Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

819 You will soon get Robots and Ai (Channeled July 2022)

If you can imagine the same earth now, but imagine that your technology was a thousand times greater, how would that affect your life? How would that affect your development and so on? Because what would happen to a planet if that happened? Now, this is one of the areas that you’re going into, technology and so on. So let’s just take something simple which you understand, which is robots. So let’s say you get robots, and robots replace the workers. If that happens, what happens to the people?


S: Well, already you want to phone for something, you get an automated, push one for this, push two for that, push three for this, and then you get an automated, and then you don’t get through to anybody. You can’t phone a human anymore. It becomes disconnected completely, impersonal.


Spirit:  So if you look now, at all your cars being built, all automated through robots, your planes now can be flown without pilots, or with pilots on the ground, drones, you’ve got cars, driverless cars coming up. So the next stage is replacing people to think. So if this population is getting greater, and more things are becoming automated, that means there are less jobs to go around, less jobs, less stuff. So how would you change that? You want to see the progress of automation. What do you do with the people?


S: Yeah.


Spirit: You’ve got your law enforcement, your hospitals, your fire departments. So many things can be automated. They’re all programmed like humans. So you can have less and less people working. And those fewer people will basically be programming robots. So what will the rest of the people do? Give it some thought. Are they better off or worse off?


S: I would say they’re better off serving each other and supporting each other, and creating their own environment.


Spirit: Yes, exactly.


S: Each person would find, and it happens, one person’s good at that, one person’s good at that. One person’s good at that, one person will do that, one person will learn that, one person will teach that.


Spirit: Quite right.


S: And you all integrate together and find what you enjoy, what you like doing, what you enjoy doing. And everyone’s different, because that’s how we are on planet Earth. We’re all good at different things. And living in this community, you’ll find something that’s a good job for everyone.


S: Yes. So you are going to go back to a form of community living.


Spirit: Like the Red Indian tribes, for example. Now, what do you think about the money side of things, the financial side of things? Because now you’re going to have two different civilizations, if you like. You’re going to have a community living, which has just been created through people not being able to work. And then you’ve got the automation of the robots, now they’ve being automated now. First of all, if everything is automated and owned by rich people, how are they going to generate an income?


S: They won’t.


Spirit: They won’t exactly, because the community won’t have any jobs, so they won’t be able to earn money. So therefore, what happens to your technological world?


S: It crumbles?


Spirit: They have to make a compromise. Now, do they make the compromise, or do they consider automation to be non-beneficial, and everybody go back to community living?


S: I think the latter.


Spirit: It’s a nice idea to go back to community living. And you know, everything goes in cycles, from high to low. So now we’re going to a very high cycle. In the automated world, we’re going to have automated spaceships, cars, boats, planes.


S: They won’t want to let go of that.


Spirit: They don’t want to let go of it, because it makes so much sense in a way. I mean just think of cooking, for example. All you do is you press a few buttons and program the meals to cook for you. But then that food has to come from somewhere. Where does the food come from? So you have automated farms. And then you need somebody to look after all the farms. So they automate robots to look after the farms, and plants, and grow it, to do everything. And the more that’s automated, the less people have to do. There’s always going to be some people left to look after this automation. They’re going to end up with very few people looking after a lot of automated production. And you’ve got the majority of people enjoying community life.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: So, maybe a way to do it would be to take it in turns, to look after the automation. So everybody learns so much about it. They can look after it. They can do a 10-year term, for example. Then they can enjoy the rest of their life. But what do you think they would do when they go back to community living? Would they go back to just growing vegetables, and breeding cattle, and living on a farm, as they did 100 years ago? Because now they have the wisdom of life on the other side, understanding the spiritual life. So what do you think they would do as far as spiritual life is concerned? What would your community do? What religions would be in your community?


S: I think what would be created, because there may possibly be lots of different religions, that it would be more of a belief system, that could be put into play.


Spirit: Mmm. Don’t guess. Let it come to you? So just imagine going in that direction, technology advances, and you have a small group of people running all this automation, and then you get 90% of the people living in a community. Imagine this community around here, where nobody is working, only the people in Durban are working. So what do you do around here? When it comes to spiritual life, is there still going to be mediums? Is there still going to be meditation circles and so on? What do you think?


S: I think that each individual will continue with their belief system, and then those that are offering the spiritual ways would be more of an attraction. If they just lived their way. So they walk their talk kind of thing.


Spirit: Correct.


S: So they were the invitation, and they were the kindness, and they were the everything. Then others would be drawn to that.


Spirit: Exactly. So we achieve what we want to achieve. Although we are going to reach where there is automation. So they would become far more spiritual. Because they have got the community now, they have got the time to develop, to think, to understand and so on. And the word spreads, as you started, maybe 10, 20, 30 years ago or whatever. And then suddenly, everything becomes spiritual with automation.


Now, we needn’t go any further than that, because you won’t be here. Lol. 


S: But that is beautiful. And to know that, and to see how that will actually work. And yeah, it’s beautiful.


Spirit: Yeah. And money doesn’t really become a factor anymore.


S: No, it wouldn’t. Everything becomes energy, everything becomes service. Everything becomes exactly what we are meant to be here for.


Spirit: Absolutely. So you share the automation, and you employ a few people. But there is nobody to invest in it, there’s no profits to share out, because there’s no need for them. Because in your community, is trade, barter and a very small financial system.


S: My favorite.


Spirit: Yes. And that is how you will enjoy your life. Much more time to spend with each other. So the children will get a much better education from the older people. So they will grow up a lot smarter. And they will learn more, enjoy life more, and understand life more.


S: I love that.

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