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822 Sharon meets her Lion (Animal guide)

S: I’ve got a lot of energy around my head tonight. I can feel it all the way down my right cheek. 


G: Good. Do what you did yesterday, expand your energy. Let there be a gap between the edge of the energy and yourself. Let them come closer. And I’ll send a bit of energy too. Just take your time. They’re not going to be talking to me tonight. I think what is lying at your feet is an animal.


S: Oh my word.


G: What animal is this?


S: A lion.


G: Yeah. That’s your energy. Nice.


S: Yeah. I feel it left leg, then my right leg, then my left leg, now it’s my right leg. And it’s all the way up to my knees.


G: So nice. Wow, that’s interesting. I asked them, why do they give you an animal? I mean, you can have animal spirits etc.. But they don’t sort of do anything. So I’m asking why a lion. They’re saying because they start to learn. A lion has to learn a bit about humans. So it’s a matter of interacting. So what the lion can give you is strength and courage and all that sort of thing, because that is what it’s learnt in its past life. How to hunt, be on its own, be independent and do everything etc. And now it’s learning from you.  So, it’s like a joint effort.


S: Shew.


G: And it will always be with you. For a long, long time, it’s just a brilliant connection. Your guides will come and go all the time as you learn different things. But for your main guides, of course. One of your main guides I’ve seen before. It’s like a Grandmother with a lace bonnet or hat or whatever. Quite an older lady. But you have several guides that come and help you with different things because you learn different things. This big cat, which is a lovely energy.


S: It’s beautiful. My legs are like humming.


G: Yeah, very solid. It’s like a giant Mutts (Old dog) with big teeth.


S: It’s just beautiful.


G: Yeah, a lovely energy. I think they just gave us the night off.


S: Mmm. My guide has been having fun. Playing all around my face. Around both cheeks and my head. I could feel waves across my face. My face was changing and moving. And changing and moving. And a lot more energy. It’s like the other day, just playing with the movements of my mouth. I felt a lot more energy today. I wasn’t moving anything, but my face was moving.


G: I can still see it all around your head.


S: Yeah. And a lot more on both cheeks today. And a lot more on the right.


G: Good. Okay, it’s time to say goodnight.


S: And we’ll play again tomorrow.


G: And we’ll do it again tomorrow, yeah. But that was good because you got far more than you did yesterday.


S: Shew, yeah. That was beautiful. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


G: It was meant to be, tonight then.


S: And the pussy cat, oh my word.  I’m wondering why he’s down here. Because I can feel this whole area here. And then it went and this whole area here. And then it went and this whole area. It’s almost like a cat does. It rubs itself against you. That’s what I was feeling. I can tell it was big. I’m wondering in the back of my head. Why is my guide down by my legs? And not my head. Then, I thought then, because the cat’s taken all the energy today, so I just give up. And then I just… they obviously tapped into that energy of me just like surrendering. I’m not trying too hard. And then I could feel both cheeks. All this movement here and then he started having fun. Because I had just gone like, okay, whatever. Shew, but that that was amazing.


G: Yeah.


S: I’m hot now.


G: That’s good, you will be up and running in no time.

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