Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

830 We have bits and pieces to finish off

Spirit: You’re wondering why you’re part of this worldwide organization that can work at such a high level, and you utilise energy at this level, and yet your own financial situation is just the opposite. And what you’re thinking is, why isn’t it better? Let me try and explain that as best I can. What I’m seeing is, and it’s as if I’m doing a reading for you, what I’m seeing on your arm is lots and lots of different watches. Watches are different times, and basically different dimensions, different things, all sorts. There’s a lot of things happening that you don’t realise. And what we need to do is just to keep you in this stable, unsettled environment for a little longer, and then everything will come together as we are meant to be planned. It’s in a way finishing off things, getting rid of negativity, squeezing the last little bit out of the old dishcloth, so that we can wash it and create a new one. Not a very good phrase, but you understand what I’m saying.


S: Yes.


Spirit: Lots of little bits and pieces you’ve got to finish off. So that, when you continue, you continue as pure as possible. That’s probably a better way to put it. So please don’t worry, it’s going to be a little bit stressful, but nothing you can’t handle. And it will all sort itself out very comfortably, and you will go ahead and the happiness will start very shortly, the contentment will start very shortly. And as we said before, you just need to have that absolute confidence that we will look after you, that you know what we’re doing and so on. So please don’t worry.


Your mother also says that things with your son are changing quite a lot. And part of it’s going through puberty. She’s saying his emotions are to the extreme at the moment. There is black and there is red, and there is a lot of like bolts of lightning going through. And it’s a matter of being confused with all the changes. And the confusion he has, he will come to you with the confusion. You’re the only person he can come to. And so, when he gets confused, or for you to watch out for when he is confused, and then you can sort that out, which you’re very good at doing anyway. So, it’s not a problem.

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