Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

808 Learning how to channel Part 2

Anyway, let’s see if we’ve got any visitors coming. And we’ve got lots of visitors, it’s like a group of kids. Kids are going to be learning as well. Learning channeling. So that seems to be what it is this evening. You are going to be learning too. Mmm.


Okay, how we are going to start is, on my left, which is on your right, there is probably 50 kids. All pretty uniform and all about 8,10, 12 years old. And they’re all just watching what’s going on. They can see you opposite me. You can see the same thing. You can see me with your eyes closed and the kids on your right. Now you don’t have to see me clearly. You see the thought of me there. It’s a bit like we were talking about the hamburger and so on just now.


Now, the kids have just said if we sort of send you a word, can you see it? It doesn’t actually work like that. What you need to be sent is like a movie, a video. Constantly moving etc. And the reason for that is when you try too hard to see something the image can change. You know, if you try to keep the image of the Eiffel Tower in your mind it will start to distort and change and so on. It’s much easier to think of the time you first got on the QE2 and had to make a speech where you’re going from one thing into the next.


Now what you can do is start by looking around. Look at these kids on your right and you see the floor that they’re standing on. You see that the floor is one color, which we’ll get back to that in a minute. And then we’ll see either some of the kids, there are windows, it’s a bit like being in a ship, I suppose. You’ve got sort of square portholes either side. Pretty much like that. Then you’ve got a roof, which is white. And then it sort of tapers off into the distance. So all the kids are in pretty much the same uniform. And to keep it simple it’s all sort of a dark blue and white. The kids themselves are all white. So it’s all pretty uniform for you to see. So while they’re showing you this image, the color of the floor is what they’re going to eventually want you to get and that sort of seeps into you. What’s your first thought of what the color of the floor is?


S: Like a grey.


G: Yeah. So you see this grey floor and you know you’re on the right track. And then you can start to see things, etc. So, everything in this picture is basically black, white and grey. So now let’s go and have a look at some colors. Let’s make the ship, if you like, disappear. You’ve got the kids there and the kids are in nature. And you can see if you can tell me where they are. You know, mountain or forest or valley or whatever. And just see what comes up. And you can just you’ll be seeing arbitrary things. So it might be a bird, a tree or anything. So just say what you see, because they’re going to come and go. What’s the first thing you see?


S: It’s sort of like staying at the top of the waterfall.


G: Okay.


S: At first I was by the river, down the bottom.


G: Now you’re quite right, they are at the bottom, not the top.


S: I’m standing on the top looking down at them.


G: Okay, that’s good.


S: Yeah, next to the river.


G: Also, it’s not the same as 3D here. Because you can float up in the air, you can look down from Mars and space and so on and so forth. So you see these things from different angles. So you’re looking down at the kids and they’re next to a river. And what else can you see? Anything around the kids? Are they doing anything special? Just let your mind totally relax and see what comes into it. And you’ll have all sorts of bits and bobs coming in. And then you might just pick up something but, again, just say exactly what you see, whatever is happening. Can you see the kids?


S: I can see the kids’ movements.


G: What you’re doing is just trying a bit too hard. So play around. Go down to the kids from the top, go straight down, go right in the middle of them, in between them, poke them, kick them. Lol, they think that’s very funny. See them from a distance, put your arms around them, do all sorts of things. You can do that. Do it with your imagination. That will get you into their scenario. What’s the first kid you grab hold of?


S: A girl.


G: Age? Ish. Does she wear a hat?


S: Yes.


G: Okay. The colour of the hat is..?


S: Grey.


G: Okay, see. That’s simple. They’re getting through the simple things to you. Okay, look around at all these smiling faces. And you can walk amongst them, you can touch them. Put your hand on their shoulders, put your hand on their heads, knock their hats off. See what they’ve got in their pockets. See who holds out their hands to you and what they’ve got in their hands. Look at their shoes. Now, look closer at what they’re wearing. They’ve got the woods behind them.  Look for footprints on the ground.  Okay, let’s get them all to sit down. You are going to stand in the middle. So they are all looking at you. What do they feel? What do they sense? Kids are kids.


S: It’s a fun, light energy. It’s excitement.


G: Mmm. A bit more than that. Now, to get this, close your eyes.    Sense them, all around you, looking at you. They’ve all got the same energy.


S: I can feel them on my right leg.


G: That’s very good. Now get them all to come along and grab your right ankle. They think it’s very funny. They are all going to grab your right ankle, loads of them. So you can feel a bit more. Ok, the word you are looking for is curiosity.


S: Okay. I was going to say they are inquisitive.


G: Yes. When you pick it up, you must say it. Now, get out of the circle, push them all over to one side. And you go to the other side. And you sit down and the distance between you and them is probably the same width as the river. So they are going to look over there and you are going to sit on the opposite side and you are going to look at each other. So, just relax, be comfortable, it’s just like going into meditation. They can do the same thing. Just get them to close their eyes. They will go into a nice meditation, you can do the same thing, sitting opposite them. And let your energies connect.


Right I want you to stay with your eyes closed. And the kids as a group are just going to float away backwards. They are going to float away and just sort of disappear into the sunset and I want you to sense that.


What they want to do tomorrow is, you are going to go to the same area and they are going to get a guide to help you.  What you are going to do is you are going to go to the same area, you are going to meditate and we are going to get that guide to come into you physically, so if you can feel them right here right now, you can sense them going half into your body. So you know for a fact and there’s no if’s or but’s and they will help you to see more.


S: Okay.


G: Now, I know you think you didn’t see much at all. But you saw far more than you think you did. The trick is to be able to remember. If after meditation when we take the dogs for a walk and so on, if you can remember the kids, what they were doing, what they looked like and so on, then what you saw was real. If not, they will just fade away. If it was just your imagination, it will just fade away.

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