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762 Red energy – and lose everything to see a clearer picture.

G: I think I pretty much know what we are going to talk about tonight. Recently, I’ve been getting things before we meditate. Just to sort of short cut time.

S: Yeah, well you’re pretty fast when you tap into it. So, yeah.

G: Yesterday Verns went off and she went sort of over the horizon. She disappeared somewhere. Something she had to go and see. Today she’s back. But she seems to be not in trouble but she’s like had a fright or seen something, this is what I think, seen something which has a very nasty outcome or something along those lines. So I’m going to see if we can see what that is.

She’s been to see the other side of the coin. We’ve been told about what we’re going to do and how we are going to help influence these enormous amounts of energy and so on. And obviously she’s helping with that and so on. But what she’s been to see is the other side. What’s going to happen. Because you don’t normally see that in one huge picture. Now at the moment, there’s I don’t know, 50,000 Children’s starving to death every day, we know that. There are wars all over the world and so on. But when you look at it from a spiritual point of view, you look down on the earth and you see all the good on one side and all the bad on the other, or you can see it that way. And when you look at all the good that are suffering, not the bad, the good that are suffering because they’re learning lessons because,,


S: Yeah,


G: so everybody has to learn lessons. And the lessons, although they’re good for individuals, there’s also group lessons as well. So what you have is, … I mean if you just take a simple example, we’ll go back to the war in Ukraine and Russia, where you’ve got thousands of dead. But that affects many more hundreds of thousands. And that affects millions. And that’s going to affect the world’s grain and shortage of this, that, the other and so on. And that’s just one country. Then you add in Africa, and there’s starving in Africa, the diseases that are around, then you add in Asia, then there’s South America. There’s just so much really bad stuff going on with the earth. We can see, we know that the earth needs changing, and that change is about to happen, but before it happens, what we’ve got to do is get lower and lower at the bottom of this cycle so everybody can see the drama that’s been caused. So they can ‘want’ to get out of it, and that’s what will drive us out of it.


S: so it’s again, the negative energy will create the drive.


G: Yeah. So what Mom has seen is an overall picture of the sadness, the anguish and so on, which everybody has to go through. And that’s what’s affected her. It’s just absolutely enormous. Now, she’s been doing all sorts of things since you crossed over and it’s all – what she’s been doing is basically the same as what we’ve been taught. But she’s been doing it on a much higher level, because we’ll be working together and so on. And again, she didn’t realise the size, the enormity of what is about to happen and how people are going to suffer and starve to death, and so on. And so it’s not just the people, it’s the animals as well, and not just your domestic animals, the animals out in the wild will suffer from all sorts of things. Because you’ve got this combination of greed, power, wars, etc, domination. But then you’ve got the weather as well and the weather of course, one affects the other, and so it’s just going to get worse and worse and worse..

So, what we’re doing here, having no money and nothing to lose is a good thing because we’ll be able to see a different picture, we will be able to move with the right sort of people. But we won’t have that worry about losing our houses, our furniture, our jobs, our power, and that sort of thing because we haven’t got in the first place. So we’ll see a different picture so we’ll be able to help a lot more. Because we understand, it’s going to be much easier for us

And, having said that, she’s showing me that what she has all around her, is red. All her helpers, if you like, are red or the colour that we’re using is red. What is red?


S: Energy.


G: What energy?


S: Potency.


G: There’s two uses for red. First of all there’s anger. So reversing anger as we’re discussing yesterday, that can be done. But what it matches with is your base center, your base chakra, which is red, which is grounding.

And so what she will be doing is yes, trying to ground people to make them understand the right thing. And this is what she’s going to find very hard to do, because when she was here and when she was teaching people, it was a matter of, you can help people instantly and so on. What she’s going to be doing from over there is not have the instant gratification, if you like, of helping people. She knows she’s got to do it and she will do it to the best of her ability. But she will also see the outcomes of – a lot don’t make it, some do, etc. Because you can’t help everybody. You can only do so much. You’ve got to have so much positive, so much negative. So saying all of that, that’s really what she’s going to do. But there’s more to it and that’s okay. Very smart blond. Okay, so what she’s saying is she’s starting with grounding and because she’s starting with grounding, she had to go and see all these horrible things, which is what’s affected her, which has given her the ability…


S: the power, yeah.


G: …the ability to create more and more colours and more energy. And she is showing me now surrounding her, red, all this multitude of colours, being strong, bright colours, which she will be using.

So that’s a good side. So she said, from a spiritual point of view, when they’re over there, you don’t really have bad days. You know, we assume that they don’t have bad days because thought is creation, they can do what they like and everything is fine, etc. But when you have an understanding of life and what needs doing and how life actually works, you understand that other people suffer on different planets. You feel that suffering, and it becomes part of you and what you’re doing over there is you’re working to help alleviate that, and that’s why you come down and you learn it through different lives. So you can go back and help others, not through physical in your next life, but through your spiritual, what you’re doing, looking, overseeing the growth and the evolvement of different species, societies and planets.


S: Shew.


G: So, there is a lot more to it than that. We’re seeing Mom as being this powerhouse because she knows she’s got the ability to do that with the lives that she had and so on. She’ll be working very closely with us and lots of other people as well and basically what she’s saying is “We got this.. We know what we’re doing. It’s going to be some heavy going at times, but it’s stuff that we can handle. We can do it and we will do it”.


Okay, she is saying ‘don’t worry about losing individuals along the way. It’s just a part of the plan, it must happen, people will cross over. And we will see the majority and the outcome that we all want.


S: Yeah. That’s the focus.

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