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759 How Spiritual understanding goes off track – starting with Clowns

G:  I’m answering a few questions. Once we get going, we can get onto all these sites and just answer the right questions.

S: Yeah, exactly.

G: You have no idea of some of these people.

S: Yeah,

G: Granny has just shown me that she has just gone off somewhere. And she will be back later.

S: Oh good.

G: She’s gone on another adventure or another. I see her disappear over the horizon.

Anyway. We are going to look at some clowns and some villages. And that’s the first thing I saw, huge clown face in front of me. And then he showed me a village, which is all just nice white buildings, et cetera. And then the point of the story is, all the things that are created that aren’t real. For instance, you know, I’ve just been reading stuff on the internet and people have put stuff there which they believe is the right thing, which we know is not the right thing.


S: Yeah.


G: So all these things become creations. And as people read them, people are interested and read them, then they tend to repeat them and they sometimes exaggerate them. They become real. So exactly the same, this is a way, Leprechauns, Yetis and so on were started through group thought forms, all getting together.

So what happens when people send out all these beliefs, and more thought forms are created. Now we’re talking really about religion. You’ve taken different religions. So if you take any religion, what happens is it gets passed down through the different families. And it’s taught by the parents to the youngsters.


And they are doing what they actually believe is the right thing to do, but they’re doing it based on belief and not on experience.


S: Yeah.


G: But the child now picks this up and thinks this is the truth because the parents say so.


S: That’s right.


G: And only maybe at a later stage, they start to think differently.

So how do we stop this growth of a religion? Or do we want to stop it? So just think for a minute of how we were talking a few weeks ago about you get a major religion such as Catholicism, and you get a small breakaway group who think they’ve got, they believe in Catholicism, except there’s a couple of little things they want to change.


They think that the Catholics have got it wrong, so they start their own. The Greek Orthodox Church was one of those. So they have a couple of extra things and they start teaching a congregation. And today that congregation can be a million, 2 million people. So what they don’t do is they don’t go back and check on what they originally decided.


They decided that was right, and in their own minds it is. And they carry on but they don’t bother checking on it. Now, we’ll come back to those in a minute. But first I want to talk about what you think of your religion, your understanding of spirituality as you’ve gone through the same thing and you’ve learned through different people, you’ve read different books, you’ve talked to spiritual people, and of course you’ve done a lot of meditation.


Now what you get in meditation, of course you can believe far more cause you’re actually seeing and experiencing, et cetera. But how do you know that what you’ve been told, something simple for example, like we go through 700 lives before, 700 reincarnations, before you move on to the mental levels. You were probably told that many years ago by somebody, but you haven’t actually checked whether or not that was right or wrong.


So what we’re going to do over the next,… well this is something that you that you’ll just be able to do yourself. When it comes to answering simple questions, you will know what is right, what is wrong based on the experience that you’ve had, but also you may be able, may want to think twice and just reconfirm or just give it some thought and maybe some of the things that you’ve been taught need to be tweaked a little bit so that they’re more correct.


S: Mm-hmm.


G: So, one of the problems that we have with spiritual people who have ego is that they get to the stage of being a medium or clairvoyant or sensitive, and they think that this is the ultimate. They’re now doing God’s work and they’re an agent of God.


S: It’s the be all and end all, yeah.


G: Yeah, that’s right. And they tend to repeat things over and over again, and they don’t check at all.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: But as they repeat things, of course, they’ve just embellished a little bit and so it becomes, soon becomes way out of sync. So one of the things that you’ll be coming up with, as you do your teaching, what you’re going to be doing on that, and the website and so on, is you’re going to be coming across quite a lot of this and it’s your job to try and correct it to the best of your ability.


Now, one of the problems is if somebody says X, Y, Z, and you say No, this is x, y, z two. It’s going to create a bit of a conflict.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: So, the way you get it across has got to be very, …


S: It can be with a question.


Spirit: It could be with a question, yes. But it could also be very, what’s the word, as a teacher would put it.


So, somebody says xyz, and you put no, the correct answer is 123, without having it justified or anything. And that will simply make them think. And then the people who are reading these two different positions,….


S: They get the energy of both and they choose.


Spirit: Yes, quite right. Yeah. Okay. So it’s the way you put it across. Very good.

How do we change other religions that are out there that believe in different ways? And the answer is you don’t really need to, because what will happen is people will start to believe a religion, but once they start to find the flaws in that religion, then they will start to search for themselves.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: Find the right answers and they will break away or they’ll move on to a different religion or simply think a different way.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: So again, we need positive, negative and balance. And that’s there.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: And one of the ways you will be able to get out into the marketplace, if you like, is by answering questions the right way. So if you get for instance, there’s a post with a dozen people all arguing about this, that and the other.


S: Yes.


Spirit: And you come across with a very simple, straightforward answer, which they can believe.

And of course the energy that goes into that will be, will make it more believable too. And you’ve suddenly got 10 or 12 people starting to think the right way. They will then progress, send it on to others and so on. So just with one little answer, you can actually do quite a lot of good.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: And correct an awful lot of things.


S: I’ve played with that twice and got no likes and whatever.


Spirit: Yes. And that’s a very good indication.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: Because people, a lot of people are told things, but they don’t really believe them because it sounds a bit too good to be true.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: And maybe it’s because the person telling it is not….


S: …. authentic.


Spirit: Yeah. Authentic or credible or believable. But they will also feel, sense what sits well.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: And that’s what they will go for.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: So, yeah. And that is also a good way for you to teach people, to tell them,


S: yeah.


Spirit: …. to sense, to feel. I know you’ve been doing this.


S: Yes.


Spirit: You call it the light and the heavy, and sticky, of course lol..


S: Yes.


Spirit: Yes, teach people that, and they will sense and feel. And it’s a basic sense. They don’t need to go into meditation and learn all these different things. It’s just a basic gut feel, and people understand that very well, and will react to it very well.


S: Yeah, that’s a good one. Yeah.


(coffee sip break)


Spirit: We can enjoy coffee. We can sense coffee. Lol. It’s very comfortable to come down and just do what you’re doing every now and again.

You might question why I pause for a while to wait to tell you what the next thing is. That’s because I’m not telling you what’s needed. It’s the information coming your way. I have to introduce and get going and see what’s needed and the best way to put it across the so on.


S: Mm-hmm.


Spirit: So I am an interpreter, if you like for all you need.


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