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817 How religions will change Part 1

G: I doubted what I saw just now. I got Jesus on the cross. And I was like “no, I’m sure he is not going to come and chat.”. And then they show me behind him the following of Christianity as one energy, one massive energy. So that energy encompasses a lot of different Christian religions. It’s all one energy, they all believe in God, Jesus, etc. for a variety of reasons. So, it’s all the same sort of energy, very strong, very powerful.


S: Yeah.


G: And in a different area you’ve got Islam, and then you’ve got Asian, Buddhist, Hindu, Indian, and all the others. Masses of energy, but I haven’t thought about that before.


S: Yeah. I hadn’t looked at it like that. 


G: Yeah. So, what they’re saying is it’s not something we have to go head-to-head against. It’s the opposite. You change a tiny bit in that huge energy, and it will move into the rest of the energy and spread that quickly. Well not that quickly, that far distance. Getting it in is not what you imagine. It’s just simply a matter of doing the right thing at the right time at the right place. So, you might do a kindness to a group of people, and they’ll understand it being Christian, they’ll see it as a Christian kindness, and they just do the same thing, they repeat the process, and it just spreads. It may take a few years or whatever, but it’s spread through all that Christian movement.

So, it’s not a matter of the way you’re thinking at the moment, of changing the world to a spiritual world. All we’re doing is we’re changing all the religions, and spiritual included, to think a better way.


S: It’s changing awareness.


Spirit: Yes, changing awareness. And it can be simple changes, but it changes a huge religion, such as Christianity, and of course the change is massive. So, things are not quite the way you originally thought they would be.


As far as teaching other religions goes, you won’t really have the opportunity to do that. But somewhere in this huge Christian movement, there will be people who are, I like to say, Asian religions, and they will be able to make the transfer of information, of understanding etc. So, your work is not to make and see massive changes that you’re able to see and measure and so on. It’s simply a matter of living the right way, and letting other people see what the right way is to live and then it will expand from there. The more you teach, the more they will teach others, and so on. So, it will take time to change, but you’ve seen the abilities that you have, and the access to our energy, and our memories, and our whatever is needed.


And you’re not the only ones, of course, doing this. There are many around the world, doing exactly the same thing, because it’s needed to help bring the world into this new way of living. So, for us, it’s the correct way to make the change, still giving people free will. Free will is how they learn and they understand it.


I was going to give you something, which is a little difficult to explain. But let’s just say, for example, there are ten levels and you’re on level ten. While we go through to this change, there will also be people on level nine, eight, seven, right down to level one. Because as the world changes, and as everybody evolves, new generations are coming through, but also people need to experience and understand on each of those levels. It’s not just new levels coming through with new information on all of those levels. Last year, for example, you may have been on level nine, or eight, or seven. So everybody has to learn on different levels. We cannot all have the same level. As we’ve said many times, it’s lessons within lessons.

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