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763 How young children connect with Spirit – more than you think (V good)

G: Verna is just going to lighten the mood a little bit by telling us some of the things that she can do with Children.

Spiri: So with your young Children on Earth, obviously they can see spirit. They can sense very well. And she’s showing me basic sort of dangling colours in front of them. They say, same as it is like for babies. And so she’s dangling colours, like they have a play thing above their cot, going round and round. And she can do the same thing with colours. But what she can do with the child is put into the child, happiness, a happy thought, to stop it crying and so on. And she is saying it’s very, very simple to do, but obviously we don’t want to do that because that’s going to affect what the mother is learning and what the child’s learning and free will and so on. So, when necessary, we can do it very simply. So, they do it every now and again just to have fun and just to show the kids in spirit what can be done

Now, the first thing you’re going to say is energy can only be transferred through somebody on Earth, but you forget that when Children are between one and seven, they are mainly spiritual.

S: Yeah.

Spirit: So therefore, the connection is there, and therefore that’s not important. It’s only when they get to their teens that you’ll have to use this ability and make sure they keep their free will. So, they can play around with Children an awful lot, and also when those Children come over to, in astral, to learn a bit more. The first thing they learn is about how to live and exist on Earth with their new environment, because they’re basically learning from scratch. They’ve brought down so many memories, a little bit of information in their DNA etc., but they’re learning from scratch, and it’s easy enough to give them a little bit of extra help, when needed, just to make the growth easier and simpler.

Other things… The peekaboo that everybody does with babies. They do that all the time and because that is harmless and it’s just, it keeps the…. Ok, when the Children are born, the babies are born, they go thorough, if you can imagine a graph of their lives from 1 to 7, for example. Then you get a graph of their bad days, a graph of their good days, a graph of their happy days, and so on. So, and this all has to do with planets.

So, you want the child to grow up very balanced on each year it grows. Or as it goes through life, it needs to be balanced, so what they can do is if they’re having a hard time, they can give them some happier times, very simply, through something simple, like peekaboo, just to get their happiness up, and so they become more balanced.

Unless of course, which, where they’ve learned, where they’ve wanted to learn a lesson of being mistreated or abused, or whatever. They can’t do that, too. But what they do is they put in the child, in the pit of the stomach, in the heart center, they put in an emotion which basically says, the outside of me is suffering all this abuse, but the inside of me is safe. So when I go to sleep, I’m safe, and that’s a very calming energy that can be used. And then that one is blue and white.


Groups as well. So Children don’t feel left out. They need to interact with other Children, etc. So again, where there’s very little interaction because of a variety of reasons, mainly in areas where Children don’t have…., African villages and so on. They create, not so much play here as connections to different children. So the play aspect is much higher than it would be in a normal, civilised community. So the Children will get more benefit by interacting with other Children in the area. So to make the connection stronger, put it that way.


Now, this change that is happening now. When you get to the change, it cannot be on a specific day or year or whatever. It takes a lot of time, but then you can’t drag it on for too long. It’s got to be within the certain parameters. And that’s why the last few years you’ve seen lessons being speeded up for various people. And that’s for various people, groups, communities, religions, all sorts of things. Everybody is getting lessons faster and faster. And when you put all this together with the economy and finance and wealth and wars, and so on. It becomes a very compressed society, a very strained society and the more strained it gets, the more release people have, when afterwards, they go into the change. So, for example, going from being in liquidation to being okay and getting three meals a day is such a relief for them, and that changes their way of thinking a bit, like what we’ve been going through.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: But they will go through it on a much higher level, and there will be a lot of extremes as well, not just the people who have been millionaires and become nothing, but also the people who have just been surviving for a long time, and suddenly they’ve got nothing. If you take these African communities where they’re begging on the streets, can you imagine what it’s like to go without food? Can you imagine what it’s like to die of starvation?


This is some of the things that Mom saw, dying of starvation.  Can you imagine how it would affect you, seeing babies dying of starvation. It’s horrible, but it has to be, it has to happen. Because it’s all part of being able to evolve. People need to see these dramas and what’s going on to be able to evolve and make things better and the desire in people, once this change does happen, the desire is to help others. And you start on this upward path. And that’s when you go into a society where everybody starts to help each other and it will continue till it gets to the extreme, many years down the road and then it will change once more.


Mom is very comfortable. She’s saying, She’s got this. This is her thing. She’s got this. We got this. There’s no if’s or but’s here. And she’s got all these helpers behind her, all these connections, all this power, all this stuff that she can do and she knows how to do it, and she’s going to go ahead and do it. And she is going to watch over us and she is going to help us do it. And it’s just going to be quite an adventure, she says. Picking her words, quite an adventure. And she knows we all like adventures, lol. 


S: Yeah, lol, who taught you that, right?


G: Lol. Now, what she’s going to leave is some pink and white colours. Pink and white flowers are going to fill this flat, fill this room and fill your room next door, with these pink and white flowers because they are, now, what’s the word…. It’s not calming, it’s when you’ve been calmed down. Tranquil that’s what it is. So these are tranquil.

So what happens is, as we go through different things, they’ll always be here. You come back and it will help you just come down to relax and.., not that we are stressed at the moment. But it will be more comfortable. As we do various things and as we develop, you know, because we’re going to go through stages where we think ‘is this working?’ and so on. And she’s saying, Don’t worry about that, we will make sure everything will work. You’ve got to do the work. You’ve got to think about it. You’ve got to plot, plan and do your usual stuff, we can guide you in the right direction and we won’t let you down. It’s all going to happen. So that’s not a problem. Don’t worry about that side of it.


S: They lift me up petals.


G: Yeah, lift me up petals. Lol. Very good. And she said, It’s about time Aiden had a big love. So she’s going to send a big love to Aiden. She says, not that he deserves it, but….


S: Yep


G: …that’s what granny’s do. And she’s giving her big hug to both of us. And then she’s gone.

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