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771 Woman’s Soul leaves her body when abused

S: I’ve got this brown energy here.


G: Okay, you’ve got brown, I’ve got a lot of purple. I think we are going to be working together on something. Let’s see. Let’s start with what does brown energy represent to you?


S: Grounding.


G: An Earthly energy.


S: Yeah.


G: Ok.


S: And you got the opposite, you got spiritual energy. So it’s opposite.


G: Mmmm. I’ve got a house, ontop of a hill.


S: And it’s moved now.


G: There’s a garden with lots of purple roses. All the soil is brown so maybe that’s something.


S: Mmm. The brown has gone off now. Poof.


G: Ok. So we have a mixture of earth energy and pretty things. Again, this house seems to be unoccupied. A follow on from yesterday. It’s on the top of a hill. And I look down in front of me, where the brown Earth ends and the rose garden goes into fields and so on. Right at the bottom is a valley full of trees, rivers, streams and all that sort of thing. Pretty much the same to the right and left-hand side. I look behind me, in the distance mountains, a typical scenery. So, this is looking out over something but also, the house is… it’s very feminine. It’s pink inside and very delicate. Definitely a woman’s touch.


S: There’s a lot of light shining from the house.


G: Mmm. So what does it represent? This is special for a woman or, I don’t know. I have a look inside. Again, lots of paisley, pink, nice pretty stuff around the house. But nobody lives there. It looks like nobody has lived there.


S: Maybe it’s just energy.


G: Mmmm. So it could just be another form of energy but there must be more to it than that.


S: How about energy that we can use to comfort people? Especially women. When they are abused or whatever. To put that energy, all that energy around her, to feel that comfort, the security, the harmony.


G: Now is that what you’re sensing or guessing?


S: Sensing.


G: Good.


S: Because I can just see that energy enveloping somebody.


G: Okay.


S: I’ve gone in there, and I just get enveloped by it.


G: Ok, You’ve got that right. So inside the house is pink energy, the garden is purple energy

and somebody has been brought to the front porch. And you need to see what’s next.


S: Okay.


G: So what can you sense about the person that is on the porch, that has been brought by spirit, by the look of it.


S: I can sense the extreme opposite of energy. So, they are completely desolate of any of this energy whatsoever.


G: Good.


S: Just complete and utter opposite energies. It’s dark. It does not mean they’re dark, but they are surrounded by negativity and maybe abuse or something, but they are surrounded by a world of negativity.


G: You’re quite right.


S: And then it’s trying to, as we mold it, we mold the energy.


G: Take them inside the house


S: Yeah, and moulding them in. And it’s molding, it’s moulding.


G: Okay.


S: It’s molding and it’s molding. And it’s kind of like we’ve got to push the energy in. Push it in. And gently push it in. And then, just let all.. the energy starts moving, we shift that energy. Slowly, it’s not discomforting, or ….


Spirit: The woman that you brought in, what happened to her? What was the reason she was brought in here? And just let it come to you naturally, don’t think twice about what you’re going to say.


S: It’s abuse and rape if I’m not mistaken, but I can’t change that. So yeah. I would say that.


Spirit: And for a short time or a long time?


S: Long time.


Spirit: Yes, very long time. Her body has been worn out. A long time.


S: Yeah, there’s a lot of dark.


Spirit: Yeah.


S: I’m battling to shift the dark.


Spirit: What’s happened is she basically gave up. So, she was rescued and brought here. Where she could just absorb all this positive pink energy and feel free. And once she absorbs all of this energy, her color will change and you’ll see her completely in pink. But then she has to be rehabilitated, if you like.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: There’s no point in just changing the energy. She’s been taken away from where she was.

So when she looks out into the garden, this is the reason that you have this beautiful view. And the reason that you have the purple flowers and the purple roses. And purple, of course, represents spiritual understanding.


So as she starts to recover, she’s now put outside, and she starts to regain her strength. And the strength is regained not just because the energy that is put in, but because of what she’s seen, is just the opposite of her abuse. Where she is now, she is totally free. There is nobody close by. She’s got this beautiful scenery, she’s got this energy soaking into her, this beautiful pink energy. It’s making her feel very safe, very comfortable. And then she can just recoup for as long as she wants. And when she’s ready, then she will go back. Now how do you think the woman is physically?


S: Drained?


Spirit: Yeah. So it’s her spiritual body that’s here, getting looked after. Where is her physical?


S: Mmm. Well, for her spiritual body to be here, her physical body must have been rescued.


Spirit: Yes, yes, you are right.


S:  I know that when we are, well, I believe that while we are being abused, we actually leave

our bodies.


Spirit: Correct. Yes. There gets to a stream where the soul, or the physical mind, cannot stand it anymore. The soul is there, the soul knows better. Basically, it shuts down the body, it asks for help, and it gets taken away to be helped. The physical body then shuts down, it goes into a blank mode.


S: Yeah


Spirit: And at that stage, it’s time to do something drastic, where they either leave their abuser

or they have a complete breakdown, they go into rehab, that sort of thing. And while all that is  happening, the worst of the worst, their soul is getting rejuvenated, rehabilitated. So when it goes back in, it will see a different story, it will have the energy to fight the problem once more.

And that’s exactly what happens.

So, how people have been seeing it, is somebody gets abused, they get taken away, they get put in a hospital for a few weeks or whatever, they recover, and they have a bit of therapy and then you go back. That’s what the people see normally. But now you see it from a different point of view, where the soul actually gets rejuvenated and so on.


S; Yeah


Spirit: Ok, that’s very good. Now, there’s one more thing. As the soul goes back into the body, it’s coated with a green. It’s the same green that your mother gave you for protection. In this case, the green is slightly different and it’s for resilience. So when they go back in, what you tend to do is submit very quickly to the abuser who was there before. So this resilience has been able to put up with it and to see the brighter side and not just fearfully go back into the black side. So, if I explained that well enough.


S: So they have more resilience to reject it rather than put up with it.


Spirit: Yes, that’s quite right. Of course, everything is lessons within lessons. And they came down to be abused, to understand abuse. And they will understand it from two points of view here. One from the physical when they are here on Earth. But secondly, they will understand when they get back to the other side. They will understand it from a spiritual point of view. So they will see what is done spiritually, working together with the physical.


S: Yeah.


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