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810 Shan and Geoff worrying about finances

Ok, I was not getting anything so I asked them about finances. As you know, money is not their main thing. But it is a main component that we need.


S: A necessity, yes.


G: I see two faces. The first one I see is horror. Lol. And the second one was a very comforting smile.


Spirit: Which really means the last bit of hardship we are going through. But it’s all going to be ok, not a problem. Again, what we are worried about is rent. But they understand and it’s all going to be fine. Once this is over with, then it will never be a problem, it’s gone. So, why worry about something which hasn’t actually happened yet. So don’t be too concerned about all that, that will sort itself out. As we said well over a month ago, we are going to get like the shape of a pizza. And it’s going to be 3 months and the first month will be as wide as the outside of the pizza. The second, the middle of the pizza. And the third the middle of the pizza, and then that finishes and you carry on from there. So you’ve got just over a month to go. So we are July now, so by the end of August everything will be very comfortable for you. And then you can continue from there.


Your financial side, what you have in your mind, is the experiences you have had with finances. You’ve had some horrible experiences. The worst of which has been recently. And that is the fear. That is the fear you must simply get rid of. It’s not very easy but you’ve only got a tiny bit more to go through, but nothing serious. Just accept that this is a part of the final downslope for you. It’s not going to major and it’s not going to be painful. It’s not going to be anything you can’t handle. It’s just the finishing off of the bits and pieces.


And as we said a couple of nights ago, the perfect situation for you in the future, the ideal position to be in, is to have 100% confidence that what you are doing is the right thing, going in the right direction and that you will basically live happily ever after. Once you have that idea and that confidence, that will be ideal for you and that is what we need you to do, so that you are able to teach the right way etc.


What you are going through now is just the last tiny tiny tiny bit of that to take you to the final level. And it’s not all that bad, it’s the last bits and pieces. All you are doing is getting rid of the fears you have of money. When you get, as you were saying a bit earlier, you are going to party.  It means so much more to you now, than it did, even a few weeks ago.


S: Absolutely.


Spirit: Yes, since Christmas, you have spent a lot of time worrying about it and stressing about it and so on. 


S: Yeah


Spirit: And yet, it is just the value. Stressing and worrying about it won’t change the outcome. It’s created a lot of hardships and negativity and so on, which we need you to understand, which you now do. You understand it so well. So the last few bits and pieces are just tidying up, so we can sweep the whole lot away. So you can start to continue on your path. And get your little home with a fence for the dogs. That is on the cards, you will get there. And when you get that, you will just start to expand and carry on and on. So you’ve got a beautiful future ahead of you. A beautiful future.  And it’s not all that you imagine. It’s pretty much as you imagine on a whole, but we have a lot of nice surprises for you.  New things for you to see etc. New ways for you to expand. But what you are doing is you are going about it the right way. And everything will be fine, so please, do not stress. And sleep well. And with that, I will say goodnight.


S: Thank you.


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