Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

755 Teaching in Astral is faster. May 22

Now, one more thing. What do you think you do in astral?


S: Mmmmm


Spirit: You teach an awful lot. Now, as I was saying….


S: I was going to say learn an awful lot. Lol.


Spirit: Lol. You do both. You can learn and teach very quickly of course, because time being so different over here.


S: Yes.


Spirit: But what you do, is you teach the spiritual beginners, if you like, over here. And like the people, we were saying just now, the spirit that come down for their training session; what you’ve learnt through your time on Earth, your several lives on Earth, or many lives on Earth, is quite a lot. And again, some spirits don’t need to go through specific lives. They can go through your lives in an instant. Get instant understanding. But it’s also good to communicate with them and you can transfer an awful lot of information across to them very quickly. So, as you experience down here, so you can go in astral, and you can communicate fast over there. To an awful lot of people.


S: Nice.


Spirit: So, that’s just something else to think about. The puzzle is getting bigger.


S: It is. Lol.


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