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832 Cleansing your body of old memories under water (Beautiful exercise)

G: Right, the first thing we’re going to do is take you back to the field, and we’ll finish off where we were last night. Now we’ll go back to the field, and in the center of the field of course there’s a beautiful huge tree, which is strength. And you’ll see this carpet of green, with all the colours moving around. A whole sea of colours, constantly moving all that energy. Then up the mountains, then you’ve got the river. We’ll concentrate on tonight’s river, I want you to get up and walk across from the tree to the river, and as you walk you will feel beneath your feet, all the different colours. You’ll be concerned straight away about standing on little insects, little divas, and it doesn’t make any difference, because you don’t, in meditation.


Now, when we get to the river, the river as you know, starts way up in the mountains with absolute purity, and then it picks up energies as it comes down, and flows past. I want you to get in the river, and it’s only a couple of feet deep, but it’s crystal clear, and it’s cool. I want you to get in the river, and sit with your back to the upstream, so the water passes you. And I want you to slide down till the water is up to the back of your neck. And then, when you’re ready, just put your head back, so you are totally under the water. Now the energy that flows down here looks a lot different, it’s very sharp, it looks like strings of energy, sharp, straight lines is a better way to put it. And they’re going past you, they don’t go through you, they flow around you. And what they start to do is fill up your body with a variety of different colours, it’s like your body starts to glow, and it takes on all these different colours. What do feel most is the colours filling up your head.

Now your head controls the rest of your body as you know, it also controls the energies, the emotions, and so on. We know emotions go through the heart center, but everything initially starts with the head, and the head, the spiritual body, controls the rest of the body, or the rest of the bodies. So what is in your head, creates and affects what happens to the rest of your bodies.

So the energy that you’re getting, coming into your head, is all these different colours which are coming down from the stream, and its clarity. Now I want you to imagine now, that what’s been in your head has been there for 50 years, going out and round and round and round, and there’s a lot of information there that you simply don’t need anymore. So we are going to empty the waste paper basket there, and you are going to let a lot of things go.

What we are going to do is we’re going to stay in a deeper meditation, and what you’re going to see is all images from your past, leave your body, the ones that you don’t need. Now these would be things which you simply don’t need anymore, so you might as well get rid of them.


And there will be everything from way back to when you were very very young. And as each one pops out, just let it go, let everything flow more and more and more will go. And then, what starts to happen is starting with the back of your neck, it starts to fill up with colours. So the space that’s left, this is how you have to visualize it, … the space that is now opening up, because you’ve emptied all of these memories, starts to fill up with all these colours. So from the back, it starts to fill up with all these colours, and it will go all the way forward to your face.

Now, I’m going to leave you there, so you can experience this and enjoy it. It’s a lovely experience, and just accept it, accept all the colours, you’d be surprised at all the colours.  Mainly of course you’re getting the red and the yellow, there’s lot of other colours as well. So I’ll leave you there, enjoy, and I’ll come back in a short while and we will move on to something else. . ..



Ok, your head is full of these colours. What we’re going to do now, is we’re going to spread these colours throughout your body. Imagine them coming from your head down to your shoulders, going down, right down to your hands. And then going down and through your body, through every part of your body. Not just what you imagine to be the arteries and the veins and so on, everywhere, your whole body is going to change to colours. This is a different body that you’re working on. So imagine right there, going right down to your feet, and now the colours are going to travel through you. Coming down the river, into your head, down, out of your hands, and down and out of your feet. And you’re at one with the river, all that energy is just flowing through you.


Now I’m going to ask you to come up, float upwards, out of the river, and just float upwards. Arms out, as if you were drying yourself in the sun, and look down at the river, and you’ll see the river completely full of colours.

Now, we’re going to leave there, your body will adjust very shortly, it will feel a bit more comfortable, it will give you a lot more energy, you will be more secure, more confident in what you do. And of course your senses, which you already have, will become more solid, more acceptable to you. Hmm, nice feeling isn’t it?


S: Mmm. Beautiful.

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