lots of action.

And they can watch the world go past, they can watch things happening in the world and they can watch the big world. They’re not allowed to go out there now. This is what they’ve created to, to play in if you like, but at the same time, they’re getting experience of seeing how things operate, what grownups do, because when you’re only 3, 4, 5, 6 years old, you see things from a totally different perspective. First of all, you are very small, so you are looking up at people all the time. And you’re only shown what’s in your, what they think is good for you, what is in your local environment. You know, just your house, your garden, maybe going to the mall and that’s about it.

But you don’t get to see all the other things there because that’s not for children. So you only experience a little bit which is what your parents and people want to show you. And the kids are very curious when they come across. They want to see what other things happen and what they experience when they start to grow up, what extra things they can see.

So, we’ve allowed them to create this little city for themselves. This little like, block of flats in the middle of New York. Lol. So they can see, and a lot of them have seen television and, a lot of course haven’t, but the ones that have seen television, have seen different characters. And these are totally different to, to reality. And they’ve got to understand that these are television characters and so on, but you can’t really explain that to a five-year-old. So what we do is we just let them see all different things and as they grow, whether it be going back to earth, growing again, or continue to grow on our side, they will start to understand these things more and more.

So for them, it’s just adventure, it’s just playtime. And of course they absolutely love it.

S: Yeah.

Spirit: And what they love as well, is when people like you come to visit, which is not too often, but when they, they can see you, they can understand what is being said backwards and forwards, but only at their level.

S: Level. Yeah.

Spirit: Yeah. So, lovely kids. And of course they are just changing all the time, backwards and forwards, backwards and forwards.

S: Busy

Spirit: Yeah. They are also saying it’s not just New York. There’s lots of other places. They’ve created all these different places themselves, because as they create, it stays there until nobody uses it again.

It’s like kids all enjoy going to one playground, and as they lose interest in that playground, it just gets overgrown with grass. And it’s the same thing here, just disappears. And as people think of it again, it simply reappears. And of course it’s quite easy to store stuff there, because there is no storage space needed because it’s in everybody’s mind.

So we don’t have a problem there. Also much easier to look after a group of kids when they’re, all of them are right in front of you and you can contact right away. I mean, immediately they’re all in touch. There are no vast distances. It doesn’t matter what city they’re in or what city their imagination is in, there is no distance. It’s all directly in front of us and all under our control. Very simple.

S: Shew. And then all the energies unite and combine and that’s great.

Spirit: Yes. There’s a lot more to energies, which you will learn a little bit later, especially you were saying, you’ll be dealing with mothers and children and so on, which is quite right.

But there are a lot more energies which you haven’t touched on yet, such as, as an example, a love between a mother and children. And that has a whole variety of different levels, which you can love on, depending on the experiences that the mother has had and whatever the child has had and how the child responds.

So those we haven’t looked at yet, but that’s not important.

Let’s see what is next


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