Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

803 Energy Part 4 Mental disorders and Prisoners

Spirit: The same thing will happen with children who have mental disorders. They have very, what would be the word, erratic energies. Because some things are missing in their mental setup, their moods become very erratic, their life is very limited, because they haven’t experienced too much. They tend to be kept in separate rooms without going out. They don’t experience adventures and going to parties and all that sort of thing.

So, their life is very limited. And so the energy they can create is very limited as well. And the energy can often be very frustrating, because they can’t express themselves the way they want to, or they can’t communicate the way they want to, with whoever is looking after them and so on. But where you get the care of the parents who are looking after them, that project so much love into them, then they become very comfortable, and that’s when you put your arms around them and hold them and so on, they calm down, they feel all this beautiful energy, love and so on. And that’s why people need to be, not so much gifted, but have a passion for helping children in need such as that. It’s something which is very much admired.


S: I have one client like that. He won’t stop moving, and he won’t lie longer than 30 minutes with anyone. And I managed to put him to sleep, and 45 minutes later he just gets up and walks out.


Spirit: Excellent. That’s good. But now that you know that he has had a reaction to what you’re doing, next time it will be a little bit more, a little bit longer, because you know what more you can do and a bit more experience as well.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: Right, children, Let’s look at delinquents, prisoners, etc. Prisoners are very interesting. They have this mindset, there’s a lot of different types of course, but basically they have this mindset and they start to go down a particular criminal path, whatever it might be, and it gradually sort of gets worse and worse, and they don’t have to be bad characters themselves, they just end up going down that particular path, and they get addicted to whatever it is. And they get drawn into the wrong crowd, because as you know like attracts like, and they get drawn into other people who think similar ways. Now, their energy gets closed up very much, because what they’re doing is they’re defending themselves, and when somebody tries to talk them out of what they’re planning on doing, robbing a bank or whatever, they simply defend themselves as much as possible. Their energies are very dark, coarse, and there’s very little contentment in their lives. So when they actually get, this is why a lot of criminals they say want to get caught in the end, because they’re on this self-destructive path, the energy they feel is terrible, and they can’t get out of it. So it’s a relief for them when they are caught, and they can basically sort of start again. And that’s why you get some prisoners who become model prisoners, because they’re relieved that they’ve been caught, they can start again, and put everything behind them and basically start again from scratch and do the right thing. Others, not so much so, but most of those are lessons that they have to learn, etc. A lot of them, how to interact with different people. So there’s much, much more than that. But if you went to a prison and looked at the energies of all the people, let’s say there were a hundred of them in a courtyard, you’d see them all being very dark, closed energy, except for maybe half a dozen, which would be a bright energy. And normally that energy is red on the outside, and yellow on the inside, and red of course is reconstruction. So that will just show you what they’re doing. Now in a situation like that, you could use your green color. It wouldn’t be so effective, because it’s so much negativity going through. It would help a little bit.

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