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826   Russia grain problem July 2022

I’m going to give one more which is very important at the moment. I’d like to explain it to you first. It’s already emotionally been done, but there will be more energy to put forward, carried on etc. And this is where the world needs the grain from Ukraine. It’s been kept there; Russia has taken a lot but the majority is kept there and we’re talking millions of tons. And we’re talking the new crops are, because 90 percent of Ukraine hasn’t been invaded, so the other two areas on the right were. So, 90 percent is still growing the crops and they’re going to be taken down to the ports and the wheat and so on is going to be exported from those ports. And if it’s not it’s going to create tremendous hardships around the world. Now Putin knows this and it’s part of his leverage that he is using. There’s a group of people which are meeting to try and solve this particular problem. Russia is included, there’s some NATO countries included in America and what they’re trying to do is to find some form of common ground, some form of deal that they can make which will allow the grain to come out.


Now, Russia has most of the cards because it controls the shipping routes and so on. It also has most of the grain in the ports. Now they don’t have to back down, what they want is to have some of the sanctions lifted against them for their benefit and of course if you do that then it’s you’re getting rid of some of the leverage that you have, on this particular side. So it’s going to be a lot of stalemate and in the end Putin will agree to a little bit of grain getting out. And simply for something that’s not condemned so much by the rest of the world, but it’s going to be a very small amount. Now with negotiations like this where you get five or six parties all together and they have very very strong beliefs; on NATO’s side, they want the grain out on the Russian side, they want to keep it until they get their sanctions. So neither side will really give in.


What you do, the energy that you use on something like that because it cannot be decided straight away, it’s going to take a long time. You use an energy, if you can imagine a lace napkin, but it’s a lightish brown and it covers the whole of the area where they are negotiating. So even though the people have gone back to their own countries it covers everyone in the negotiation and what that does is simply keeps things in balance, it stops things getting too out of whack. So it can’t be a calming energy, so it has to be, you see they have to go through this, that’s all part of their karma, the country’s karma and all sorts of things. So it’s a stabilizing influence, so you simply use that to stabilize and let them argue beneath that and then eventually they will work something out and they’ll come to some decisions. They may not be the best decisions but they’ll be what is needed for their understanding, evolving and so on.


The reason that we don’t interfere too much with that is because it can affect so many different people. In fact not just the people who need the food, although that is literally millions of people, but it also affects the way that the West sees Russia and Putin and what’s going on and all the countries how they see each other, see how they’re handling it and so on. It’s a massive number of masses, all in one. So, that’s the best we can do there. And we will see how they evolve and how they sort it out. How long will it take? Probably a few weeks they have to come to an agreement where they’re not all happy but they can live with it. It’s a start, put it that way.

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