Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

770 Find the right people ~ Moving energy with sound.

G: Right, I see a scene and it’s freezing cold. Must be well below zero, and there’s a bicycle

there that’s completely frosted over. It’s a street scene, the house is down the left, pavement, bicycle, everything is just covered in a couple of inches of frost, sort of ice. 

A really sort of Siberia type place. And looking around, there doesn’t seem to be much there. I’ll turn around and behind me, there’s a bit of activity. This is like the end of a, it’s like a railway line that goes all the way to Siberia or somewhere up there. Let’s see. I think it’s probably symbolic, let’s see.  

Okay, it is symbolic. This railway line is basically our lives, long, long, long, long life, all the way up to Siberia, which is where we are. And we’re in an area which is a village in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by ice and snow, for as far as we can see. Desolate, nothing else out here except this dead village. And that’s where we’re going to be left. And the reason for that is so that we can create a new, without interruption from people around us. So you can imagine if we get the village going again, we’ve just got to heat it up, and suddenly we’ve got a nice village, but it’s surrounded by ice for as far as we can see. 


So what that means is we’ll start teaching people and helping people and so on, and we won’t be interrupted by everybody else trying to do their own thing in our little village, our town. So they’re all restricted, and they’re all kept further away, so that we can expand outwards and do our thing. Now, I’ve said, is this to do with selling agencies etc? and they said there’s nothing to do with us. Very straightforward. How you do it is up to you. 


But as you know, if you had just been listening to Hitler and what was learnt in those days, and the fact that you understand what he’s saying now, and that you can understand it much clearer than I could understand it back in those days. I don’t know if we’ll be honing into it that big, but we’ll be involved with it. Well, look what we’ve done so far. 


S: Yeah, 


G: So, teaming up with other people in other areas. That’s good. So, where do we go from here? Let’s see what we can start in our little village. 


S: A fire’s a good place to start, to warm up. Lol. 


G: Ok, we’ll get rid of the frost, get a bit of sunshine in there and a few trees and some flowers and greenery and make it comfortable. 


S: I’ve already done a whole plantation; I’ve got the veggies growing. 


G: Ok, you’ve got a kitty cat strolling the streets looking for….


S: Looking for prey, lol. 


G: Mmmm, lol. Nice. Ok, so, all these empty houses. The houses are empty because we’ve got to get people in there. That’s what we need, people. And, of course, people who think the same way as us. That’s what we have to look for. And we were told this some time ago, when I started getting all these funny people and funny answers etc. They’re saying to find the right sort of people, you’ve just got to go out and look for them and they’ll find you. 


Spirit: And guides, of course, can interact and bring people to you. So, it’s not really a problem. We’ll just get started. It takes some time, but it will grow nicely and securely and soundly and so on. 


You have all the abilities you need to start this going and to just build it and build it. Once you start building it, if you think of the abilities that both of you have at the moment and imagine adding abilities from other groups around the world where you’ll be able to draw in and share energy and then imagine having other people who are on the same level or even better as you to work with and you’ll be able to hold discussions and make decisions much, much simpler than you can trying to teach the people that you’re looking at at the moment. 


So, the right idea is to just be able to teach, to create and teach, let somebody else do all the hard work if you like, as Geoff was saying just now, in running a business. So, let them do all of that and then you’re able just to teach, create and know that what you’re doing is the right thing. That’s what you need time to do. 


G: Right, let’s go back to the village. This is great. He will talk and I’ll talk. I find I’m holding conversations with him. That’s brilliant. So, I said OK let’s go back to the village. And he said, mm, carry on. Lol. 


Okay. We’ve got to get people to the village and so on. And starting from scratch, everybody can bring in a little bit and simply create this beautiful thing that we want to do. 


S: Yeah. People want to feel important, so when people come in and they’re like, I’ve got this, I can do this, because that’s what people thrive on, but they don’t realize it. When everyone’s trying to suck from them, they don’t think of that. But when they are coming into something, they want to show their gifts, talents and abilities. 


G: Be recognized.


S: Yes. 


G: Okay. Now, everybody likes to be recognized and here we have a situation where people would be recognized without the ego. 


S: Yes. 


Spirit: So, that makes a huge difference. You know you’re getting the right sort of people. And that will build up very nicely. So, imagine in a few years’ time, when you have 20, 30, 40, 50, 100 people working ‘with’ you, creating all these different scenarios and adventures. Yes, very nice. That will work out very nicely. 


S: Mmmmm. 


G: So… Now, I keep asking about, you know, just sort of get rid of the financial side. They are just showing me sort of a very funny face, saying you know, it’s like patience. No, we’ll get there, you know.


S: Tick tock, tick tock. 


G: You could be right. Tick tock it is. 


