Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

744   14 May 2022 Sharon and Geoff only – family time

G: Right, let’s see what we get tonight.  Mmmm, I’ve got my mother here and she is looking very serious.

She says following from yesterday, the more perfect your body is, the easier it is to communicate and use different energies and so on.

Now, my mother’s still here. Not sure what she wants.  I’ve always seen her as green, always a smiling face, so the image that I remember. Today is different, she’s covered in blue, and it’s a royal blue. And she’s dressed more like the queen, more serious. More fashionable. So, why? Dads in the background too.

Okay, everything as you know is lessons within lessons and when you choose to come down, you choose guide to go with you. In this case, it was sort of another step. Although we’ve got granny as the main person on the other side at the moment, basically above ground, you’ve got Mom. And Mom is working on a higher level.

So, when we all decided to come down, it was – that’s the way it’s going to end up. So what’s going to happen now, is we’ve got Mom, showing us around, helping us with this that and the other. Then as we advance to the next level, we’ve got my mom up there, and other people, and so on. Now, that is the reason she is showing herself as more businesslike than Mom like.


S: Ah yes.


G: She says, yeah, you’ve got that right.


Now, there’s two different things I see. They are obviously showing me this for a reason. I’ve got my Mom in the background, very stern, severe, although loving, giving etc. Very old fashioned in a way of thinking, you know obviously when she was here, she didn’t like swearing and rude things, etc. It just wasn’t done.  So she was very prudish in that particular way. And that’s the way she’s been learning and growing and so on. And then you turn to Blondes and you’ve got this excited puppy zipping around all over the place, doing all sorts of things, with a big smile, having lots of fun. And she is saying that there’s a difference. You have to learn from all sorts of different people. And you can’t really have a professor at university going around like an excited puppy. Lol. But you’ve got to have, it’s the way people see it and so on.


S: Yeah.


G: So, what she is saying is she loves what mom does. It’s actually brilliant, because what she’s doing is she’s working with people. And people change and people, just putting emotions into people, changing their way of thinking and so on. Whereas my mom is working more on the efficient automated educated side of it. Not the emotional people side. So that’s the two differences. Now you can find they work well together, but they are basically on two different platforms. And blondes over here is just so happy doing her thing, into everything, theirs far, far more than we can actually imagine, that she is doing at the moment, simply because she can. Once we get through, enjoy mom’s level, etc. then we can go up a notch and so on. So that’s the reason, interesting.


Now, Dad is still there as well. And he’s still, now is he still an energy source because that wouldn’t make too much sense. No, she is just saying that, yes, he is here, we’re both still here. What he does is, it’s also sort of mechanical. It is, he is keeping things in place. And it’s very, not simple things. It’s very high connections of… and they say you’ve seen how much energy is used and all the different types of energies and the different ways it is used every day in millions of different places. And somebody has to sort of control parts of that. That’s the sort of level he’s at, doing that sort of stuff. Just sorting out all the mechanics behind it. And he’s quite happy doing that. So, that’s not a problem. So she is just showing me the two things.


Now I’ve also got Aunty Irene here, Irene, is it Irene, no, Betty, yeah that’s it, Aunty Betty. Now what Betty is doing, is she’s working with…. Oh okay, different direction all together. Nurses and healing. When she first went across, she was into nurses and then she got into the different forms of healing. Of course what we see on this planet is just the healing as we know it. And we know there are lots of variations, with color, sound and so on, which you’ve been experimenting with. But on this side, there’s so many more different types of ways of healing, because you have different types of people in different atmospheres in different planets in different physical bodies in metal bodies in different dimensions. Of course there’s all the different healing that goes with that but what you’re seeing on Earth is just one variation or one type of healing. You’ve got to heal people, animals and nature. Over here, of course, there is much much more than that, so that that’s what she’s into. That’s the healing side


Now, Reeny or Aunty Irene. She is … what is she doing? It looks, no, I’ll get it in a minute. It sort of black blobs and a square with a few round bits. It’s dimensions that she’s working with. I’m trying to see. Okay, what would you assume down here is when you cross over to the other side, you automatically.? thought is creation. And of course, when you come over, you automatically think you’re basically on planet Earth and you start to…


S: Act like it


G: Act like it, yeah. And create and so on. And then of course, you realize you change etc. But you’re thinking right now, the two of you is that over on this side, nearly everything is a bit like Earth. And it’s actually just the opposite. Because there are so many different dimensions, which you haven’t heard of. All of them are over here as well. So let’s say the heaven that you’re thinking of, is all English for want of a better word or human. But then there are heavens for different planets, for the different peoples that have been created, the different races, the different dimensions, some that you’ve spoken to, and so on. They each have their own heavens, where the process has to be followed, that you die, you cross over. Your soul then thinks create, expands, learns more, goes to different lives, etc. But then that is not always the case, again, what you are going to assume that people from other planets will go through the same process of the soul, creating a physical body, which grows on the planet, and comes back and shares information, etc. But that’s not so. In many cases, there’s no physical used at all. In many cases, you go straight into the mental and learn through the mental, learning through what’s happened to other people.

