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807 Learning how to channel Part 1

G: I think what we will do to try and get you to start channeling, you are beginning to see what I see a lot of the time, don’t you?


S: It’s more in my awareness than seeing it.


G: If you think now of the Eiffel Tower. Is that in your awareness or is that seeing?


S: Yeah. ok.


G: Think of the QE2.


S: Yeah.


G: That’s how you see things. That’s how you tune into it. If you think of one particular day, like when you started on the QE2 and you had to give a speech, and you can go through that whole scenario in your mind. That’s how you see things.


S: Ok.


G: And then what you do is you start to talk about what you’re seeing, and you see a bit more, and then you get the understanding of what’s there. You see they are doing this to my throat again… means something. Maybe it’s just how I recognise the guides that come in to talk.


S: I was going to say this. Maybe.


G: Mmm, they could stick a finger in my ear. Now have you ever done automatic writing?


S: No, it’s something I’d love to do.


G: Ok, that’s something we can look at too.


S: Can you do that with typing or does it have to be pen?


G: I don’t know. You should be able to do it with typing, yeah.


S: Because I normally type with my eyes closed.


G: Do you? You must be good. You get a lot of times you don’t stop and differentiate between what is channeling and what is talking. Especially as I’ve been channeling these last few months, it’s both. I think yesterday or the day before, I said this is weird because the guy who came in was saying we should have a look here and so on, and it was just… I was chopping and changing all the time.


S: Almost all the messages are like that, because they will talk and then you talk and give an example and then they will talk again and then you’re talking.


G: That’s right. And I’m getting to know the difference when I stop and think about it because first of all the voice changes. When it’s my voice and their voice.


S: They talk a bit faster as well.


G: Often I hear them talking about you and Geoff doing something, then I know it’s them. So it’s… you’ve got to experience it to actually understand. But you will in time. You start seeing things and then you just start talking about what you’re seeing. So what we’ll try and do over the next few nights is, I’ll ask the spooks if you can see what I’m seeing. You probably are at the moment; you just don’t realise it. You think it’s your imagination putting the scene together. If I talk about a barn and a farmyard and so on, you don’t know if it’s the same as what I’m thinking. You don’t think of an absolute picture of a farmyard, you think of an overall image. Something happened.


How you tell the difference is pretty simple. You think of a… well think of a hamburger now, that’s easy to imagine. But now just go back and look at that hamburger and tell me, was there a lettuce, tomato? Were the edges rounded? Was it on a plate? You don’t see all of those things because you get the thought form of wherever. So, it’s easy for them to show you the thought forms.

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