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809 How to channel Part 3

G: Okay, let’s see if anyone wants to chat or anything wants to chat. I do have an alien like figure here. It looks like the head of a grasshopper. Very interesting. Now, this thing I’m seeing, it’s something completely different, that we haven’t seen before. They are showing me the head of a grasshopper but a giant size. To show me that it was something alien and not human. And when that head disappears, what’s behind is a strange assembly of energy. If you can imagine something the shape of like a calf, a small cow. But it’s made up of, I can see straight through it, it’s made up of energy sort of going in circles going around on the inside. Different colours, different energies. It doesn’t seem to have a head.  It doesn’t have legs either.  Very strange. I can’t feel it connecting. So I am going to go in, a bit closer.

Now behind, it seems to have come out of, it looks like a damaged spaceship. It’s like half a spaceship. The spaceship being a capsule. The front half is missing, the back half has a couple of compartments and its sort of coming out of there, so…nothing is making any real sense. The closest I can get is some sort of spaceship that’s been blown up or something and has created this energy which is only half formed, weird as that sounds.


Ok, I think this relates to your learning to channel. 


Spirit: In the beginning you get the most weird and wonderful things and when you get something like this and what you’ve got to do is actually say what you are getting, as weird as it can be.


S: Mmm.


Spirit: You don’t actually get blanks. You do get something happen, I mean if your screen in front of you is totally blank, you ‘ll get a flash in one corner or a cloud in another corner, or whatever. And then you get things popping in and out and they can be the most weird and wonderful things, like I’ve just said. Because there is continuous energy floating around all the time.


Now, all you are doing in sensing what’s happening, is you are seeing through all the clutter that’s around you, and getting clarity.  So you’ve got to understand that there is clutter around you. Its’s simply a matter of learning to push that clutter on one side.


When you first go into meditation, when you were first taught about it, you were taught that you were going to have all sorts of things floating past you and you have just got to let them go. And this is because your mind absorbs things all day long.  And when you go into meditation, you can release those things. And they are things which are irrelevant, you don’t need. For example today you went into the garden and saw the plants for like the 100th time, you don’t need that information and that will just float and drift away. What you would remember is something that happened in conversation or something important that happened. The rest, just let it go.


Adn this is the same thing, when we are trying to show you what we want to show you, it’s surrounded by all these bits and pieces, which you don’t need. So, when you start to focus your mind, we can give you a direct channel for the information and you see through it. So in a way, it’s like looking through all this clutter, to what’s at the other side. And then that starts to come closer and you start to see more etc. The more you do it, the easier it becomes. But you’ve got to get there by trial and error, it’s not something which we can explain very easily to you. You’ve got to sense, feel and then you start to see these different things.  A lot of it, you think is your imagination and a lot of it is not. It’s just that your mind is so busy it’s difficult for us to get in, what we need to get in.: You’ve got to be very relaxed, balanced, comfortable etc. Of course when you start for the first time, especially when there’s someone there, you don’t want to feel foolish and you can’t say things, and this is the wrong thing to do. You’ve got to say exactly what you are seeing, no matter how ludicrous it is, as you’ve just heard. Some weird and wonderful energy by a broken spaceship. And that’s the sort of thing that you simply have to go through.


We will test you an awful lot, simply to be able to get you to relax comfortably and say exactly what you see. Right we are going to leave that for now and tomorrow we will get somebody to sit with you. The first thing we want you to do is to simply feel them, and they will put their energy into you, just on one side. So you can feel for absolute certain that they are there. And that will be a great realization for you.

Then you will have a lot more confidence. At the moment you’ve got a lot of trust and belief. This will give you a lot more confidence, that we are there, we are helping you to see and this is the next step and so on. If you think back what powers you’ve already got, what powers you’ve already been given, without much effort from your side. Which is quite amazing. When you understand that we can give you all sorts of things.


Right, I think we will leave that there and let’s see if there’s anybody else that wants to say something.

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