Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

8 year old girl Channels By

In this meditation a young child is channeling through Isobel (One of our beginners) for the first time.
Miriam – You can speak friend.
Isabel – This is difficult.
Geoff – Come and talk my friend, ignore the person that you are coming through.
Isobel (Channeling) – Good evening.
Miriam Welcome to you.
Geoff – Isobel’s mind is confused, we have all been through this before, but it is due only to one person, her friend Adrian speaking through her, now there is another waiting to speak, and she is unsure what is being said. You must say the words that come into your mind. Those words are there, you only have to repeat them, once the conversation starts, it will continue.
Isobel (Channeling) – Hello. A little hello.
Miriam – Hello to you, that is nice.
Geoff – Hello little girl, and I see you did get your shoes on, and now you are here, what are you going to say?
Isobel (Channeling) – Say hello, it is nice to be here.
Geoff – And do you know who everybody is here?
Isobel (Channeling) – I have seen some people before.
Geoff – Yes, you have been to watch the circle with the other children.
Isobel (Channeling) – I don’t know their names.
Geoff – Their names are not important, names will come later.
What is your name?
Isobel (Channeling) – Caroline.
Miriam – That is a lovely name.
Geoff – How old are you Caroline?
Isobel (Caroline) – Seven, eight. Eight. Why did I say seven?
Geoff – Maybe time is a little different than it is here.
Isobel (Caroline) – We don’t have hours, we don’t have days with hours, we have days but without hours, we have days because it helps while we are here, when we pass over we have days but not hours. So we understand little of time, it is not the same as there.
Geoff – And when was your last birthday?
Isobel (Caroline) – Not so long ago, maybe that is why I was confused. Adrian has been here.
Miriam – Is he feeling better this week, he was depressed last week.
Isobel (Caroline) – Yes, he is better now.
Miriam – Good, I am happy to hear that.
Isobel (Caroline) – He says he likes the cat.
Geoff – Are you talking about the cat here?
Isobel (Caroline) – I am talking about the channel – the lady who is speaking, her cat.
Miriam – Does he play with it sometimes?
Isobel (Caroline) – Yes.
Miriam – It must be a very clever cat.
Geoff – Would you like to tell us what you did today?
Isobel (Caroline) – I went to the garden, where the flowers were, we smelled them, with the other girls and boys, and boys don’t like that really, but we do, they are very pretty, and the birds are nice too, it is nice to be able to take notice, I take more notice than before when I was on earth.
Verna – And also you have got more time.
Isobel (Caroline) – Yes, we have still got time to play, and see the flowers, and see the birds, and learn.
Miriam – Do you like learning?
Isobel (Caroline) – Yes, the more you know the better it is.
Verna – And what is your favorite thing to learn about?
Isobel (Caroline) – I like to learn about animals and people, like how people are, and why they do things.
Miriam – That is interesting, that is a lot for a little girl of your age.
Isobel (Caroline) – Yes, it is interesting.
Geoff – What was it that you got for your last birthday?
Isobel (Caroline) – Um, I got flowers, from the little girls, and I had a new dress, and I had a toy, how can I describe it to you, not a childish toy, not a doll, but something that you learn with, not a puzzle, what do you call it? I am trying to think…
Verna – Is it like a quiz? A game with questions.
Isobel (Caroline) – Yes, is that what you call it, a quiz?
Verna – It means that somebody asks you a question, and you have to know the answer.
And so they quiz you, question you.
Isobel (Caroline) – So that is what it is. What else can I tell you, it is so nice to be here.
Verna – Well, tell us about the dress you got for your birthday, what colour is it?
Isobel (Caroline) – It is blue, purple, with little fruit on it, not flowers, its fruit, it is very pretty, can’t you see it, I am wearing it.
Miriam – No, I can’t see, can you see it Verna?
Verna – It has got like little melons on it. I can see all the little pips.
Miriam – Have you been there for a long time, or a few days?
Isobel (Caroline) – I left my parents when I was two.
Miriam – That is a long time, so now you know that everything is thought.
Isobel (Caroline) – Yes.
Miriam – So what happens, do you have to keep thinking about your things to keep them there?
Isobel (Caroline) – You think they are there, but you can see them, and you talk to other people, and they can see it too, because you have told them what you have got and what you do.
Miriam – And if you don’t keep thinking about it, will they fade away?
Isobel (Caroline) – No, it still stays with you as long as you want them. Like my dress, when I grow, I won’t be able to wear it anymore, so I will have to get another one.
Verna – Can’t you just “think” your dress a little bit bigger?
Isobel (Caroline) – Yes you can, but it is nice to have a new one, and something different.
Verna – Do you know Claire?
Isobel (Caroline) – Claire, yes, she is a friend of everybody, because she is a little lost. But she is nice, she understands things fast, but it takes a long time for her to believe, does that make any sense, so she has a good memory I think.
Verna – You are very clever for an eight year old? Are you more advanced than the others? Can you learn faster than an eight year old on earth, do you grow faster?
Isobel (Caroline) – Yes, I think so.
Verna – I mean, you are more grown up than all the eight year olds on earth.
Isobel (Caroline) – Yes, because I have been here a long time, and I want to know a lot all the time. But we have fun too, oh we learn, but we have fun too.
Miriam – Well, we are very glad you came to say hello.
Isobel (Caroline) – It was hard.
Miriam – But you will find it easy next time.
Geoff – Is this the first time you have talked to somebody?
Isobel (Caroline) – Yes it is.
Verna – Well, you are doing very well.
Geoff – Can you explain what it is like to talk through somebody, I mean what do you do, how do you get inside, is it difficult to explain.
Isobel (Caroline) – Well first of all you would talk through the people, perhaps you have something in common, of the same vibrations, that’s better. When you have chosen who, then for me, it is the first time, but I have seen it done, and they try to wave in a way for the person to know you are there, not hand wave, but vibration wave. And you put your words into the mind and then you hope that the words come out, it’s funny.
But once the person knows, you have to try your hardest to put these words into that mind so that they can talk otherwise it’s not nice for you and for them because they know you are there but they can’t hear you.
Geoff – Very good.
Isobel (Caroline) – I think I have to go.
Miriam – Will you give our love to Adrian?
Isobel (Caroline) – Yes, I will, and I give my love and all the blessings, and it is wonderful, this circle, we all love it very much.
Miriam – Thank you, you come back again another day.
Isobel (Caroline) – Bless you all, bye, bye.

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