Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

829 July 2022 USA and Kuwait arguing

Alright, I have a room. The room seems to be very decorative, lots of gold and gems, and it seems to be Middle East, Persian curved dagger sort of place.

Okay, these are the guys that have turbans and a curved dagger under the belt. Somewhere from the Middle East, not sure where. Not sure what the importance of this room is yet. Okay, this is the Middle East talks, with Biden and Saudi Arabia. And that means it’s a palace, etc, and the two there are….

Spirit: You are right, so we’re going in. We’re going in to the room, symbolically, where everybody is, and this is another one of these group energies, which has to be done by a lot of you around the world. You’re all congregating at once. You’re all going to send in this energy. Now, what needs to happen here is we have to create a semblance of peace in the area. Kuwait and the USA are arguing about human rights in Kuwait, but the USA wants oil, and they’re trying to bargain, etc, etc. But because of the change that’s going to happen, because of Russia and the oil problem, which comes from Saudi Arabia, and all in that area, and OPEC people, Saudi Arabia are basically the people in charge. They’re like the head country there. They’ve got the most money, the most control, etc.

And what we’ve got to do is stabilize that region so that nothing gets out of hand. Our fuel prices are being pushed up. It’s creating problems with the economic market. It’s causing more hardships. It’s going to be more people are going to run out of food. Fuel is going up, which creates everything that’s going to cost more, and so on. And it’s got to be stabilized, otherwise the change is going to be much, much worse.

So, the stabilizing is very simple, as we looked at yesterday. It’s a light brown ornate doily.  Remember we looked at that yesterday? That sort of thing. Imagine that right over the top of this building. So it’s all very ornate everywhere. Now, up on the ceiling, you’re going to put this brown covering. Now, what it means is whenever they talk there, they’re going to have this stabilizing influence, where they will both understand a little bit more. Mainly, the Saudis will understand a little bit more. They have to make some allowances for the greater good over what’s going on for the country’s ongoing stability and so on.


So they’re going to agree to a lot more than they originally thought. And they can see the benefit and the wisdom of this. Now, because USA is there, Biden, the greatest nation in the world, the strongest nation in the world at the moment, and the Middle East, the Saudis are the strongest in the Middle East, it’s a very important financial balancing act. It’s going to save a lot of countries. Once this deal is confirmed, it’s going to stabilize a lot of the currencies going up and down in the stock exchange, the NASDAQs and so on. So, it’s going to stabilize all of that. Which gives overall, people a bit more encouragement, contentment, etc.


S: Mmm.


Spirit: But, what you have to remember from this is, from this one incident, this is going to affect 4-5 billion people. Now, just imagine 4-5 billion people thinking one degree better. It’s a huge amount of energy which will be able to generate. That’s why we’re doing this, and that’s the way you must see it. It’s just a huge, huge change. So, that is all in place now, and what we’re going to put around there, right around the edges, is the green. Now, the green, as you know, is what you have between you and your mother to stop any feelings. It stops not just the grief and so on when somebody passes over, it stops the anger between people. So, you’ve got the Americans, and you’ve got the Lebanese people, and so on. There’s always been that anger. And so, this green will pacify them a little bit, just a little bit, but that’s all that is needed. That’s all that we can expect from that. It’s the beginning, and it can be ongoing quite a bit from there, but this is the important part. So, thank you for that. Energy is just flowing, so that’s all you have to do there. You can withdraw and we will leave you to your evening. Thank you.

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