Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

758 Geoff helps Shan with new type of energy

G: My left hand is very hot. Anything you need healing Shan.

S: My left shoulder is still iffy

G: Ok, let’s do that because my hand is burning with energy.

It looks like there’s a band around there. That is different for some reason, have you got tightness or pain there?

S: Mmmm.

G: Ah, you have.

S: My neck is very tight, yeah.


G: I’m not seeing thing as I normally do. It’s a bit like most things are blank and what stands out is just black and white. There’s no sort of… you know I use to see the darker areas where it’s painful and confused areas and all sorts.


S: Yeah, there are very different energies.


G: Yeah, I think so. I think it’s because your abilities have changed so you’re,.. of course we’re working on the spiritual body not the physical. Okay, okay, that makes a bit more sense.

Okay, you have far more channels going through your meridians etc in the spiritual body. Normally you would have so many and they would relate to the physical body but now you’ve got hundreds and thousands of them. So the whole thing is different. So, I can’t work on the spiritual body using all those infinite number of colors. So they said it’s very simple, it’s either black or it’s white. So, wherever I put my hands doesn’t make any difference the energy will go in and they will sort it out on your side so I don’t have to… that’s why I can’t see on your body anymore.


Now you see all of this has become just like an amethyst crystal. Because everything my hand can see is like this geode. It’s quite something.

Here. Now, this is going to sound weird. Here I’ve only got eyes. These are not in your body, this is just showing me that somebody or some spiritual something, which takes over from here.

So, I can’t do any more. They will sort it out for you.


S: I can just see loads and loads of like sparkles. Loads of energy. But it’s like hundreds of little stars.


G: Yeah, my hands were hot earlier on. That’s why I had to give some form of healing but all he would do is like plug them in, lol.


S: Yeah.


G: Let’s see if I can do one more thing

Okay they are saying it’s getting a bit confusing but…


Spirit: You’ve basically got two forms of being healed. The normal healing that you get, the normal connection, healing to your physical body etc, it’s still there but in the background and you’ve got this new one we’ve just been talking about which has taken over but because you’re working on a normal Earth vibration you will still have the old one but it won’t be as prominent as before. But you still need it there, to do what you normally do. Basically the experiences you’ve had etc.

The second one you’ve got, is this new one, which you will gain experience on, and which will just grow and develop and so on.  Does that make sense?


S: Yeah.


G: I’m getting quite a few faces.  These are helpers of your Shan. Because there’s such a variety of different energies going through you, in the beginning you will have specialists that specialise in different types of energies. That’s why you’ve got quite a few of them in the beginning. Until the body you’ll be using gets used to them, and what they can do and so on.

All these faces seem to be similar in a way. Very weather-beaten. They all look, I don’t know, like a cross between Bob Marley and a Red Indian.


S: Lol.


G: Okay what they want you to do? From your Solar Plexus, just open it up and send out as much energy as you can. Just going straight out there. All the zillions of different colors. Just let it flow as much as you can. Just to experience it. They will help you do that.

Tell me what you can see Shan.


S: As soon as they started doing that I could feel energy on my face, my 3rd eye. I could feel the energy open and going out. Then it started shooting out. Like suddenly just turning a torch on, just phew.


G: Yeah.


S: I can see all stars, it’s like a whole galaxy out there. I can feel, I can sense the energy

G: Just realize you can send out more, bigger, wider, faster.


S: Mmmm


G: Just do your thing.

It can be unlimited.

That seems to be it, they are all disappearing.


S: That was amazing. I was just all these energies. And then it was just like stars and stars, that’s the only way I can describe it. Tiny little twinkling stars.

I felt tingles here

Then this opened.

More tingling

it was Snow White first

and when you said expand it just went poof, and suddenly got encapsulated just everything, everyone, anyway.


G: You’ve also got to understand that each tiny little pin prick of color can be. like we looked at a long time ago, where the whole universe can be inside of something the size of a pin prick. So size doesn’t make a difference


S: I felt all the expansive of everything. How potent everything is. The capabilities of everything. Sort of like the big picture. Ok, this is some mother fuckin energy.

But beautiful, just all in front of me and just stars. Wow

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