Spirit: Okay, let’s take you away from your village. You know what you have to do now, that was all symbolic. You understand everything very clearly, so let’s take you somewhere where you can have an adventure and you can experience something new and something else to add to your experiences. 


Okay, this is a form of communication. It’s communication through sound. Now, you only understand sound on a certain level, from A to B for example. But as you know, sound is a lot more than that, an awful lot more. If you imagine now, ……. let’s just go back to the field where you were with your Oak tree. And imagine you recreate all of those colours and all the insects and everything moving, leaving a trail of colours behind them and so on. And there’s lots of energy there. You’ve got your energy trails, which you’ve got these minute particles of energy. They go right down to the smallest whatever is needed, controlled by the nature spirits, and so on. 


Now, what connects all of these tiny little particles of energy together? And that is sound. And sound is, if you imagine now you scream, it would take a while for that sound to reach the other side of the field, right? 


S: Mmmm. 


Spirit: So sound travels, light travels even faster. But sound can connect all of these. Now, it’s not a screaming sound, it’s a very delicate sound. It’s just a matter of a bit like rippling water. But each one, there are so many different variations, so many different sounds, different levels of sound. If you divide the sound into a thousand levels from one to a thousand, then multiply that by a thousand, you can get all those different levels of sound. That’s basically what connects all the energies and so on. Now, you won’t be using this too much, but you will come across it every now and again. When you get, for example, let’s say an iceberg carves away from the mainland. You’ve got this huge block of ice going into the water and you get the sound of all the energy. And the energy that’s being created there is from your tearing sounds and so on, from the ice rushing down into the water, from this huge weight of ice, this massive amount of energy hitting the water. As it hits the water, it impacts the water and it sends a sound through the water for a long way. Everything is sound. And what you do is, you can imagine just waving from right to left your hand, like you would a Mexican wave. And then you can imagine a trail of sound or energy behind. That’s really how we use sound to move energy along. 


So, when you need energy conveyed from one place to another, it’s done through thought. Thought activates the sound to move the energy where you need it to be. 


S: Wow. 


Spirit: Now, add to that how big is the sound that you’re going to move. Remember, it’s a fraction of the size. It’s tiny. Because we can get it, we can multiply it to any size we want. So, the amount of energy that’s needed to move a mountain can be the size of a grain of sand. And if we have to move it from China to here, it’s going to be here very shortly, and then we can use it. And that’s just an example. 


S: Oh ok. Lol. 


Spirit: That’s really tuning into nature. You understand. So everything is sound. Now, when you look at something, let’s go back and look at your valley. The valley with all the colours on the ground. 


S: Shew, you can just hear everything. 


Spirit: Yes, and now think of all the air, all the sound going through the air right up to the clouds. So, everything is communications. Now, we are colour and sound and energy. So, it’s all together, all in one. And that’s what creates what you would call a grey matter. 


S: Suddenly, everything is loud. Lol. 


Spirit: Lol. That is how we move around all the energy and how we live in general. Lots of different ways of living, but that’s in general. So, quite something. 


S: Yeah. I’m very much into sound healing. Sound. 


Spirit: Mmmm. Sound healing hasn’t evolved all that much here on Earth. It certainly does have its place, but a few people have tried it. They’ve reached certain levels, but they haven’t gone to further, more extreme levels in their armoire. That’s because you have sound, and your sound is based on wavelengths, or hertz, or whatever. But then you can break those down into far, far more. Tiny fractions of hertz. And each one of those has a different ability. So, but that will come at a later stage. That’s not too serious for this stage at the moment. Now, let’s see if there’s anything else. 



We have a young lady here on your left, Sharon. And she is about, oh two-foot tall. I’m two or three-foot, she says. She’s got a dolly with her. A rag doll. And she’s putting her hand up to hold your hand. She wants to crawl up on your lap. You can do that. 


S: Mmmmm. 


G: I asked her what she wants. She just says, it’s okay. She’s waiting to see the kitty cat. Lol. 


S: Oh my word. That is gorgeous.


G: How cute is that? 


S: I’ll call the kitty cat, wait here. 


G: Okay. Oh, yeah. That’s too precious. She’s not scared, but she’s moving backwards into you. lol. 


S: Yeah. Kitty is behind my legs so he doesn’t scare her. 


G: Cute. All right. You must put her on the floor with the kitty cat, because she’s worried about getting down. That’s too precious, it really is. 


S: One times a little girl; one times a pussy cat. 


G: Nice. 


S: So sweet.


G: Ok, we’ll leave her to take the kitty cat away and vice versa. 


S: She’s probably going to ride him. 


G: She’s not going to get eaten, so it’s ok. Lol.  What a lovely way to finish. 


S: There’s just excitement, not fear. Just complete and utter excitement.  


G: Yeah, nice. 

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