Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

834 Crystals for purity preciseness and understanding

G: OK. I asked them if it was somewhere in South America? And, I know there were a lot of tribes and all that sort of thing there. It seems to be that era. And what I’m looking at is a huge, it’s like, you know when you see a ray of sunshine, it’s like that, but it’s full of colours. And it’s all the colours which you had a minute ago, especially the dark pink colour. And so that’s gone into this particular area. And I think it’s gone into this area to teach a civilization. It’s a civilisation which were very isolated. And, let me just get this right. The problem is I know things that have happened there and I’m trying not to let that interfere with what I’m seeing. So, I’ll just tell you what I’m seeing. And see if it sort of makes sense.


So, this huge ray of light comes down. It’s got all these beautiful colours including the pink and I think the pink is the one that we’re going to be looking at. And it hits the ground, surrounding it in a circle. If you can imagine it’s a circle of light when it hits the ground. And on the outskirts of that circle are huge crystals. And these are probably six or eight foot tall. And they look just like the ordinary white crystal, except these are pink. So the shape is the ordinary standard crystal but these are pink. And it’s creating a huge amount of, a huge amount of what? What energy is it creating, Sharon? You’ve got this pink in you. What is the energy that is created in this circle?


S: It’s a clarity, honesty, clarity, purity. (understanding)


G: Yeah, it’s a higher level. It’s a higher level. Okay, that makes sense, got it. Okay, the average things that you get to start with are your average colours and you get to know how to use them etc. etc. But there are millions of other colours which we know. Now, apart from all these other colours, there are different strengths of colours. You can make them from the very basic, you have pink for calming down, the pretty colour and so on. To the colours which are much higher, more precise, more pure, more concentrated. So it’s a much higher level and this pink is one of those. It’s a much, much higher level. It’s like high, it’s above all the other colours that you’ve got.


And it’s, its clarity, there’s something else with it and I can see it but I can’t explain it. It’s like when you remember something but you can’t remember what it is.


S: Purity.


G: Yes, it’s very pure, very precise but there’s something else which it does. Yeah, accuracy, accuracy, that’s what it is. Yeah, purity is the same thing.


S: Purity, honest, it’s preciseness.


G: Yes, that’s it, preciseness. So when you get something you know exactly what it is. Wow,, that’s brilliant. That makes so much sense as well. Okay, well let’s have a look at why it’s in this particular place. It seems to be South American, and it seems to be just one thing. I can’t see any people there. Because there are no people there. This is just the energy source.


Okay. All right, energy. Ok, energy as we know, once it’s created it can be recreated. Once it’s developed, if you like, it can be recreated simply through thought, duplicated, yeah. So you don’t need a mountain full of energy, you can be a grain of sand and from that grain of sand you can expand into as much energy as you need. Now this particular energy was brought down to the earth plane for a specific purpose and that is a clarity. And it started here in South America and that’s why they’re showing us all the crystals around. The crystals of course can …


S: generate energy.


G: Generate energy, yeah. So this is simply symbolic to show us that when they started this is not your run of the mill crystal, it’s something which they put down here, they created it and then the spirit of course can duplicate it and use it etc. So you have access to it. So it’s got to be on the earth plane for us to have access to it. You can’t have access to something in the spirit which is not on the earth plane. Okay, so it was put here, we know it’s here somewhere, it doesn’t matter where, nobody is going to ever see these things. That’s just symbolic. It’s here somewhere. But it means that you have access to it whenever you need to get clarity (understanding).


So when you get a really serious decision to make, like a life-or-death decision and you want real clarity, you’re not sure anymore. Just make sure, that’s when you use this pinkish colour.


S: Ok.


G: And then whatever that says will be the correct answer. Now I went in meditation to something very similar to this. A long time ago it was called the Well of Truth and it was a matter of, I went to this specific area and I could think of something and I’d get a reaction from this well whether it was true or not. And again it was only a symbolic thing because I was very much a beginner then. But I’d be told something, I wouldn’t be too sure if it was true or not, so I’d go to this Well of Truth and it would, I can’t remember if it changed colour or I got clarity or whatever.. I’d have to go back to that meditation. Again it’s something which is created, we don’t actually use it. But we have, you need to be able to have access to something, so it has to be a thought form or something generated in the beginning for us to have the ability to see it, for us to have access to see it. So, that makes a lot of sense.

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