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 750. May 2022   Colors and memories in Nature and DNA

G: All right, I’ve got a forest. Looking down on a forest, a drone’s point of view. These huge sways of ink going into them. It’s an unusual color for a forest.

Okay, so this pink is going in, not at all normal, so I go down into the forest and see if that pink fits in with all greenery.


S: Could it be that the,… a part of it is damaged and cut away or something? Because pink is normally love. I got a clear vision of what I was saying just now, but it’s gone, but..


G: Yeah, you are quite right. I was thinking exactly the same thing.


S: It needs baby energy. So it’s nurturing, love, it’s baby soft, you know. It’s love, nurturing and all that stuff. So it could be for all the new trees that maybe have been cold or maybe they’ve been damaged in some way or whatever, to get that nurturing energy to grow and….


G: Which is quite right because the first thing I got right in the beginning was like a graveyard. I knew it had something to do with a graveyard. And it’s like resurrecting memories. Rebirths regrowing from, from the old damaged area. And you said, and it was quite right. So, seeing it spot on..


Ah. Alright. That is excellent. Now, if we can look at it a little bit more, we’ve got a huge tree lying on its side. It’s been chopped down, of course. So, it’s just like the main trunk, which is there, and there’s a whole variety of colors going in that. And there’s light yellow, light green, light blue. They’re very light pastel colors going in that. Now we know the pink is for regrowth.

And so what are these few colors for? And I think there could be colors which are left behind. So when you mix them with pink, the new growth is there, the same colors, but much stronger, deeper.


S: So, it’s memories.


G: Yeah, memories would be quite right. Yeah.


S: Its memories being released. I can see them flowing out now, so, and it can go into that pink, so that’s, yeah. So the memories can be molded in so that the new ones have knowledge or memory.


G: Very good. I agree with that. Now, what we used to think. We did this a couple of weeks ago, was, when you talk about nature and energy and so on, nature has always been green and brown and sunshine. It hasn’t had all these pretty colors.


S: No.


G: But now there’s a much bigger green and..


S: So many memories and storing so much for those.


G: Yeah. Because the memories go back years. I mean, some trees on this planet are over 6,000 years old.


S: Yeah.


G: So, now how do we think those colors affect the animals, which are in the area where this is happening?


S: Maybe they are drawn to it.


G: Yeah. Drawn to it, but the main thing is that they can see it, sense it.


S: Yeah,


G: We’ve never thought of that before.


S: No.


G: We know that when there’s a tsunami coming or an earthquake, the animals sense it way beforehand and you can understand if they can sense vibrations through the earth that it’s possible. And you can sense a storm because the atmosphere changes..


S: The atmosphere changes yeah. But this, they must actually watch it. They must actually see it.


G: See the colors.


S: Watch it.


G: Yeah.


S: It’s probably like a movie to them. Lol.


G: Yeah. Don’t see why not.

Okay. If we get, we know animals migrate and seeing a Wildebeest migration where they know through their DNA, their past memories, etc, that they’ve got to change to a different area, maybe 500 miles away, where there will be more grass to feed on, etc, and then they will work their way back again. I wonder if these colors tie in with it, or whether it’s just memories. It’s not very clear at the moment.


S: It’s nothing to do with them, it’s just an energy transfer that’s going on. So they actually contribute to it.


G: So how do they contribute?


S: Just their being, their being there and knowing what’s happening because they have this instant understanding with nature and what is happening with nature, so they can relate to the energy straight away. So, but it’s, it’s not anything to do with them specifically migrating, doing this, doing that, but their energies, especially the divas and all of their energies can help mix and mingle this energy mix and mingle all the memories, spread the energy around, play with the energy. I feel the energy like sticky glue, like very sticky energy. And they actually have fun with it. They, it’s like sticky, gooey, but it’s not, it’s like my hands can move in and out of it quite easily, but if I’m in it, it’s like it moves along with my hands and just spreads. But if I go out of it, it’s actually fine, it fluffs off. Then the energy is quite light, so it spreads easily and their energy contributes to it. Not all of them, but. Maybe or maybe not.


G: Yeah, so far it’s okay. I’m sure there’s a little bit more.


S: It’s a beautiful energy. I am enjoying playing with this energy. I can feel it.


G: Okay, got it. This, yeah, is regrowth energy, memories, etc, but who uses that energy to help nature regrow? The divas.


S: The divas yeah.


G: It’s the same as we were saying. They were saying to us the other day that we have access to all this energy so that we could do whatever with it. It’s the same thing here on this level.


S: Yeah.


G: But the divas, they need to use it when it comes along, and of course they know what’s happening. So, it’s not so much memories which are in that, because the Diva’s would have those memories.


S: Yeah.


G: I presume. It’s just that they have the knowledge of how to use it.


S: And that makes so much sense because when the colors are coming out, they’re quite colorful. Well, as I’m working with, the energy it’s getting lighter and lighter and flipping light, which is the only energy that divas can use, work with. Because they’re light.


G: Yeah.


S: So it’s just getting lighter and lighter and lighter, and I got the Divas. And that makes sense. So do they store that energy somewhere? Or do they just know that the energies there?


G: Okay. Let’s see where it comes from then. If let’s say, you’ve got the Australian bushfires and everything gets wiped out, they need an awful lot of energy in the beginning. Now, we’ve looked at energy being kept in mountains and so on, which is standard color energy, if you like, to regrow. So this lighter energy must have a little bit more to it than just normal energy.


S: Yeah.


G: So maybe it is memories. Let’s just ask them if it’s…… it’s updated, Sharon.  Because everything is constantly evolving. So if you use the same energy that they had a million years ago, nothing’s going to change.


S: Yeah.


G: So it is evolved energy. So the energy gets…. I don’t know where they would get that energy from. Obviously Spirit can create it, nature can create it. But where do they get the information from? ……..Again, divas.


S: Yeah. It must just be downloaded. Just…. Divas. Yeah, it is.


G: It’s interesting because Divas are recreating themselves all the time.


S: Yeah.


G: And they’re all one group mind, one huge group mind.


S: Yeah.


G: So yeah, that will make sense. So that group mind would have all the information of what’s gone on in a particular area, going back forever and a day. So when new energy needs to be created, that group mind could recreate that energy and then they could use it to regrow what is needed.


Brilliant. So they’re actually create it, that’s great. It’s the same as we create energy.


S: Yeah.


G: They create energy.


S: Yeah. Everything is energy.



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