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835 Automation of colors and energies

Okay. mmm, you are the lucky bunny tonight. Let’s see what else they got.

Spirit: Okay, it’s got to do with the river. You’ll be using these energies and spreading these energies all over the place. And you know there’s a little bit about automation, what we automate over here, and there’s automation in your world as well. It just makes a lot of sense, so to move this energy around we use automation. It’s just a matter of thought, will bring something from here to there and move it and so on. To save us having to think about doing it every time, the automated programs does that. And you’ll be linked to quite a lot of automation, although you won’t really use it. It’s just nice to know it’s there. So it’s not a matter of waiting for us to contact you or whatever. If you need something, the automated process is there. If you need a question, then of course you can talk to us and it may take a bit of time before we get there. But if it’s something you need, just a simple energy or to create something, then the automation process is there for you.


G: Now they are showing me, a very simple automation, very simple, very straightforward. And they say, that’s all we need for now. I’ve got a smile in the background that’s just Mom. She sent a smile. And she just loves doing this because all she has to do is think about something and her smile will eventually get there whenever we tune in. Whenever there’s a suitable gap. She’s saying that’s part of the automation process. But the feeling, the emotion, the love is still behind it. So, it just gets delivered by the lot. She says you’re welcome to send automated kisses back again.


S: Sweet man.


G: Cute. Thought is creation. Quite right, that’s what it is.

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