Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

811 Learning channeling – Part 1 ignore assumptions

G: So they’re going to send somebody to work with you for the next few days. So, if you get something just say so. Not a problem. Don’t force it just let it happen.


S: Yeah. No pressure. Lol.


G: Right. Okay. I’m going to see if I can see what that ???, that different emotion. I can see it in the distance there. Let’s see. I’m getting lots of ships because I was watching ships all afternoon, so, I’m assuming that’s why I’m getting them. But you never know.


Okay. I’m getting something that I can’t get rid of. It’s to do with my right-hand side of my brain. Which is where the energy is coming from.  And what I’m getting is basically a ship that’s burning big time. And this afternoon I’ve watched a lot of ships blown up by torpedo’s and so on. And it’s one of these, well it looks like that. Just a ship, enormous amount of black smoke going up. For instance if it was an oil tanker and it was burning, that sort of thing. And I’ve moved away from it several times, keep getting drawn back to it. So, I’m going to see. And now I’m going to go down to the ship first of all and I go into the smoke.


Okay. I’ve gone there. And the minute I get there, the smoke disappears. So, why would that be?  I think it’s to do with assumptions. I assume that smoke is a ship burning, I assume it’s an oil tanker because I’ve seen that sort of thing before. And you assume based on your experience. When I get there it’s different.


So, I think what they want to say to us is, again it relates to the work that we’ll be doing. When we see a scenario, we will automatically get, based on experience, what we think it is. What we must do is ignore that and look at the people. Because it’s exactly the same as with the baby and the stork and so on. You’re now learning a lot more. You’re able to see far more into something. So, you get a scenario and you automatically assume it’s a couple fighting for example. But because of what you know now, you’ll be able to look at both of them.  You’ll be able to see their auras, what’s affected it, what’s started it, or whatever’s needed to sort it out.


S: So rather than assume, it’s read the energy.


Spirit: Yeah. And again to fix it, you don’t need to know exactly what’s needed to fix it. Just the thoughts, the automatic thought that you want to fix it, then we will help you from there. Because what could possibly happen is, and I’m only saying this is a possibility, that you’ll get a couple fighting and you’ll automatically think, I’ve seen that fighting before and I know how to fix it and what I do is I send in this colour energy, to calm things there, etc. And it might not be that at all. So we’re saying just stand back, let us do a bit of work for you. Sense a little bit more before you go into things. Now that is just a very simple example. What you’ll be doing, of course, is dealing with groups and groups and group energy and so on. So a lot of it you won’t have had experience before. But there will be assumptions based on smaller things that have happened. And this just looks like a bigger event of one of those. It can be quite different. Single person’s energy compared to group energy is a very good example.


S: Yeah.


G: Okay. Related in a way, I’m putting a lot of oil tanks in. See where we go. I’m assuming they’re oil tanks. I’m in an area which is lots of palm trees, I’m going down the road, lots of palm trees and it’s hot and I assume it’s Middle East, and on the right there’s a lot of round circular tanks which I’m assuming are oil. And that was simply based on first thoughts what I saw.


But that’s not quite right. These things on the right are not oil tanks. They’re some form of energy pods. Anyway, they say that’s not important. The important thing is just an example of what we listen to.


S: Assumptions, yeah.

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