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769 Energies, planets and evolving

I’ve got a yacht at sea. And right on top of the mast, looking down. I can see there are no energies intercepting so much, whereas on land there are energies all over the place. Wherever you go, you bump into different forms of energy. Out here it’s different. There is no real energy, it’s just peaceful and calm. Even when there are storms, they come and go. It doesn’t really affect the area, there’s nothing that gathers in the area. There are no groups of energies like there is on land. There is a great amount of peace and tranquillity.

S: I think it’s about being sensory human beings, and how much of other peoples stuff we pick up. And then we own and claim it as our own. (We pick up another person’s hunger or depression and think it is us). Areas can give us the same energies.  Palm lakes, supermarkets, hospitals, tax rooms. They are all a little bit different in energies.

Going below the yacht into the ocean, right in the middle of nowhere. There’s a huge space of emptiness. It’s all the same energy for as far as you can imagine.  On land you keep bumping into all sorts of different types of energies. And as you get underwater here, it is all just one energy, all pretty much the same. But you get the extreme, which is right on the ocean floor, or above the surface, between all that is completely, all the same solid, reliable basic energy.

I’ve gone back to the boat now, it’s night time now, and it’s really calm.  And looking up you can see stars, like you cannot believe because of all the clarity and no lights etc. And the energy, some of it must be from up there. It’s very uniform and peaceful. Let’s try and see why we are being shown this energy, if it comes down at night? So, let’s go up there, above into the edge of the atmosphere. So, just into space, and you look down to the earth and you can sense all the planets behind you, and you go back more and more and more, so the earth becomes tiny. So we are right on the edge of space now, between planets. There is much more distance than people realise. For us to reach the sun is 270 million miles or something ridiculous. So up here, the distances re even greater than that. So while you are here drifting in space, if you thought drifting in a yacht with nothing around you was a lot, here it is huge and vast. We are talking millions of miles on either side of each planet. So, what we feel, right in the middle of space, in the middle of nowhere, where there is no energy, there must be something.

S: well everything is energy and energy is always moving. And up here each planet would have its own energy. Each star, each molecule, everything.

G: and we are miles away from the nearest planet. If you look at a much bigger picture, there can still be energy coming towards us from millions and trillions of miles away, the same as we can see stars which are just gathering light from a distance. When we see the stars right now, we are seeing something that happened a million years ago. Because it’s taken that long for the light to get to us. So, let’s just wander amongst the stars. And see what we can pick up. There is a lot of huge distances and huge empty spaces. It’s fascinating.

We know that on all these planets, we know from our point of view, we know there are zillions of planets out there. And it’s pretty obvious that some must have life on them.  First of all let’s relate to being down here and talking to Mom on the other side, Mom will show herself to us, as we last saw her, as an example. And somebody that last saw Mom when she was at school, would see her as a school girl. So, mom would be able to show herself to different people, depending on when they last saw her etc. Now let’s try and link this to the planets. From earth, we look up at all these different planets. And what we see, is a massive universe. And people looking from different planets, wherever they may be, would see a massive universe, or whatever they need, for their particular planet. We can’t get there, we don’t know what we are seeing, we are guessing, we are guessing what happened several billion or million years ago.  Maybe this is just like our setting, and the universe out there is all just a backdrop, if you like. Or something that can be changed, depending on who is looking at it. So, if you get another planet a million miles away, and they are developing there way, it doesn’t have to be like on earth, they will see the planets differently. Whatever way. If their planet had 2 moons, they would see all these other planets with 2 moons for example. So, it can certainly be creation. So the spirits who are overseeing earth, simply create this huge backdrop, because we are never going to get there.  We would never get past Mars as an example. So it doesn’t matter what that backdrop is. (possibly)

G: I would like to know more about the Arcturians and the paladians and so on. There is a lot of stories about them. And they must have started somewhere.

S: their message on FB don’t make sense.  We are here for you, but we can not help you. You are on your own. Nothing makes sense.?

G: yes, there will be good and bad. It’s something that somebody started and they believe it, and they carry it on believing it. It’s the same as Christianity in a way. It was simply a religion that started and people now believe in it, but there is no real proof as such. There is just the bible and Jesus.      

We know the earth is 8 billion years old. That is a ludicrous amount of time. And if you had to load that onto a calendar year, whenever it started to today, the last 2000 years would be the last minute before midnight on Thursday 1st December. If God creates everything, and he wants to experience everything, why would it take 8 billion years to develop to our stage?

S: when we are so un-evolved as well.