So if you take a planet that has been in existence for a million years, for example, instead of saying, like, let’s create a new race, or let’s put a new race down there, that’s going to go through a million years of development. What you say is, let’s take this race. And let’s take their entire understanding of everything they’ve done in the last million years, as our starting point. And it saves us making all those mistakes that we can easily because time is so different over here, we can easily take 1 million years condense it into a thought form, put into your mind and therefore you have the understanding of a million years of evolution of one planet.

Now, how far apart is that from what you’re thinking of right now, of your Mom crossing over?


S: Mmmm.


Spirit: It’s huge. Now again, this is what she can see. And this is what makes her smile so much.  There are so many things like this, which would just blow our minds, for want of a better term. And she’s seeing them and of course, she can’t share too many of them with us. Lol. But what she does share, she is absolutely loving it.

Okay, so that’s Irene.


Let’s see if there is anybody else here. George. Okay. George is Dad’s brother. And he was very grumpy when he passed over. He wasn’t a particularly religious person; he didn’t learn much. And so on. Then why he was down was for balance. Him and my father were two different types of people that they….. I’m trying not to bring in things that I know.  George was a worker, if you like, he wasn’t in a position, but he was just a worker, whereas Dad was more of a foreman, manager if you like, so they worked in two different spheres. And the reason they were brothers is because they would balance each other out. And in the beginning, that was what was needed. And once a certain amount of progress was made, there was no need for that balance to continue, which was why they separated and it was just a simple separation which led, then left George in this particular arena to finish off the lesson he chose. A to your father or you and that one over there. So that was the two different ones. So, George, he learnt all of that, he learnt all the basics and he’s quite content at the moment, just helping people on the other side. Learning to help and give and support without wanting, he never had any sort of ambitions as being a company owner or director or anything along those lines. But he’s always envious that dad made it. So anyway now he’s just content. He’s…. people that go over there he just helps them understand the basics and so on. So, ok..


Now, I’ve got H, I assumed it was Hindmarch, but it wasn’t, it was Huskies. I assume they are Reg’s Huskies. Lol. Okay, this is Reg. He is saying, you know, you automatically think, when you think of Reg and while he’s still on the other side, the first thing you think, of course, is hydraulics and the sort of thing he was in. But of course, it’s different over there. Once they’re over there, now he loved gardening here. But what he loves even more over there is animals. And the huskies were just part of, you know, you have to have them put down etc, because he loved them. So now he’s, he’s very into animals on that side. And he’s saying that gardening is totally different because everything can grow perfectly, etc. Whereas animals still have to learn and develop and so on. And he says he has immense pleasure in dealing with animals because of the level that they are at. The animals can communicate with Spirit.


S: With Spirit, yeah.


G: Because what they’re doing, is they’re learning to come down. The next step is to come down and become the first sort of human physical, physically a human. So they can communicate. It’s a bit like babies and spirits before the babies are born. They can communicate nicely, and then the minute they are born; you know, all that connection is lost. And Reg is just saying it’s the same with the animals and he says it’s the most beautiful feeling to communicate with all these animals. And because they’re, what they have is a basic love for you. They’ve only developed so far. And the next stage they’re going through, I mean, where they’ve just learned as dogs, dogs, horses etc. Is it just a family reunion, they are there, they’re brought up, they learned the basics, but then they looked after by a family? And of course, there’s always both sides to it, there’s the wild ones, there’s the ones that are abused, and ones that aren’t etc. So they just love this family. That’s all they’ve got in their life, they don’t have money, career or anything like this, they’ve only got their family. And that’s why they have such a beautiful life. And it’s a beautiful start to becoming a human being. If you could start as a human being on that particular level, and then continue to grow on that level, that would be ideal. But of course, we’re interrupted or we’re…. things have changed, you know with money and ego and status, and all those sorts of things. And that’s why more animals come down. And the animals help to balance people. So ..


S: For sure.


G: Yeah, so that’s what’s happening and he’s, Reg is saying it’s not so specific as choosing your owners and choosing your star signs and so on. Because what you’re coming down as is basically just a bundle of love that needs to experience. So, it doesn’t matter too much where you go. So you are either coming to a good parent or having a good family or a bad family; that’s all, that’s how they learn, both sides. And they come down several times as animals before they move on to humans. So they get this nice understanding. Reg is saying, it’s so great to be able to, you know, you’ve got hundreds of dogs, horses, animals, all sorts of things. And you can just talk to them. It’s like being in the club where you’re talking to human beings. And now you are talking to animals but you’re talking on such a different level? And there’s no verbal communication, it’s just ..


S: Understanding.


G: Understanding them and the way they look at you the way they communicate. And everything is instant understanding. You know from your dogs, the way they look at you, and they open one eye and they look at you and so on. So imagine that with hundreds of them.


