Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

816 – Sharon meeting new Guide

Alright, let’s go and meet your new guide. Go to the place in our peace center, by our waterfall. And just settle there, and we’ll introduce him to you. Now when you get there, just sit down as if you’re in meditation. And just tune into the area, the water, the forest behind, the grass beneath you, and so on. You are very good at doing this now. And feel all these different energies. And what you will be able to do is feel all these different energies and they’ll all be isolated. So you can see where the trees start and the grass stops and so on. So everything will be very neat, tidy and exactly where it’s supposed to be. They do it this way so that you’ll be able to feel this guide coming in to help you.

So you automatically invite him in. And what’s going to happen, he is going to, first of all, get into your face, half of your face. And this is all he needs to do tonight, is just get it a part of your face. And then we’ll do a bit more tomorrow and a bit more the next day and so on. I’m going to leave you there. I’m going to sit and play on my own, here. You’re going to basically go into meditation and feel him. And don’t try too hard, just let him come to you. Feel him on your face. Let me know when you are done.


S: I felt tons of energy around my face.  Then my mouth sort of moving up and down as if I wanted to talk but without any words. Then I could just see this image of a lion or lioness, walking along the side bank.


G: That’s okay. It just means that’s a lot of energy.


S: Yeah.  It wasn’t a problem.


G: That’s fine, so you sensed and you felt. Are you still there?


S: Yeah. The energy is still here, I can feel it around my eyes.


G: Okay. When they come into you, there’s no if’s or buts. You are sure.  Okay, in the beginning its…. difficult. It’s difficult for you, and difficult for them. You’ve just got to wait for the right moment. Then suddenly is just happens. And when it happens you get this realization…. It’s just happened. It’s a beautiful feeling.


S: Yeah, such calm takes over. I wasn’t sure if it was just me, with my mouth moving up and down, but no words. I had nothing to say.


G: That’s okay. That’s a brilliant start.


S: But it’s showing me it’s not me. You know.


G: Yeah. That’s good. So now you’ve seen what the image looks like. So you know when you see the lion again. It’s the same person.


S: It was like glowing. And just like walking along with a real strong, just a lazy but real strong walk. It was glowing. A glowing lioness.


G: Lovely. That’s excellent. That’s all you need. Now, when you do it a second time, tomorrow, it will be much easier.


S: The tingling was all around me. Tingling. I normally feel all the energies around me.


G: Yeah.


S: But this calmness just takes over. It’s like different.


G: That’s good. And the feeling when they move right in, is just too beautiful.


S: I want to stay here. Lol. Shew, the lion was amazing.

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