Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

757.    We chat to one of the guides about what they do all day (Part 2)  

Spirit: Alright, let me tell you one more. Communities. Now you know that you are part of a community. And a community, many of them are down here on earth and on different planets. And many of them are on the other side, where your Mom (Verna) is and so on. So, let’s just use your Mom as an example. She goes back and she goes to rejoin her community, but the community isn’t a village where everybody lives because you don’t need houses because you don’t need to sleep.

What you do is you create things which are comfortable for you. So if you want to meet as a group, instead of just talking with your minds, which is easy to do, and instead of just talking with your minds and creating an environment, maybe lying on the beach or whatever, you can have one particular area, meeting spot, which you all enjoy and because you all enjoy seeing each other. Because you are seeing each other in a specific area instead of just in your mind. So you sometimes create that and then it’s just an enjoyable place. So where your community is, you tend to have a few of these around the community, meeting places. And you obviously have a main meeting hall and when you have major discussions and teachings, etc. And it tends to be the same sort of thing created all the time, because when it was created, you or other people visited it and saw it and added to it.

S: Added, yeah.

Spirit: And just made it more and more perfect. So, of course the energy is left there and so on. So that becomes…, new souls are introduced to it, new people, the family and so on.

So that becomes a pretty standard fixture, but at any stage it can be changed. If they want to change the color or the shape or the style or big or small, it doesn’t make any difference, it can easily be done. So, there are no communities. There are no homes as such. There are no hospitals, of course, police stations, prisons, all those sorts of things.


And you have areas, let’s say you enjoy nature. Let’s just take Reg as an example, talking to all his animals.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: He might want to live on a farm, in just a house with all the animals around him. And of course he doesn’t need food. He doesn’t need to sleep; he just needs to talk to the animals.


So he could just move among them and talk and help them and, and enjoy. And if he wants to take a break, he simply does and they’re fine on their own. So, and you do what you want to do. And you experience all these different things, until the enjoyment wears off and it becomes a little bit mundane, but then you look at things to extend that experience.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: Adding things into it and things you haven’t thought of. And then you see what else people have done and what’s being created. And you go to backgrounds and history and different dimensions and everything to do with one specific subject. And then this one subject, Reg’s animals, for example, becomes absolutely huge.


S: Expands, yeah.


Spirit: Because there’s so many different variations to it, and that is pleasurable for us. So we’re learning more and more about that specific thing. Now, if you wanted, if we needed to send a walk in, for example, down to Earth to do something with animals, we could send Reg down, because he’s built up that ability, and see all these different possibilities. So send him down and he can help in a specific area.


I’ll give you a very good example where in Australia last year, you had these huge bush fires, so many animals traumatized. Now of course, if they died, they came up straight across, no problem. But what was left over was a lot of traumatized animals, a lot of traumatized areas, and we did use walk-ins for that.


S: Shew.


Spirit: Just to keep the balance, make things nicer, etc. Because things do get out of whack, but you need to experience them getting out of whack to be able to understand them, to get back to what we know as balances.

So what do you think we would do if we wanted to hold a celebration?


S: If you want to hold a celebration there, just think of the people you want to invite and they’ll be there.


Spirit: Mm-hmm. But then what could you give them as presents? You couldn’t give them flowers, for example. That’s pretty mundane.


S: I know it’s possible to just think anything you want to think up. I’m surmising you want to think of certain music? You could think of certain music?


Spirit: Mm-hmm.


S: You could imagine the whole place. The whole set.


Spirit: Yes. Keep going.


S: So you could imagine the music, you could imagine the scenario. You could imagine where it was, if it was in the garden, if it’s in a room.


Spirit: Mm-hmm.


S: And you could just create, you could.


Spirit: Yes. And what else could you give them?


S: Whatever you wanted to give them.


Spirit: Absolutely. Yes. It was a bit of a difficult question, this one, but. You’ve had beautiful things happen in your life. For example, you, when your son was born and you picked him up and you loved him for the first time, and when you loved puppies, when you picked them up and you had them, you had this beautiful feeling inside.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: That is simply an emotion. So we can create an emotion to give you anything you want. And it can be something small like a puppy or a kitten, or it can be something huge like a whale for an example. That’s too extreme, or be surrounded by a thousand little birds or divas or whatever makes you feel good.


So when we pass on enjoyments like this, we create things which we think people would like. Have you experienced this before? So poof, we just give it to them and they can experience it. And that’s beautiful to do.


Now, we were talking the other day about seeing a beautiful picturesque places on your planets, which you see as being absolutely beautiful. And as you admire the area, you get, a rebound of energy coming back to you. That’s basically, how these emotions work. So you can imagine, what we can experience up here when we can create any amount of….


S: What, you know, that person would enjoy.


Spirit: Yes. But also something they hadn’t thought of before.


S: Ah, yeah.


Spirit: I told you the story about the friend, of just painting with emotions.


S: Yes.


Spirit: Yes. So if you haven’t experienced that before, how beautiful would that be?


S: Yeah.


Spirit: And let’s take music that you’ve never heard before, and sounds and pictures and dimensions and all sorts that you’ve never experienced before.

And so just to come and enjoy and go in and out of all these different energies and emotions and experiences and feelings. Isn’t that too beautiful?

S: shew


Spirit: Imagine the love that you have for, let’s obviously take your mother. Now, let’s expand that a thousand times. How strong would that be? What feeling would you have inside?  Now, that is possible. You have to have parameters. There are limits, but that is a possibility and you wouldn’t do that, but you wouldt do it maybe 10 times more than you’ve experienced here, because it is the most beautiful feeling, falling in love for the first. That sort of thing. So those are the sort of emotions and …


S: Accentuated.


Spirit: Yeah. That we can play around with and create and give to people for surprises and parties and achievements and whatever we want to do.


S: Okay. That was a nice conversation. Thank you. And we’ll speak again.


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