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742 13 May 2022 Different strengths of energies, defensive energy, animal energy.

In this meditation Geoff (G) and Sharon (S) are shown scenarios to sense. Geoff either talks via “Instant understanding” or one of the Guides/Teachers takes over and talks through him.

G: You know, what they were going to talk about earlier on, was the strength of Energies. So, as a mother, if somebody attacks Aiden, you get this huge amount of energy from somewhere. We know it’s an adrenalin rush, etc. So if somebody attacks Aiden, you get this immediate adrenaline rush, and it’s your defensive energy that you create.

S: Yeah.

G: And it can be absolutely massive. And so, in a lot of circumstances, the normal energy that we’ve been talking about, can be increased dramatically. So, if you take a, another example, if somebody attacks their pets, same sort of thing, you have this huge defensive mechanism.

It can also be as a group where you get atrocities committed. So everybody is probably incensed and they create a group energy and that group energy becomes much stronger than normal… Wars, religions, quite a few different things.

S: And nature the same?

G: Animals can sense things coming, and I know with earthquakes, they can sense it through the ground. Where they start to move out of the area.

S: I know, I just see with the dogs, if Aidan and I start raising our vibes, energy, raising our voices, the dogs leave the room or Bruno comes between us. Bailey will leave the room. She doesn’t like it. They can sense, that’s obvious sensing. But they sense tsunamis. They’re the ones up in the mountains, when the people are drowning.

G: Yeah, that’s right. Sense that very well. I’m just thinking about the sensing of, fish, you know, whales for example, travel several thousand miles to a certain area to feed at certain time of the year and Manta rays I know, will all go to Mexico for breeding once a year. Eels go Sargasso Island, and they all have these… I mean, these senses are passed down from one generation to the next, but they must change as the earth evolves. So their senses must change.

S: Yeah, they would surely adapt to changes.

G: Yeah. I think they have more ability in senses than we’ve actually seen at the moment. I mean, if you take, for instance, birds flying to Siberia from here, like the swallows do. That could be in their DNA to begin with. We worked that out, but then it changes as maybe an ice age change, et cetera. They have to go elsewhere as nature makes some change.

S: Well, okay, so think of the swallows. When the airport was built, the swallows just found another home, so they just adapt and change.

G: Yeah, they will. 

S: So, nature adapts, probably a lot easier than we do.

G: Yeah. They haven’t got so much to deal with, but what I find amazing is this flying 10,000 miles to somewhere else.

S: Yeah.

G: I mean, butterflies fly from Canada right down to Mexico once a year.

S: That’s insane.

G: That’s an enormous distance. So all that is built into, the whole Eco structure, how the world works and everything fits together. It’s quite amazing.

G: Now they are actually showing me why it’s, more difficult to connect. What I said earlier on was, you know, I’ve had a few beers and maybe it’s not a good idea, but also I’m getting over flu. My nose is a bit blocked, etc? And a few odds and ends. And they’re saying it, it’s much easier to connect, when you are in sort of physically good condition, but also mentally balanced. Because then it’s very easy to slot in because that slot is normal. It’s sort of perfection and when it’s not correct, it’s skewed. So you have to adjust. So it takes a bit more time.

S: Okay.

G: It can be done. But basically, the cleaner it is, the easier it is to get in and just start communicating. Obviously, those who do it on a regular basis. Well, that becomes the, the entry point.

S: Yeah.

G: Becomes very simple to get into, from both sides, from the people coming in and from the acceptance of the person.

One thing I’ve asked them is to get some information on these weird and wonderful things that we’re finding in spiritual groups, the Arcturians and the Pleiadeans and all those sorts of things. I’ve heard nothing about those in the last 40 years. Maybe they can just fill in a few gaps for us. That would be nice.

But also what’s interesting is people that have crossed over, for instance, mom, dad, our friends that have crossed over, they don’t sort of come and chat on a regular basis.

S: Yeah.

G: Which I thought would happen, especially my mother. So, maybe find out the reason for that. Now what I can see sort of in front of me, they are sort of just showing me very quickly, is like an expansion if I look forward. And then it becomes a huge funnel going outwards into the, into space, if you like, into billions and billions and billions of different possibilities. And that’s where they all are. So, they are saying, although the connection is there, and this is important for us to..

S: Understand,

G: Yeah. For us to learn something from it, where if it’s a very strong connection, like we have with Mom.

S: Yeah.

G: There is little point. It’s more of a, what’s the word, an enjoyment from, from our side to talk to some of these people.


You know, there are lots of people on the other side that can talk. So, why would we choose those? Also they’re saying that if somebody came through that we knew and gave us a message, which is a bit farfetched, maybe that message would be more acceptable if somebody that we didn’t know, came and give it, gave us that message. So, that’s something else to think about.

S: She was with us a lot in the beginning.

G: Who are you saying? Mom? Yeah. No, Mom is always with us. And she puts a lot of these people forward. She’s always in the background. Because she’s definitely working with us in the future, there’s no if’s or but’s there. But of course, the reason she doesn’t come forward so much is like last night she came forward a bit too quickly and it’s, you start to feel that, you know, I’m missing her, etc.

S: Yes.

G: She can control that very nicely. So, we have no problem there.

Now there is of course, lessons within lessons and what we chose in this life. I’m talking about you, me, mom, and maybe some others. It’s not just a matter of coming to Earth and learning one particular lesson going back yet it links in with all the other lessons that people are learning and like mom has gone back before us and so on.

We started before you did. And so, it’s all these lessons within lessons, they’re all linked up and that’s why mom is working with us.  Because that sort of pre-planned of as what would happen.

S: Yeah,

G: I’m pretty sure about that now because you know, when I was working with Mom early on, it, there wasn’t a case of, you know, she’s going to go across earlier.

It was all when she was 86 or so on. But then again, they cannot tell us that. And if they did tell me that, I couldn’t tell mom that.

S: Yeah,

G: Because that sits in your mind, I’m going to live till 86, et cetera.

S: Yeah.

G: So it’s something you just say to pass a goal, to suit the mood at the time, I suppose. Yeah. You don’t want to know when you are going die, or when you are going to crossover.

S: Mm-hmm.

G: Because you know it’s always looking back on things that you’ve been told that you can, you fit things together and say, yeah, that really did happen.




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