Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

833 Darker pink for understanding

One more colour you’re going to get is a type of pink colour. It’s not quite the pink that you have, but I hope you can see it, it’s a slightly darker pink, and it’s a … you will find it to be an unusual pink, because it’s not a colour that you have down here on Earth. Not so much. Almost impossible to describe. That colour we use for understanding. So, part of the work that you’ll be doing is understanding these groups of people. And with this new colour, you’ll simply be able to understand and sense on a greater level. So, it will help you make the right decisions in what you want to do with this particular group, what you want to teach them, what you want to hand over, and so on.

And that pink will go into your body. It’s a very nice colour. And that’s all they want to give you as far as colours and energies go today. You will be getting more colours at a later stage, and more abilities that go with them, different forms of sensing. Not just the ones that you use at the moment, different forms. But that is for in a few months’ time, once you have used the senses that you already have. And you need to expand more, to learn a bit more and so on.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: So, let’s leave that. Let’s leave the field. And I want you to come up, up, way, up. So, you’re looking down on the earth. And it’s just floating up there, in the nothingness. Now, look down, on the earth, and see where you are going to go next.

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