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776 Spirit tries to automate a civilization

Now let’s try and look at a society which has all automation. In this particular society, imagine a lot of building blocks, each of those blocks do different things and each one is an automated process. So, what they do, first of all they don’t need the physical body anymore, once you have an automated process. They start with a physical body, but then they automate everything, so what do you need a physical body for? If it has to send a message, it can simply send it through automation by the mind, thinking of the message they want to send and it gets sent. If a body needs healing, it’s not a matter of going to a doctor and getting a diagnosis, you go to an automated process where it will be diagnosed and dealt with in whichever way. And if it means an amputation of both legs, then it’s fine, it doesn’t make any difference to the actual people, because there is not so much love and understanding, camaraderie, friendship, that sort of thing. There are none of those emotions, because everything is automated, so you don’t need them. All forms of travel, food, healing, communication are all automated. And when it comes to something like wars, they simply don’t exist. Cos you automate both sides the same and whoever has the highest automation wins, so there is no need for the war. And when it comes to working, and owing your own house, car etc. first of all, all your vehicles would be automated, you simply have to climb in and you get taken somewhere. Your work would be automated, so what is the point of going to work? So, everything you do, is automated around you, which leaves you with nothing to do. And if you have nothing to do, as you know, you cannot evolve, learn and grow. So, what a simple mistake to make. 


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