Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

753   May 2022 Too much learning and it gets stored in our memories (Body).

G: Right, I have a nice valley..

And there’s some green vegetation, a house on this side, it used to be a house, it’s now got holes in the roof and it hasn’t been lived in for about 50 years or whatever. So the whole area is green, desolate, pretty empty. There used to be a lot of life here. You see people living in this house, and it was very comfortable and very close to nature. A very nice existence. And if I look to the left. It goes down a long valley and then right in the distance there is the sea. So this is a very comfortable area. And it’s almost as if it’s on the, it could actually be, you know valley that we do with nature, the waterfall comes down and goes into a valley.


S: Yes.


G: It’s that one. So, the waterfall comes down, goes into the valley, you’ve got the sea on the left. So let’s just go a bit to the right and then back up the hill. And that’s where this house is. So, I think it’s probably something to do with energy and rebuilding or whatever.

There’s a woman and a baby on the side of the hill. They probably used to live there. Ok, she has sort of disappeared. What there seems to be is a training area for spirit.


S: Mmmm.


G: Training in…. What?


Spirit: Ok, what we were shown, with the waterfall, right at the top, coming all the way down to the bottom of the valley and so on, that is all a creation, it is not actually a place that exists on Earth. It’s a creation that is used to teach people, exactly the same as we taught you, how it all works. So when people start to look, we can show them this, and so on. The right-hand side of the valley, that is an area where spiritual people can come along. Spirit can come along and actually play around with the area, by putting in different energies backwards and forwards, and understand how it all works. Now, we know that nature is looked after by the diva’s etc. But there is a partnership, if you like, where you’ve got the diva’s and then you’ve got the spirit working in human energy. The two work together, although they are separate. They work together. Partners in crime, if you like. So, exactly the same as you need to know what goes on with nature and the divas, so do spirit on this side. So we bring them down here and we can practice various scenarios. Because everything is here. And it’s very easy to change any scenario we want. As you know, simply through thought.

What you saw just now, with the house, that was just left over from the last person that was here. And if you look now, you will see it’s totally gone.

So, why would spirit, from our side, come down and practice this, do you think?


S: To learn more. To learn more about energies and how everything works and..


Spirit: Ok, we were talking last night about evolving. And how you have a new wave of babies come down, a new generation. And they have to bring down more memories because they are evolving all the time.


S: Yes.


Spirit: But then you’ve got spirit that are up in a higher structure that also need to learn. And they don’t necessarily need to come down and go through a whole life again. So they would come down here, and it’s just like an advanced program or a weekend training course.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: And we can show them all the different possibilities that can be done, by moving around this different energy.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: And how it can change things in the future. So, it’s a very simple learning base for us.


S: That is awesome.


Spirit: Now, there are many other ways of learning. But I don’t think you need to look at them because now you can understand that they are, or this is actually what happens. They do actually learn. In their own time, because of their evolving and so on.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: But you don’t need to see all the different ones, just an understanding.


Now, the stage that you are getting at, is that you are accessing, or you are getting an understanding of all this information. But the information is soon going to be far too much for you to retain and recall. And you will find it’s going to be difficult for you to recall what has happened in the past few months, with the meditations that you have been shown. And the meditations that you have done. There is just so much there, it’s impossible for you to handle that. But the information is in there.


So, what do you think happens to all that information that you will be able to access it so quickly when you need to? Where is that information stored in your body, right this moment?


S: In my energy field?


Spirit: Mmmmm, possibly?


S: In my knowingness,  .. in my…


Spirit: How many bodies do you have? What are the bodies called?


S: Mental body, physical, emotional, spiritual and….


Spirit: And… what do you bring down with you to start with? Memories..


S: Memories.


Spirit: You bring down a certain number of memories.


S: You see, I can’t even remember that.


Spirit: So what happens here. This is quite unusual, you know, you are getting to the stage where you have got far too much information for your physical, your IQ on this planet. So what happens is it gets stored in the memories body.


S: Ok.


Spirit: So that you have access to it. And you have access to it and we have access to it. Because what you have basically said is you trust us to have access to whatever is needed. So we can work through you and we can use energy. But also besides the energy we need a basic understanding of what you understand. Because we can’t do something, which you cannot understand.


S: Yeah, that makes sense.


Spirit: So, a lot of things we are going to be teaching you now, are going to be filed away into your memories. So, all you have to do is remember to think the right way. You don’t have to know ‘how’ it’s done. You just need to know that it ‘will’ be done. And that you will think the right way.


S: That helps.


Spirit: Mmmm. Now, you will find it very frustrating at times, because you won’t know whether something has happened or not. Because you won’t be able to see the outcome in a lot of these cases. So you won’t be constantly reassured, that the healing that you are doing, the good that you are doing, is actually working. Trust me, you just have to have faith. You go ahead and let us worry about that. Just be comfortable that we are doing exactly what we are supposed to be doing. And so are you.

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