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773 Miners killed stay behind to help others

G: Now I seem to be getting…. It’s like it’s up in Canada, lots of snow. There’s lots of trees, sort of pine trees. It’s like a wood and in the back there’s water. There’s nobody around and it’s really deep with snow. It’s sort of an avalanche coming down one side. It’s not so much an avalanche, but a really heavy snowfall. It’s a very, very desolate area. And I’m just wandering through this area to see what sort of sense this is going to make. Hmmm.


There’s a hole opened up on the right. A bit like an old abandoned mine. It’s circular and deep and the bottom is full of snow.


It’s some form of energy collection point. I’m not sure what. Let me go down this hold and see if there is anything down there. This is weird. I’ve gone down the bottom of this hole, gone under the snow.  And there’s lots of people.


S: I was also being drawn to the hole. But I was waiting for you. Lol.


G: Well I’ve gone under the snow and I’m seeing all these people. Let’s see what it’s about. It’s a bit like a smokey cabin down here, lots of people. This is actually a community.


S: Shew.


G: They are saying that this is very unusual, because time is different, they’ve allowed this to happen. This was a working mine, it worked for many years and there was a lot of deaths on the mine. When these deaths happened, a lot of the guys… the first lot of deaths, it was like seventeen, eighteen, twenty people, something like that. And instead of all crossing over, they decided to stay and as one by one they were sort of rescued. The spirit or the soul, didn’t cross over and they were trying to help those who were dying who were trapped. Trapped is a better word. So they were trapped there for three weeks. So they didn’t cross over and they waited for these guys to die so they could help them through all this earth because they were buried under so much rocks and so on. And so they hung around and they waited and that created this sort of camaraderie. And then they hung around for a while because they formed this very strong group and then one more person died and they brought that person into their group and then the next one. And this continued. And then they thought, well we can be useful here we don’t have to cross over and they talked to guides on the other side. And they saw that they could cross over but they were miners and they said “we’re miners, and we stick together” and so on. And we don’t want to cross over now, we’ll cross over some time in the future. So what they did was they then learnt a little bit about the other side and how thought is creation, so where they are. They started this thought is creation and they created themselves a little miners tavern. And it serves all the food and there’s drinks and there’s jokes and so on and they look after or they did look after all the mines.

This is now just a memory; this is what happened here. So it went on for many years, they can’t show me how much; but in the end there were probably I can see 80, 90, 100 miners and they were all in their original mining uniform and they didn’t change anything, they just kept their mining gear clean and tidy and so on. They didn’t change into anything smart but they didn’t change their ages, they still stayed themselves. And they stayed themselves because the other guys who were coming across could recognise them


S: Yeah, recognise them.


Spirit: Yeah. And then when the mine was to be closed, everything was done and then everybody disappeared. There were no more people to help, no more people to save. And then they decided, now we can go across, it’s time. And it was a great sort of celebration and they felt so good about what they had done and they all crossed over. But they left that memory there for other people to see and of course to people like us to be taught.


S: How awesome is that?


G: Absolutely.


S: And what camaraderie-ship.


G: Yeah. That is so cool. And so the area now, is empty, they’ve moved across. And everything is good. Wow.


S: Shew.


G: Yeah. Now, down In this hole, I’m just hopping around the outside. A there’s a lovely energy. In most cases where you get a mine, there’s been so many deaths and dramas so obviously it’s a heavy energy. And this is a lovely energy.


S: And I was drawn to that energy, drawn into it.


G: Yeah. Mmm. The color of that energy is a bit like a honey color. So a light brown. A light brown crossed with honey, somewhere around there. Stone. That’s nice.


S: So nice.


G: The guy who has been showing me all of this, is a miner. He was like the last miner. And he became like the custodian. And when people want to come and visit or be shown, like we have just now. He’s the one who actually shows us the story.


S: Shew.


G: And he sort of, tips his hat, the old-fashioned way and moves off with a huge smile, a big smile. He taught us something, showed us something. Mmmm, that’s lovely.


S: So nice. That’s quite something.


G: Yeah. That’s quite ordinary after what we’ve been experiencing. Lol.


S: Yeah. But wow.


G: So, both of them tonight, were calming. Rescuing abused women, how their soul gets rescued. That’s very interesting. It’s very nice.




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