G: yes, I mean we know how we evolved, but we have only started to evolve in the last few million years. Before that it was just planets and cooling down and so on.

S: maybe he was just prepping everything.

G: but for that long?  Let’s use a bit of logic. If you were me, and I create everything and then I start to develop the earth as we know how it developed, gases and then bugs and water, etc. So we developed into humans, that would take half a billion years or something like that. Maybe they have done it several times and screwed up each time. So they start again. Maybe all those planets out there are just memories, things they tried that didn’t work? Or tried and are working, in different directions.  

S: one planet works with minds. Ok, now let’s add words. Ok, now let’s add emotions. It’s like evolvement and advancement, trial and error.

G: let’s relate this to building something. Let’s say you build a car and then after a few years, you find you can build a better one, and then a better one and so on. So when earth began, let’s just say that various races were created and developed and they are getting on, maybe 8 billion years away from us. And then there was a second way and a 3rd way and so on. And we may be that 10 000th way that started to grow and so on. Maybe in the past, in those other galaxies and dimensions, are people who have surpassed what we’ve done so far. Maybe they are living on mental levels, on extreme levels. In fact we know there are a lot of planets out there but they are not living on our level. Maybe the development has gone on since right at the beginning, and we are just one of the later additions.

S: or let’s see how people/beings on that human plain, could evolve. How they function? Who wants to choose that? And you get to pick your planet? It’s not like we are lesser beings, it’s a planetary choice.  You could be from any one of those planets.

G: you are quite right because we have spoken to many different people from other planets and lots of different atmospheres and lifestyles, living conditions and so on. So there must be lots on these other planets and, we tend to think ourselves as being the centre of the universe, and the big bang started here and that sort of thing. But maybe we are not, we are just an additional grain of sand on the universe.

If we start right at the beginning, because there is no spiritual overview, no gardeners of the earth looking after the earth, so in the beginning you will have had people just find their own way, and they would have to develop from there. So let’s say on planet 1: The bugs and microbes become humans for example, and then they cross over and then the first lot of spirits go back, and that happens many more times, and then some decide to stay on there, on the other side, and say “right, we will help you develop the next planet, the next generation” and so it expands that way. So you get more and more souls crossing over with more and more experience. Because there has always been like a management structure. We’eve got the gardeners of the earth and somebody has to supervise them, and supervise the solar system, and supervise going on wards all the way up to God. So you’ve got this management structure, so it could have started 8 billion years ago, and we are just part of the evolving lot of them. That would explain why we can get in touch with people from different planets and people from different planets must be more evolved than us. To be able to communicate with us telepathically. And visit us from different planets. We also now go and visit them.

S: such fun.

G: I’ve got somebody laughing in the background.

S: If they are on just a mental plain, and they just communicate with their thoughts, they aren’t going to think negative thoughts, because everybody would pick them up.  Whereas we have destructive thoughts, creative, fancy, rude, affectionate, hateful, so many thoughts. That just creates energy. It’s easier for them to (we limit ourselves with our minds, with what we can and can’t do.) Whereas they are living more in the being-ness with communication through the mind.

G: they have simply developed more. And we will develop more, as we go through more generations.

S: and we could be with them now. A part of our higher self could be with them now. And the biggest impact on us are the stresses, lifestyle, the form the planet is in, the way the people are, and everything impacts us.  There are so many things impacting us, that just to sit, and stop and be, is a big change for us and allow us to connect to our beingness. And it’s a lifegoal for most people on planet earth.

G: And we call everybody aliens, but we are aliens to them. We are all aliens.  Everyone is an alien.  So we know that our higher selves can communicate with different beings on different planets, etc. We don’t know how evolved we are, how evolved our higher selves are. Until we return. So, again, looking at all these different solar systems, and so on, we tend to think of it as that is all being developed, yet out there for the last 8 billion years and life is only really only on earth. It could have life out there. But 90% of those planets out there, could contain life.  Beyond as far as we can see. All forms of life. There so much possibility. If you just look at all the insects and animals on planet earth, millions of them, so living beings, out there on planets, you can have the same sort of thing. Communication will be different, living above ground, below ground, all sorts of things. Every possibility is out there.

So getting back to these Arcturians and so on, we need some answers about who the genuine ones are and who aren’t.

S: if we read what they write and it’s heavy. We can tell.

G: but not being too quick to judge. You can’t really believe in something until you’ve experienced it. Even when spirits channel through us, you still have that little bit of doubt. Do you influence it at all or did you mis-translate something? So you constantly have to be careful.

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