Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

747 Medicines: Human beings were created to be able to survive on what they were given.

Spirit: Good. Now, let’s look at healing in hospitals. What’s going on in your hospitals at the moment, or health world. Is there is an awful lot of guesswork and an awful lot of ego. And there’s an awful lot of companies just basically in it for the money. And not the humanitarian aspect.

S: Yes.

Spirit: And this would be a fairly simple solution, to be able to sort that problem out. But again, we have to leave it to run its full course. So that everyone else an experience what happens when this experience reaches its peak. Then everybody understands and then we evolve and things become so much better. It is so tempting.  Lol.

S: Mmmm, oh yeah.


Spirit: to walk in and make the right decisions right now. Now, you will come across certain amounts of this and certain amounts are quite acceptable. We cannot cover the whole lot at once, because that simply wouldn’t work, but if for example you were in a hospital and you saw some very big wrongdoing and you wanted to correct it, then you could think the right way and it could be corrected. Because that could simply be an example for the rest. Now, you’ve got to think positive, negative and balance in all things and even in your hospital environment at the moment. Where you’ve got this huge negativity, you need the balance of positiveness. So, although the positiveness is very small at the moment, compared to the negativity. It needs to be there.


S: Ok. ‘


Spirit: Now this sounds like all medicine is negative and it’s not. Medicine has various benefits in certain departments but it’s certainly not the way we want to go. Human beings were created to be able to survive on what they were given. 


S: Yes.


Spirit: And the advancement, the evolving should have been through nature and using the plants from nature.


S: Yes. exactly.


Spirit: And from around us, instead of making things synthetically.


S: Exactly.


Spirit: which all boils down to greed.


S: Exactly


Spirit: But it had to happen. But know, that in future lives, there will be no medicines as such, it will all become from nature.


S: Yaaaay


Spirit: Lol. You have one or two more lives to go before that happens.


S: Aw. I’m ok with that.

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