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800 (July 22)   Energies. Part 1 Russia

G: Right, I have Russia. They were saying yesterday that they would show you something which you can relate to   ….and immediately I thought it was Russia. So we will go with that. I’m overlooking Russia. And it’s completely black, it’s a completely dark, like there is no electricity. Which is very interesting.


So I’ll go and wander through there and see what I can feel. Okay. I think what this is, it’s negative energy that was created, it’s just another form of energy.


S: Yes. I can see the energy over the whole of Russia.


G: Yeah. And its negative energy because of the negative that’s happened but it’s also unknown. You know, because they are getting a lot of misinformation so they don’t really know. So they can’t decide whether it’s good or bad or whatever, so.


S: It’s caused this disruption.


G: Now what happens to the group energy in Russia is really what I’m looking at. Because the whole thing is dark, it’s not moving along, it’s not …. gears aren’t turning over, it’s not alive. The energy is very strange. So, ok, I walk around the streets. They seem very old. Very lifeless. So the whole area, the city, is lifeless there. And out in the country is okay. This must be something to do with….. Now, this is most unusual.


We know, negative energy is energy on its own and positive energy on its own. The energy that we’ve got here, it’s a mixture. Instead of having positive and negative, what’s happening is the negative simply stops the positive working. It’s as if the colours, if you can imagine colours going down a tube, and then suddenly they stop. So it’s a most unusual energy.


It’s because… it’s indecisive. That’s right. I didn’t even know there was an indecisive energy.


S: They said they’re going to learn all these emotions and the energies linked to them.


G: It’s because the people simply don’t know. There’s lots of energy going around. There’s lots of people who simply don’t know. You’ve got all the positive ones, all the negative ones, but then they both turn to, well, I’m not too sure. First of all, you’ve got the loyalty. They want to believe what they’ve been told, etcetera. They’re supporters of whatever government say. And then you’ve got the negative people who listen to the various gossips going around and the see the dark side of everything. They’re not sure either whether what they’re hearing is just gossip and so on.


S: Confusion


G: Yeah. So the whole thing is, confusing is a very good word for it. So they simply don’t know. So how do we deal with this energy?

The simple solution is when you get an outcome, and they can all see whether it’s positive or negative. But then when you look at the Trump elections, when Trump was saying afterwards that he won, and legally he didn’t, officially he didn’t, according to the figures he didn’t, but he had millions of followers believing that he did. So there you’ve got an energy which is used. So Trump used an energy which was positive for the wrong reason.


So we must not always think of positive, good and negative, bad. It can go both ways. So let’s take that indecisiveness now, and we look at it in America, where people are, or in that particular scenario with Trump, they were unsure as to whether he won or not. And that will change the outcome for an awful lot of people, and also, looking ahead, how it will change two things. People who eventually get to know the truth and understand the truth, and people who don’t, and carry on believing, and carry on talking about how Trump was taken for a ride or something.  So lots of different scenarios.


Okay, they’re bringing it to today’s scenario, because I’ve just been writing about all the variations in spiritual life, and all the different religions, how they have all developed different ways, and we’ve been talking about getting back to 100% pure honesty. So now you can see that with this sort of confusing energy, how it can…


S: We may deal with it a lot as well.


Spirit: Yeah. So it’s a confusing energy, and it’s difficult to deal with. Yes, alright. They were showing me just how to deal with it. I said when you get to an outcome, and that doesn’t make sense, but when you don’t get an outcome, when there is no outcome, what you do is you pour a cream colour on top. It’s just basically cream, and that doesn’t… It’s not your water, your ice, your clarity. Cream just simply softens it. Now, the honey colour you know, calms things down. Now, cream colour just softens things, so it makes people sort of step back and think and accept a different possibility, etc. It takes away the extremes on both sides, so they can think more carefully. So that’s a colour you’ll be using quite a lot with the situation that you have at the moment, with understanding spiritual life, religions, and the way the countries go and the governments of countries.

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