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756 We chat to one of the guides about what they do all day (Part 1)

G: I don’t think there’s any lessons for us tonight. But I was in, and sort of said do you celebrate birthdays. So interesting.

And straight away I realized it, of course, they don’t. And they were saying no, because time is something which we created on this planet.

S: Yeah.

G: So, here we don’t have time, you know, on the other side. Then it got onto, what do you do all day? And they started to show me. So, I’ll just try and explain. You imagine if like on earth now, you could do anything you feel like, you know, if you wanted to visit Gary or your brother or go to Bahamas with your brother or,

S: Go there without him. Lol.

G: lol. yeah….do whatever you feel like at any time.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: You can do all of that. But what happens is these are what you consider luxuries on Earth.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: And when you first cross over, you will enjoy doing those sorts of things. All the things you’ve maybe missed off your bucket list or wanted to do again or whatever.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: But then once you’re over here then there’s…. things change …


S: the meaning of life.


Spirit: Yeah. The meaning changes because there is no going to do things that you want to do on earth because it is so totally different over here. So you can do anything you want and things which have value on earth, like a holiday or whatever, doesn’t have the value over here.


We’d rather experience new things to see how things develop or help people reach the goal that they’re trying to get to. So when they’re learning, you know, you help them and it just takes a little bit because, you know, we have all this tremendous knowledge and it’s very easy to help somebody and there’s no effort because it’s all thought.


Thought is creation. So it’s just a matter of thinking the right thing. So it’s a very nice, enjoyable life where you can just sort of help others and enjoy what you’re doing and basically just be comfortable. Now, of course we don’t sleep because you don’t need to sleep because it’s all,… you don’t have a physical


And also your mind is so active, it’s far more active than what you have on Earth. Probably, let’s say 10 times more active because you can do so many more things. And like we said, a few days or few weeks ago, where you can converse with several people at once, or a group of people, people in extreme distances, all of those things happen or can happen whenever you feel like it.


So, what you get into is a very comfortable state where you, you’re in the middle of everything that you have ever wanted to do and everything is there. And if you’re curious about anything, you can go and find out about it, but then again, there is no hurry to do that. You can do it whenever you feel like it.


And when somebody like the two of you turn up and want to visit your mom, for example. She’ll pick that information up before you’ve even thought about it and can come and watch and visit, and that’s of course, enjoyable. And there are other people on Earth that she’s, you know, known and has been dealing with and so on.


And they do exactly the same thing. Not quite the degree that the two of you are doing it, but various friends, people she’s spoken to and so on. And of course she helps in astral, and all sorts. So that sort of makes a question what happens if you have a special event? Because when you are enjoying everything, let’s just say enjoyment is on a scale of one to 10 and doing absolutely the best thing you’ve ever wanted to do, is 10.


So over here, of course everything can be a 10, but because there’s no other scale..


S: Yeah,


Spirit: The 10 becomes a five or a six. And what do we do then for a 10?


S: Think it.


Spirit: So yes, things change. So after a while you get comfortable and you go through all the different things, and you go through thousands of different things that you’ve always wanted to do and you want to learn more, etc.


And then eventually, after a long, long time, you think. Well, let me just get back to learning a bit more. What haven’t I learned about yet? And then you decide to go down for another life on one planet or several planets at once, or several dimensions at once, depending on the stage you’re at. And then you learn more.


And then it brings you back to what you are experiencing on Earth where you have these parameters. And you’d have these values where you, again, on a scale of one to 10, All these different emotions and energies and so on, which is if you don’t have up here. So here is a bit like a holiday, but it all will, eventually, become a little bit stagnant. Enjoyable, but stagnant.


S: And that’s why we choose to come down, to have a challenge again.


Spirit: Yes. That’s exactly what it is.


S: And of course. So, that’s why, in this reality we oftentimes will say, Our specific family will say that nothing matters. To remind ourselves that nothing actually matters because we make everything so meaningful.


Spirit: Yes, that’s very true. Nothing, matters is quite right, and quite apt, but on your planet it is very difficult to have that mindset, nothing matters.


S: It’s the only thing that keeps you sane.


Spirit: Lol. Yes and no. You still worry, you are still concerned. You can say nothing matters, but you’ll still have that worry.  You’ll still think things.


S: The small things yes.


Spirit:  Yeah, but if you reach real sort of spiritual enlightenment, and again, you’re going off on a tangent here, but let’s say the monks up in Napal, where they just live in a community and nothing matters to them. That’s because nothing really goes wrong there.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: Yeah. So that’s a little bit different. So, yes. Nothing does matter because we just do ok?


S: Yeah. We just try and say it to many odd things. It doesn’t matter. Just…


Spirit: Yeah. Trying to make things easier for us.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: Is there anything else you’d like to learn about over here?


S: Oh, wow.  I don’t think so.


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