Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding life, and how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

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764 Mom (Verna) visits Geoff and Sharon

G: I’ve got a Mom here, with a comfortable backdrop, a backdrop of snow, snow and a few bushes and snow. Just feeling very comfortable and there’s no heavy feelings or whatever. Just very nice, very comfortable.

S: And snow is like that. Snow is just nice and clean and light and fluffy. 

G: Yeah, it is

S: And tranquility and calming and those energies.


G: I’m getting a hug. Seems like she’s going to do something. It’s like she’s going away for a while. And she’s saying, but don’t worry, their time and our time is totally different. And it’s only going to be a short while. Because of things she has to do, seems like in a different dimension.

She has to go and learn a bit more and she just didn’t want us to feel …


S: Abandoned


G: Abandoned, yeah. She is showing me, we’re standing on a hill with snow and so on. And down the bottom of the hill, it goes into a forest with no snow at all. It goes off in the distance and there’s big valleys and mountains and forests and there’s no snow, etc.

So it seems to be the end of a period, or we’re going into another period. Yeah, she says that’s a bit more like it. We’re going into a different period.

So, she’s going to do one thing, we’re going to do another.

And then we’ll just meet up a little bit further down the road.

It’s not a problem and we can always send messages or whatever, but she says we don’t need to, it’s all organised, sorted, etc.

She just wanted to make sure that we didn’t feel anything.

So that’s all good. Now, she is going to stay in the snow and you and I are going to walk down into this forest.

And that’s where our tonight’s lesson begins, going into the forest.

And Mom’s off somewhere.

So, you and I are walking through the forest, it’s all nice and green, sunshine upstairs, it’s cool in the forest. There’s pine needles and all the little flowers. And, It just goes on and on for a long time. So we’re going to rush ahead, get into the forest.

And there is a lot of colour and flowers and sunshine and we come out of the forest and up on top of the hill. A beautiful scenery past that. So what that means is we’re going to go into a period of…

They’re sort of getting us ready for something.

Probably with all this information that we’ve got, they’re going to get us ready.

So it means we won’t be able to do any sort of heavy meditations for a week or so.

It’s got to soak in, what we’ve been doing and we’ve got a few adjustments to make.

And they want us to start the spiritual dictionary, get that going.

Because that needs a bit of organizing as well, from their point of view. But there’s nothing wrong with that at all, or uncomfortable. You and I will be very comfortable together just doing what we’re doing. It’s just going to be a little bit of a break.

What they’re saying is, we’ve been given an awful lot in the last few months. And what’s got to happen is it’s got to get into our souls, if you like.

And we’ve just got to adjust.


S: Practice it and…


G: Yeah, our bodies have to adjust as well, our other bodies have to adjust with all this change, because it’s been a huge change.


S: Yeah.


G: And they are saying the change is much bigger than we think, because just before Christmas, before Mom died, we went down, down, down for a long time.

And now suddenly we’ve got over that, and we’ve sort of reached the bottom of that pit, and now we’re climbing out of it, but we’re climbing out of it so fast.

So we just need a little bit of time to…


S: Process it.


G: Process and stabilize.


S: I can feel them doing things with me as well, at night when I go to sleep. Last night I think it was, I just got, it was like a V shape of energy coming in. It was just green, I can’t explain it, its green energy, but not just green color coming towards me, green… I can’t put it into words…


G: Like liquid glass?


S: Yeah, maybe. I feel hundreds of bubbles is not the right word. It could be like liquid glass.

And then it was yellow and purple, the same energy, just yellow and purple, absolutely beautiful, and I just welcome it.

And this morning when I woke up, I did a meditation outside, and that’s when I got all the colors, that’s when I could, I see it with my third eye, I don’t see it as in a picture, or I, I know the image, I don’t see the image.

But I can see the world, and then these colors that they’re working with are, they come in a figure eight.

So it’s trying to do a circle around the world, and that’s why it was everywhere.

And then when I was doing my reflexology today, I was holding the one foot, and then I’m working on the other foot, and the colors were doing the same thing.

There’s a figure eight around the foot, a figure eight circulating all around the foot, and then the other one, and then there’s a figure eight all around the foot.

So they’re starting to use the colors, well I’m starting to use the colors that they’re giving me.

And I don’t see the colors specifically, I just know that it’s just all these colors.


G: Yeah, I can understand that.


S: I don’t see them, I just, it’s a knowing, it’s not seeing. I know that the world’s been wrapped.

So it’s like a knowingness, I don’t see pictures, images, but it’s like a knowingness of what’s going on.


G: Yeah.


S: So I think they’re still kind of working on us. To help integrate everything, and so we can activate everything.


G: Yeah, there’s a lot of little things that go with the big things. And it’s not worth them sort of coming and talking about all the little things.

They’re saying it’s a bit like you took a big roast, the end result is a big roast, but you’ve got all the little bits that go with it.


S: And also we’ve got to get our ducks in a row with social media and how we are doing what, what, what, what.


G: Absolutely.


S: Yeah, so it all makes sense.


G: Yeah, we’ve got lots of little bits of adjusting to do. And like you say, you get it at night.

And it can be any time, when you… they are saying that when you do healing on people, you’ll be doing different sorts of healing, but there’ll just be small adjustments and you’ll automatically just accept them.

And that is how that will sort of change quite comfortably. But you’re right about getting everything started. Because it’s going to, it needs to carry on in the right vein, it needs to start in the right vein and carry on in the right vein.

And it’s not, what they don’t want is us to rush into it or to start it because we’re desperate to start it, because we’ve got to start it comfortably.

Which is what is happening now, so we’ve got the time to do it and we can do it very comfortably and we will get the right answers and so on.


S: Yeah.


G: Okay, I’ve come up above the forest now, just looking down ahead and it’s all just huge and a long way.

But that’s where I’m going to leave it tonight. So when we come back, this will be our starting point of going back into it in a few days time, or in a short period.

And meanwhile we can get clarification on small things that we ask about which we just need sorting out and they can help us that way, but going back into the main teaching will not be for a while.

Now Mom’s been watching this and it’s, she went a fair distance away, but that’s as much as she said yes, she’s got it all right.

It’s not that she’s going anywhere away from us, she’s just working sort of in a different, I don’t know, dimension, or somewhere.

Some things are different over there, but you know what I mean.


S: Put that into words.


G: Yeah. But she’s quite happy. Gives you a big love, give me a big love, gives one for Aiden and the dogs and then she is smiling big smiles.

And she says she’s going to go happy, go away happy.

And we’re happy too, we’re going to have to absorb it, and away she goes.

She’s left a little girl here, I’m not sure what she wants.

There’s a little girl of about five or six with straight hair, very plain dress on, slippers.

And she’s looking at me for some reason.


S: She left a Boo with you.


G: That’s what I was thinking. She’s climbed on my lap. And, yeah, she’s a little Boo


S: Mmmm.


G: How cute is that? Yeah, she’s laughing. Okay, so she scoots off, so it’s, while Mom’s away, she’ll come and visit.


S: Sweet.


G: That’s nice. And that’s all there is.

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