Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

752 Watching Verna die in the Arctic and other past lives

G: Back in the 17 00’s, mom went on a wooden sailing ship to the Arctic, and I was one of her guides and they got stuck in the ice and everybody eventually starved or froze to death. That was one of the lives I had with Mom.

S: Shew.


G: I can see that very clearly, how it ended up.


S: Yeah


G: Because you know, I just had to watch her, eventually cross her. Now, I couldn’t see her when she crossed over, although I was there. I was only shown up until the stage where she did cross over. Interesting. Yeah, that is very clear.


Okay, let’s see what else we got.


I’m getting an awful lot of faces, really clear faces, people I’ve never seen before. It’s from another century. It’s something to do with the past lives.


What they’re saying is we’re looking at all the stuff we’ve been taught in absolute wonderment and awe, and so on. How could we be that special, that gifted, to be able to do this sort of stuff. And they said he must look into your, well, they’re saying you had so many fast lives where you’ve learnt this stuff before, so this is just the progress that you made.


S: It’s not even so special. Lol.


G: Yeah. So you’ve done stuff in the past and you’ve learnt, you’ve progressed to this particular stage.


S: Built up to this. Yeah.


Spirit: Yeah. So you are, both of you are these, you have these abilities. It’s only in this lifetime that you’re able to use them in the way that we want you to use them.


S: Mm-hmm.


Spirit: But if you look back on the lives that you’ve had, and I’ve just shown Geoff that some of the images that he’s seen are people that he’s dealt with in past lives, but they are irrelevant because of what was learned 500 odd thousand years ago. It’s not important now, it’s just the basis of what you’re learning. It’s a bit like going back to childhood. There’s no point in seeing childhood again. Because you’ve evolved way past that.


S: And everything’s been upgraded.


Spirit: Yes.


S: And updated.


Spirit: And you are exactly the same. Sharon, you’ve been in so many different lives and not always with this family either. You’ve been, you are, you are a part of this family, but part of growing and evolving is moving across to different families to spend time there, to learn different attributes, different gifts, which you can then bring back to your family and so that you can share and progress on that level. And quite a few of your extended family who’ve done exactly the same thing, which is why you are, you are at this point now.


So what you’ll be doing in the future, in the future in this life, is yes, you’ll have these gifts, but you’ll also have all the people that are backing you up, that have that you’ve worked with before, that have helped you to learn, your teacher’s, guides and so on. They’re also supporting the both of you, going into this next venture.


And that’s exactly what it’s, so I hope that explains why you’ve got to such a level. And it’s something you must be proud of and not afraid of.


So we see that you have the, the belief, the faith, the understanding, and that will just continue and you’ll just grow bit by bit. And we look forward to just helping you grow and watching you and supporting you and seeing the outcome.


S: Thank you. Exciting really. Shew, I felt like this army of energy behind me.


G: There’s someone else here, I think would like to talk.


That was strange. It wasn’t somebody coming to talk? It was the group energy that I felt from the people we were talking about. Like the energy pushed into me, so I suddenly felt this energy.


S: Yeah. It was, I could feel it pushing behind my back. Not pushing into me or anything, just …


G: there.


S: …here.


G: I could sense it was there.


S: Like, so there. Like, somethings against your back, you know.


G: That’s the power that we’ve got supporting us. So you’ll know when that happens that you’ve got all this behind you.


S: Shew. It was mind blowing. Absolutely incredible energy. To feel it like that. It’s just like power.


G: Yeah, Enormous power.

So that person talking was a very, very much a leader. It was just so controlled, disciplined, et cetera.


S: Mm-hmm.


G: And I was seeing far more in the past than, … I wasn’t listening to half of the stuff he was saying because I was seeing stuff in the past, how we’ve had, I don’t know, hundreds of lives.


S: Yeah.


G: Together and separate.


S: Yeah.


G: And we’ve learned all these different things and this is, we’ve reached….


S: Yeah, and all of that is what’s supporting us now.


G: Yes. That’s why it’s all happening now.


S: And that’s why it’s so, you know, you, you’ve got your family and you get so connected to your family in this reality. When you, and I’ve heard it before, that I’ve had other families or whatever. I never used to enjoy hearing that when I was little.


G: Yeah?


S: Because Mom use to say, you know you’ve lived with other people. And I was like, no, no. Only you, no, no, no. Um, but you do, you’ve and you might not be in the same time. It might be in a different time, same time, different dimension. Who knows?


G: Yeah.


S: But anyway, you’ve lived with other families, you’ve done other things, you’ve whatever. So now everything that you’ve worked for, it’s a bit like NHR, you just… covid hit and then you worked on something, and then you can decide to use it. It’s all these lifetimes and you can take it and you’ve got this huge amount of support to do with what, when it’s required.


G: Yeah.


S: But, wow.


G: So part of designing the marketing for spiritual dictionary is not a matter of me sitting here concentrating, using my experience to, to decide what to do.


S: No,


G: I say to these guys, what do you want me to do?


S: Putting it out there. Yeah. So, what’s going to be the greatest contribution?


G:  And let them guide us.


S: And just ask what’s going to be the greatest contribution? Boom, see what comes out. Close your eyes.


G: And they’ll be guiding us.


S: Yeah. Exactly.


G: Which is what we need.


S: Flip I’m hot.


G: That is quite something Shan.



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