Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

772  Religions start to fade away

Spirit: Now one thing you’re going to be seeing again in the future is up until, basically up until now, your soul and your spiritual have been separate. If you think in the last forty, fifty years, well let’s just go back to probably a hundred years or so, just over a hundred years, when the first séances were made. Prior to that, very few people had contact with the other side. There were no séances. There was always a bit of witchcraft. And these were people who didn’t really understand the other side. You had your Red Indians, your Maoris and so on, the old tribes, who talked to their ancestors. They learnt it from that point of view. Then in the Victorian days, you had the first séances starting. And they were very much outlawed at the time. But it’s only really been in the last fifty or sixty years that spiritualism has opened up. There are more séances, more mediums, more readings and it’s becoming more and more the norm.


S: Mmmm.


Spirit: And what people are starting to understand now is that the physical body can work with the spiritual body. Before hand it was totally different. There was God and there was religion and there was a physical body.


S: And it’s true because you can go to hire book editors and publishers and everything and give them spiritual books and they’re just like, yes, they are fully into it, they are fully spiritual.


Spirit: Yes, quite right. Well this is all paving the way for the change. And you’ve seen there’s far more TV shows and movie shows, anything to do with spiritual, is becoming more and more accepted. It was the same as when people wanted to become healthy, it was the same period fifty, sixty years ago. They changed from meat and potatoes to being vegan and vegetarian and healthy and so on. So, again all being a part of the change.


So in the future, and we’ve seen a little bit of the future. You’ll have far more of the spiritual body, the physical body, working with the spiritual body. And it will be in, let’s say in a couple of generations time, it will be quite the norm for people to not go to a church to worship, but to simply talk to people, readings, near enough, or guidance is a better word. They will go to people for guidance, to talk to their higher selves, their guides.  And that will be just the norm, probably ninety percent of the people will be doing that.


S: Mmmm.


Spirit: And then your religions will start to fade away because they won’t make a lot of sense anymore. Then we’ll start with a few different spiritual variations. And it will just progress from there. Very comfortable.


S: Mmmm.


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