S: Yeah.


G: So he is saying that is just right up his street. He absolutely loves it.


S: Shew. And I’m surmising he has got Pepper. (Toni’s dog)


G: Lol. I should think so. Mmmm.


Now, Rob should be around somewhere.  

Okay, Rob’s not here. But Reg has got a bit more to say. He’s saying, again, the two of you will assume that over on this side, all of us that you know, that crossed over are all together in one village, and they all chat etc. But he says it’s not so. We all communicate together. And it’s very simple to keep in communication. It’s like you know that your son is next door, you know it, so you don’t need to have visual contact or whatever. And it’s the same over here, we can have contact with people and they may be millions of miles away, dimensions, light years, it doesn’t make any difference because it’s all the same over here. So it’s very easy to keep in touch. And with all the different dimensions, all the different things that we create all the time, because we’re constantly learning and creating things and changing them all the time. But you know, for a fact that your friends are all over here and everybody you’ve met and been in touch with, all the important people in your lives are all there. So you can communicate whenever you want.


S: And just with thought.


G: Yeah, just with thought. Instant understanding and so on. And because, I mean, let’s just say, Irene who’s now working with a different dimension, a different species if you like. So the chatter, it’s very easy to chat, but to bring her over to communication is going to take just a little bit more effort. So she has to switch into a different dimension. So if you want to talk to all of them, they’d all have to switch from where they’re going to come from into one particular area so it can all connect.


S: It would take a lot of effort.


G: Yeah. Right, now we got Rick in the Cape. And he’s just laughing. So, what’s so funny Rick?

Okay he is saying his passion was the sea of course but he said you know over here you can create a sea. But what you’ve got to create is like a perfect sea, so there’s no point in it. Lol. So, there’s no point in having a ship. Lol. He says we can have waves fora million miles, we can have water floating above our heads, it just doesn’t make any difference, so, because all of that there is just no point. He says every now and again we can just recreate something that we’ve done before just for the hello of it. But there’s no..


S: meaning to it.


G: … new adventure, yeah. So that’s what… now, let’s see what Rick is doing. He hasn’t actually done much yet. He said he crossed over only a short while ago. So, what he’s really doing at the moment, is he’s just, he’s got all these attachments to all the people in his family. And he’s making sure that they’re all comfortable. And he said, when somebody loses somebody, it could alter their way of life, their thinking, their lifestyle, their ambition, career, all sorts of things. It can screw things up quite badly at times. They change, and what he does, he is just trying to keep everybody,… putting everybody back on track, the way,.. where they should be. So they can just continue to grow and develop and evolve as they should. So, he hasn’t actually crossed over fully and looked at doing something on the other side yet, he still looking after his family and so on. And he says yes, Jenny is not in a good place. But she is, Jenny is covered in yellow, yellow and white. White is God’s light, as you know. Yellow is communication.


S: And upliftment.


G: Yeah. So, it seems that Jenny is going downhill. So I said should we tell anybody and he says that there is no need, they all will understand what’s going on. Yeah, so, Greg will take care of everything.



G: Okay, now, we have three animals. Just three. Charlie, Cassie and Mutts.


S: aww.


G: Now, this is Reg. He’s saying that when they crossover, and they’ve got other lives to lead etc. But what is the rule is if you have a memory of a pet when you cross over that pet will always be there. Now, although the pets now changed its character, lifestyle, whatever it is. It could be born again, that’s quite a possibility. But their thought form, if you like, is always there. So that’s why it’s very easy to bring them along and just show them to us.


Charlie, Cassie and Mutts. Then there’s some more but he’s saying but that’s …Yeah, so we know that’s just a massive thing to do. That’s great. So, that’s Reg.


Now I’ve got something in yellow, way in the background?

This is a girl we rescued a couple of weeks ago. (Stuck in the rock and mud from the floods)


S: Oh my word.


Ok, she just,.. They are all sort of saying come, come forward, you can talk. Because she is sort of way in the distance. And she has just come to say ‘thank you’. She says she was terrified. Because it all happened so quickly. But the main thing was, she was stuck and she was drowning. And she couldn’t stop drowning.  That was the reason she couldn’t cross over. She didn’t realise at what stage she was dead. So she just kept continuously drowning and it was the most horrifying feeling. It just went on and on and on and on and on. So, we thank you for that. She gives ‘you’ a handful of daisies.


S: Ah, thank you.


G: Nice bunch of daisies. And that’s about it. And we seem to have a whole row of, they are all, as if it’s the end of the show and they’ve all come to take a bow because they are all there. And as they do that, it opens up behind and there’s more and more and more and it just goes on and on and on. And they are all saying, yeah, they all know what you are doing. And we are all following what you are doing. And we are all here to help, learn and so on. So, it’s like the finale. Lots of cheering applause, happiness and away they go. And they left behind a ball of gold energy.




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