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766 Excellent talk on thought forms and energy

Spirit: Okay. I want to talk a little bit about thought forms. Thought forms are created all the time, both good and bad. You create thought forms, non-stop all day long. And as you know, like attracts like, so thought forms tend to lump together.

So, where you get a disagreement in an area, it’s all these negative thought forms, we’ll call them, all come together and that creates this negative group, negative group energy.

And that has to be combated by a similar positive energy, or destroyed in some way or another.

So, when you go into an area, and let’s just say it’s Palm Lakes again, and you see this group of negative energy, or you hear about it, whatever it might be, you won’t have to go into all the detail of what’s wrong.

You will simply allow us to go in and fix it.

Now this is, it won’t be an extreme, you’ll learn as we go along, but it’s just a matter of allowing us to help more with what needs doing.

Most of the time you won’t even know that we’re doing it.

But you will understand where there is a conflict whatever, simply by you hearing of that conflict allows us to, it opens the door to allow us to go in and help with that conflict, based on experience that you’ve had and what you’ve brought us to do.

So this is a very comfortable way of….


S:.. healing.


Spirit: Comfortable way of healing, yes, that you haven’t done as yet. But you’ll be doing a lot in the future.

Now the next thing is, there’s a lot of build-ups of energy around the world, based on different ideas, and different situations, and wars and so on.

People who think the world is about to end, the world is going to change, etc.

And even in your spiritual world, there’s so many groups that think that change is going to be done this way, that way, and so on.

And so many are different. So what we have to do is try and correct that balance a little bit.

We must always end up with a positive, negative and balance, but we now have an opportunity through what you’re going to be doing, of getting through to these people, and getting through to the groups, and being able to redirect them to where they should be going.

Most of their problems have been simply passed down from one generation to the next, where one group or a few people in a particular group decide that they have a better way of improving, doing what they believe is the right thing, and so these offshoots turn up in different religions and different groups.

And so they just grow and grow and grow from there. It’s like you were talking today about the Arcturians, and they have a huge following, and that’s just what the people believe.


S: And that doesn’t make sense when you read what you read. That doesn’t even make sense.


Spirit: Well, it’s because it’s been changed over the years. If you think, let’s just take the aliens that have spoken to you over the past few years, there’s been quite a few of them.

They’ve come down and they’ve channeled through one or the other, and they’ve given their opinion. That channeling may have been slightly wrong, or it may have been an exaggerated performance by one of the aliens.

There are possibilities. 99% is correct, we know that. But there is, I’m just saying, there is that possibility where things are misinterpreted.

Where you get somebody who channels to a group, and then their ego takes over, they would embellish a little bit, and they will say things just off the cuff, and then they start to believe them.

And every time they repeat them, they believe them more and more. And that becomes part of their soul, part of their being. They absolutely believe that.

But it is wrong. Now, it could have happened to you as well. All sorts of things you have been taught, and you must always be aware of that.

But now, because of all these groups out there, we now have to correct that balance as well. We’ve got to change the Earth, it’s got to go back into a positive form and continue to evolve nicely, etc.

So here’s an ideal opportunity for us to look after these particular groups, and just change a little bit of their thinking, because we can. And we can change it as a group, that’s the nice part.

So again, it’s your thought, as you meet up with these groups, especially as you talk to these groups that you’ll be doing, with the work that you’ll be doing, with the Internet and so on.

As you talk to a group, it will start to spread throughout that group, and it will allow us to send the correct form of energy to those people, and just spread from one to another.


Your writings come from the heart, from the soul, what you believe, etc. And again, you allow us to put forward opinions that you can use, and you will feel what is right and what is wrong, as you have been doing.

And you mustn’t doubt those, just always be aware to check and double check where you can, but you know deep down what is right and what is wrong, and that’s what’s most important, and that’s what has to be taught.

You will come across a lot of negative people who will assume that you are either on an ego trip, or not well experienced, or for whatever reason.

And that again is mainly their ego, and based on what they’ve been taught and so on. Because that’s basically what spiritualism is all about, it’s not cut and dried, it’s learning as you go along, and you always get the good and the bad.

Or the good and the misguided, put it that way. Ego and jealousy are one of the worst things. And of course it’s one thing that the two of you have already got over, you don’t need that anymore, and you understand that. So when you come across somebody who has that, you will understand that they simply aren’t developed far enough.


S: Yes.


Spirit: Now, with the new generations coming through, the next ten years, the new children that will be born, etc, and some that are already here, that are going into this life of teaching and technology, etc.

What they will pick up from, they pick it up from two things. First of all they pick up from spirit, because they are connected to spirit for the first seven years.

And then they start to pick up from the feelings of the people around them, the parents, etc. So that’s going to be totally different from, for instance, when you were born.

Because of the energy that’s being changed around them, the groups that are changing energy, they’re going to pick up that energy. Now, when a baby is born it picks up the energy from the planets, as you know, but then it picks up energy from everybody around it.

It picks up the energy from the people and then it also learns through actions. But mainly it picks up energy from people and how they feel.

And so they will sense what is right and what is wrong coming from groups. Now this sounds a little bit far-fetched, but believe me it does work.

So where you get a group believing in whatever it might be, just having the child in the room will pick up that energy into their body, without their brains registering it.


S: Yaw.


Spirit: Okay, so it’s basically they are learning gut feel.


S: Programming via ….


Spirit: Yes, what’s right and what is wrong, through sensing. Now, you as a mother know that if you pick up a child you love, etc, it goes to sleep, it trusts you, it picks up your senses.

And then you can put it in a room where there are people who dislike babies, for example, and it will sense that as well. They’re very good at sensing this.

And they will also pick up senses from what’s around them, from groups around them, what’s happening. You take them into a supermarket, which has all the action that’s around it.

It can feel when people are angry in some places and not in others. And this starts to build their character.

So as the new generation are now learning, they’re learning on a much more positive level, they’re learning more positivity than they are negativity.

And as they grow into their teens and then into their twenties, then they’ll be far more advanced than your generation was at that particular level.

And they’ll be on the next stage to evolving.


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