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767 Tranquil energies

G: Now, I’m being shown a scenario.

It started off as a small, very casual restaurant, which is walls surrounding on three sides.

It’s on the edge of a town. Three walls surrounding it. And it’s basically looking out over a town, it’s looking down over a town where there’s all lights and a river in the background with the moon shining on it.

It’s just a beautiful, beautiful setting. The sort of place you’d like to take your partner and so on. Really beautiful, peaceful, loving and enjoyable setting.

And what they’re saying is one of the biggest forms of energy that we’ve yet to discuss is how you relax everybody, bring them down to tranquility.

So they can sit down in an area like this and look out over this beautiful town and feel just so comfortable, so relaxed, so happy, so laid back, so peaceful.

Now we know in the countryside and so on, we know how to do that, so in towns it’s a little bit different. So that’s going to take an enormous amount of energy and we’ve got to create that energy first of all.

Now, where you get, for example, let’s say an African village where they’re all starving, they’ve been starving for ages, for them to suddenly have three meals a day is heaven to them.

And to them that’s the most beautiful feeling. It’s safety, its serenity, tranquility, everything in one. That’s all they need is three meals a day.

And that’s the energy that we have to create to solve a lot of these problems.


Again, going back to the Ukraine-Russian war, what’s going to happen after the war? Supposing they stop the war today and it’s all over.

You’ve got millions of displaced people, you’ve got thousands of people who have lost family and relatives, you’ve got hundreds of thousands who have absolute hatred for the war.

So they’ve got to be pacified, relaxed. Now, it’s a very difficult thing to do. You need to come to a final agreement. I mean, wars are won through negotiation. If one side dominates, the other side will always be dominated, always be angry, always be hated.

So this is just one example in a war. How do we get the people back to a level where they’re just happy with what they’ve got?

It takes a lot of doing, so there’s lots of ways of doing that, but mainly what we need is that super energy which just relaxes people and says, it’s okay, we’re going back to where we are, things are good, don’t worry.

And we’ve also got nature involved and all sorts of things.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: That is a massive amount of energy that’s going to be needed. I’ll be showing you how to generate that a little bit later.

A lot has already been done, but there’s going to be a lot more needed.

Energies will also be stored in the air, and they’ll be in basic layers, which also we’ll go into later and what these energies will be.

So that when an energy is needed, and I’ll go back to us working through you, where the energy is needed, you will simply see it.

We’ll be able to access that energy through you, bring it down from the air and put it to where it’s supposed to be.

Again, in most cases, you won’t even know about it. Simply because you’re thinking the right way.

Now, for you to continue thinking the right way, we’ve got to continue to teach you the right way to correct any small problems, to analyse things you do, to keep you in a comfortable zone so that you’re believing, you’re able to believe, a better way to put it… everything that you do experience.

I know at the moment it’s so far-fetched. You can see….. it’s surreal.


S: But we’ve seen results already.


Spirit: Yes, you’ve seen results, but still it’s not concrete, but it will never be concrete.


S: But that’s only endless reality. We need to see things, to believe things and whatever. We don’t talk that; we don’t see it. We have to see it to believe it.


Spirit: Yes, that’s right


S: But we believe. I know we might not see it.


Spirit: Yes, but you do believe. And that belief has always got to be there. To give you an example at the moment, you cannot prove that you talk to your mother, but you know that she’s here and there’s no doubt about it.


S: Yes 1000%


Spirit: Yes, so, and the more you experience things, the more you’re able to believe and the more you’re able to do things.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: So that’s the way that you’ll be going. So our job is to keep you well informed, to make sure you think the right way and so on, to correct any small thinking that we can.

The more we can do that, the more you can help us, the more we can help the world itself.

Right, I think that is enough for one evening.


S: Thank you, that was awesome.


Spirit: Yes. Thank you for listening once again, you are excellent students.

And now I just see we have, you asked for a little bit of humor, so we’ll just go to the next one.

I’m not sure who at the moment, so let’s let them come forward and just say a few words.




G: Okay, this is a winged insect, it’s like a dragonfly, it’s sort of buzzing in front of me.

And it sort of says, you think we speak English? Lol.

And that was the first sort of thing I think I got. You know, minds just go backwards and forwards, you understand each other.

He said, yeah we can do that, but it’s different for us.

He’s trying to say that we live here for a day or two, but we’re gone.

So we don’t have a lot to contribute. Lol.


He says, just know that we can communicate when we’re here.

It’s not for long, so there will be no return visits. lol.


S: One way ticket, lol.


G: Yeah. So, thanks very much. Bye. lol.


S: Oh my God. lol.


G: How brilliant. God, what a finish.

Right, can’t see us writing that one in the book either


S: Hi, bye. Lol.


G: Yeah. Dragonflies live for one day.


S: Yeah.


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