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768 Look back at your life without emotions to clear past problems

G: Let’s go to the wooden cabin in your peace centre. Let’s go to the top and you can see the lake, look down and you can see the oak tree on the right, go down there, put your feet in the water, when you look across the lake, you will see the white wicker gate on the left and the black one on the right. Go across and go through the black wicker gate, what you will find there is a wooden lodge. It’s got one door and one window. Go inside, and there is a desk and a chair. Sit at the desk, and you will find one huge book there. It’s open, and on the left-hand side is your past and on the right-hand side is your future. Your future is blank. I don’t want you to look at the future. This is an area where you come to, where you are able to see events that have happened in your past, without any form of emotion. So, you can look at Gary for example, Trevor, George.

S: This look exactly the same, this is exactly where I was.

G: I am going to do the same. Let’s do our thing and we will connect a little later….

G: I’ve been watching the energy around your head. I can see your aura very clearly.  Around your head. There is lots of energy there.

S: It’s so weird, with this book. Everything just becomes history. Yet we hang on to things. And we have no idea how many positive experiences we have had, yet we make the negative things more meaningful. Maybe because they can be quite big and impactful. But there are many more positive experiences, the big ones are just big and bulky. Regrets are meaningless, otherwise you wouldn’t be where you are and where you have come to.

 All those negative experiences are simply lessons, learning. They make you a much better person. In this reality we make them so much more meaningful and that is the drama and trauma we focus on and are addicted to.

We tell the story over and over and build the energy up.

However, it is simply a script on a piece of paper. A page in your life.

G: yes, and it can happen both ways as well. When something really good happens, it can over power all the negativity. So when you look at people in general, you don’t see the real people that are there. They will show themselves how they like to be seen. Everybody wears this mask and puts on a façade as opposed to showing who they really are. I am looking at a whole group of people now and they are covered in different energies, not lies, but things that aren’t quite as clear as they should be. That is why the highest form of love is honesty.

S: When people are hiding things and keeping things away. They are now showing their true selves so there is an aspect of themselves that they keep dark and covered.

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