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761 Some people will not want to listen – move on

G: Okay, now I’ve got a stairway, an old wooden stairway. It’s got lots of cobwebs on. And it goes up. The wood is very dark and I’m going to go up and just see what is up there. And once I get right to the top of this wooden staircase, it is basically, gone up three or four stories. And it’s just a staircase, an enclosed staircase, and at the top, I’m looking out over this sleeping town or city. It’s all very quiet and peaceful. And I’m just looking at it from up there. And this is frustration. I can’t actually get out. It’s only a small opening that I can look through. So I know I can go through it, but what they’re trying to say is you will get frustrated because you obviously will encounter other people who have different views. People who won’t want to listen to what you have to say.

And you will have groups that will totally disagree with what you have to say, and your best thing you can do is leave them alone.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: Now, that’s because, as you know, we need positive, negative and balance.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: So.


S: And also that you cannot have an argument with someone, especially with regards to religion.


Spirit: Absolutely.


S: You are…. There’s no right and no wrong. So, yeah.


Spirit: Yeah. They’re very dedicated.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: So all you can do is you plant seed and move on,


S: Yeah.


Spirit: give your opinion and move on. Leave it.  


S: Yeah,


Spirit: Yeah, that’s fine. So I think that’s all we can tell you tonight. I’ll just see if there is one more just in case.


No, everybody seems to have gone. A short one tonight.


S: Mm-hmm. But nice. Simple.


G: It was nice. Yeah. It makes sense as well.


S: But all-important stuff as well.


G: Yeah, very much so.


S: Because the answer is going and tapping in, answering people’s things, which is exactly how I found this woman to help her rescue from this entity. Little things like that.


G: That’s sort of how we’re going to get known.


S: Yeah.

G: By helping people in different ways.


S: Yeah, absolutely. But no way will I ever upgrade from a three-bedroom place.


G: lol.


S: I’ll never ever want for more, ever.

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