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748 Energies of Animals and Pets

Spirit: And now, if you have a quick look at the animals.  And maybe you can tell me what would happen with animals, now that you have that gift, if you like.

S: What happens with the animals when….?

Spirit: What could you see? What could you improve? If anything.

S: More human connection with animals.

Spirit: Connection, yes.


S: More human care for animals.


Spirit: Correct. So, what’s happened with the animal society, is the humans have taken them on and taken them on as pets. And pets of course are very good. But again, you need the positive and negative, so therefore you get the pets that are abandoned, abused and you get the pets like your own, that are very much loved.  Out in the wild of course, everything takes care of itself.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: And you have these ups and down out in the wild. And you’ve got the pecking order. You’ve got, you know when things go wrong or there’s a drought, they can fend for themselves, they change, adapt and so on. There’s nothing to do with the humans there. It’s only where you get this involvement with humans. And it’s not so much just the pets. Look at the cows for example. Cows produce milk. Chickens, pigs. And suddenly these are being treated, not so much like animals. They are not loved animals anymore, they are assets.


S: So in between the wild and the loved, they just sit there and they are used.


Spirit: Used and abused. Do they get any good energy?


S: No


Spirit: No. Just the opposite. And that’s why, if an animal, to give you an extreme, if an animal is killed accidentally, let’s just say shot on range, with a bullet through the brain. Compared to another animal, who goes to the slaughter house and gets slaughtered. The meat tastes totally different.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: Because the one that knows it is going to die, creates..


S: an energy.


Spirit: An energy which goes through the whole body.


S: Through the muscles, the whole, everything.


Spirit: Yes. So, there’s a lot of improvement we made there. Animals, it’s fine to use them as meat.


S: It goes back to where we hunted for meat. They didn’t know they were going to die, they just died. And animals were killed to eat, that’s fine. Now animals are productively killed and slaughtered to feed the population.


S: Therein lies the problem.


Spirit: Yes. Now, the humans that are dealing with them don’t have any empathy towards these animals at all. They are just product.


S: Money.


Spirit: Yes. Money, product. So the person who slaughters the animals for example, feels nothing. But also the people that herd the animals. You take a farmer who looks after his cows, he knows full well that next year they are all going to the slaughter house and get slaughtered and he gets paid. So, he cannot afford to get too involved with them. So the animals feel very little emotion, very little love comes their way. So, it’s constant negativity. And what does that create in the animal?


S: Negativity.


Spirit: Very, they become quiet, dismal, what is the word I am looking for, anyway, dark energy. Very dark energy.


S:: Yeah.


Spirit: And they go through life like that. Cows in the field are fine, they are out during the day, when they give milk, that’s fine. But then they go to the slaughter house, that’s terrible. There’s no love coming towards them, they get so much from nature, but they get nothing from humans. So, a lot of farms are like that. Pigs, ducks, geese, chickens, and some of them have just gone to the extreme, where, chickens are a very good example, they are kept in one tiny little cage, where the light is on 18 hours a day..


S: Bulked up


Spirit: Yeah, bulked up. They are nothing but food. And then they are just slaughtered.


S: Oh God. So that is a learning curve for… and that goes into the DNA, as you know…


S: Yeah.


Spirit: and then it goes back upstairs. So yes, there is a lot that can be done with animals. So, what you would be doing, if you travel past a field of cows, is simply, by understanding what you do now, you would be automatically sending them some nice energy.


S: Mmmmmm.


Spirit: And they would, because they are so negative, they would feel a nice energy. So every time you pass any form of animal enclosure, from now, you will automatically send out that energy, because that’s your way of thinking.


S: Mmm

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