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754. May 22 How do we get new information across to the people?

G: Now I think we are going to have a look at how we are going to teach other people.

Spirit: Although you have all these abilities and you will be able to use these abilities, your main function is to teach others. So, how do you get all this information across, to the people? 

They would have to go along the same path as you. And go through exactly the same development, evolvement, connection with spirit and so on. As you have done, to reach this stage..

So, the only people you will really be able to teach, at this level, are people who are on equal levels to you around the world. Of which there are not a lot, or let’s say not a lot per area.  

So, again, it’s like a management structure. You have your hierarchy and then below that you get others, on lower levels, which also spread the word to others, and so on. So, it’s not so much teaching others, you are basically overseeing everything that’s going on.

And you can change what you oversee, through thought, with our help of course.


S: Mmmm.


Spirit: So, let’s get back to the question. How do you teach the people that you will be put in touch with? What level are those people? And what are you going to teach them? And what is the best way to teach them?


S: On meeting them, it’s just verbally. It’s not through the books and the meditation? The books that we plan on putting out there.


Spirit: Well, basically the experience that you have had.. If you were a beginner now, as you were a few years ago, where you understand that there is so much more to this and you are dying to learn. How would you like to learn?


S: I would love to read them and get background information, but yes, it’s through actions. It’s personal involvement.


Spirit: Yes, it is. Exactly that.


S: So contact. It doesn’t need to be local; it can be online or whatever, but personal contact.


Spirit: Absolutely.


S: Yep.


Spirit: Yes, so what you write down, the audio’s, the books and so on, the meditations; that all helps, it helps tremendously. People who want to learn will download that, they will read it, they will listen to it and so on. But the interaction between the people, gives them a tremendous amount of ..


S: Comfort and support.


Spirit: Yes. Confirming that they are on the right path.


S: Yes.


Spirit: It’s when they are able to talk to you and you can talk to them and they understand what you are talking about. And then they will let you understand them. And then they know they are on the right path. And then they will progress from there.

It’s like you having a very special Liz, for example, or your Mom of course, ideal. So, that is the way, through interaction.

If you think how many people your Mom spoke to, and how they all supported her. I mean you saw all the messages, you know, when she passed over. Those are just people who bothered to send messages. Because they had respect for her and so on. But there are hundreds of others or first, didn’t know that she had passed over, that came and went and learnt specific things over the years, and also got passed on to other people, so a tremendous amount of growth there.

So yes, talking to people is very good. So, whether it’s talking to people online, webinars, or talking to people in halls, directly, holding meditations, it’s just a matter of….


S: Connections.


Spirit: Connections. And what you will find is some more Sharon’s and some more Geoff’s and you will teach them and they will teach others. And so, that is how that will expand. So, it’s not a matter of having an infinite plan that you work to. It’s a matter of walking among the people and responding to the energies that come your way, the opportunities that come your way. And sending them energy, information, solving problems and so on.


S: Yeah. It’s kind of starting already. I met Claudia for coffee and I was aware it started then, but just in arb chit chat. About relationships and… it’s interesting.


Spirit: Yeah, and what will she be telling others about you? That’s how things start to expand. Your business that you have been running for years, helping others with massage and healing and so on, look how your clientele built up.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: That is simply through recommendations. Talking about you. So, you will have the same thing here. We will be able to give you all the material you need to do what needs to be done. There won’t be any of these miracle cures or whatever. Because that brings about too much animosity, ego, query, judgment, was it a coincidence and so on. It will be much calmer, much more down to Earth. Something that happens all the time and people suddenly realize, well this actually does work.


S: Mmmm


Spirit: We are on the right path. But it will be very enjoyable for you both to do. And of course meeting other people will make life easier. Lots of different opportunities in the future. Which we will leave for now.

That is your teaching.

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